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Obama Says “Forward,” And Americans Will Ask, “Why?”

Forward to what, exactly? More unemployment? More debt? The Obama campaign, with its new slogan, must have no idea how people perceive what’s going on in the nation.

That’s the topic of my latest piece for Politico. I hope you have a chance to take a look.

27 Responses to Obama Says “Forward,” And Americans Will Ask, “Why?”

  1. They have no clue as to what the American people are dealing with. Academics, think tank types, an Energy Secr who does not drive, etc. cannot fathom things like being able to make a payroll, do actual work. This Administration is more of a “theoretical exercise” than anything else.

  2. Good article Keith. Comments on Politico so far favor the conservatives. I do find it interesting that Scott Walker in WI is using the same slogan….wonder who claimed it first?

  3. When Obama ran in 2008 and talked of his experience as a “community organizer” it sounded to the uninitiated (myself included) as entirely innocuous. Only later did I learn of its roots in Saul Alinsky’s tactics for compelling change through extortion and intimidation. Now Obama chooses “Forward” as his campaign slogan, which has been previously selected as a motto or publication title by communist organizations and publications all over the world. Once again, he is using a loaded term that the progressive cogniscenti appreciate and the rest of us see as somewhat meaningless. This is, once again, a message to the hard core progressives of what they can expect in a second term. More rule by regulatory fiat and executive order, less democracy. What appears to be a harmless, perhaps even nonsensical, slogan to most is coded encouragement of the strongest kind to the few.

  4. I agree.
    As a slogan, “Forward” is a lot better than “WTF, but both are meaningless and as vague as “Hope and Change”. So it seems that is the point of MrO’s campaign that promises only to “finish the job” (as MrsO claims her hubby wants to do for the US); and doesn’t promise anything or tell the public what this administration plans to do with four more years in power.

  5. I think they should change their slogan to something a little more accurate… “Hapless and Hopeless” might be closer to what they offer.

  6. Great article Keith. I’m just disappointed they didn’t stick with WTF as their slogan. It’s a much more descriptive and appropriate slogan for this bunch of egghead utopians.

  7. I’ve said it before, and will say it again. When you hire academicians to run any organization, be it an company or a country, you end up with people that surround themselves with like minded thinkers, and no real world concepts or understanding. This administration has simply proven my point time and again.

    They are incapable of seeing any ideas other than their own. To dissent leads to being called racist, hateful, anti this or that. Lincoln, one of the favorites that Obama likes to channel was know for surrounding himself with those that had the courage of conviction to disagree with him. Edwin Stanton was a prime example, and Lincoln tapped him to be his War Secretary. Stanton was one of Lincoln’s chief, and harshest critics and yet ended up having the utmost admiration for the man. Kennedy did the same after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He found men that would challenge him and his thinking, and that helped to bring about a successful conclusion to the Cuban Missile crisis.

    When, as a leader you are so entrenched in your own personal philosophy that you are unable or unwilling to listen to any opposing view, you are destined to fail. Obama and his team of yes men/women will fail with their policies, and hopefully a majority of the electorate will be smart and wise enough to see through the sham that is this presidency and hand him a pink slip in November.

  8. I think Obama believes that all he has to do is have a catchy slogan like Hope n’ Change, or Forward and America will fall into line. And why not? It is what happened in 2008.
    Yes, hopefully Americans will ask why…why should we believe you a second time when you are such an abysmal failure? In addition, we should ask forward to what? Socialism? More debt? Bigger government? More regulation? Higher taxes?
    No thanks, I know all I ever want to know about The O Team and his ideology.

  9. Good article in Politico, Keith
    Love the comments here ….
    “Hapless and Hopeless”
    So many great bumper snickers to choose from – and I’m plastering my car with one of each! ABO – A.

  10. Is his ego that large that he thinks ‘Forward’ means more of him and MO?
    To a growing number of people forward means to a new President a real one not a failed experiment!

  11. It’s not ‘Forward’ – it’s Back to the Future. Bill Clinton is running for his third term! Note: URL – Donate to “President Clinton and Me”…LOLOLOL

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  12. Excellent analysis of Obama literary bio cover-up. Deceitful and un-trustworthy. Unseal his records!!!


    “Why would Obama fictionalize his life story? For answers, let’s go back to 1991. At the time he got his book deal, Obama was graduating from Harvard Law School, which required strong grades for entry. Yet by all accounts, Obama had weak grades. Did he juice his application – a la his Harvard law pal, Elizabeth “Cherokee Liz” Warren – to hedge his bet in case his minority status wasn’t exotic enough to overcome his grades?

    Northwestern University professor John McKnight said a desperate Obama approached him for a letter of recommendation to Harvard, because he couldn’t get any of his undergrad professors to pen one due to underwhelming academics. McKnight was one of Obama’s radical Alinsky trainers and a key mentor, but not one of his professors.”

  13. The Pres is using a word best remembered in the Chicom program called “The Great Leap Forward.” Capitalizing it gives it a real zing, you know?
    I recall that program for the Chinese people didn’t go so well for 18 million + Chinese under Mao and his henchmen.

  14. Great article in Politico, Keith. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    It’s amazing that an incumbent president still needs to use empty, vapid slogans. He’s just as non-specific on his plans for a second term as he was in 2008. This time, hopefully enough voters have wised up and see what a disaster this administration is and how we’re only going “forward” into deeper, staggering debt and a great depression.

    Only 24 weeks to go! I simply cannot wait to end this national nightmare.

  15. Well-written article, Sir.

    I remember a few years ago when President Obama was riffing on the letters of an automatic transmission, and suggesting therewith that Republicans were backward.

    To steal that concept and repackage it…

    The US is careening towards a fiscal and societal cliff. This is exactly the WRONG time to go “Forward” by leaving the transmission in D. It’s time to step on the brakes, put the transmission in R, and back us away from the cliff before it’s too late.