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Dreams The Press Missed

In the video below, Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields asks the man and the woman on the street if they recognized some startling facts about President Obama – all listed by Obama himself in his book, Dreams From My Father.

How many of you had heard of these things? Okay, the dog eating, but only because it was written about recently by the conservative Daily Caller. It’s pretty clear the press in 2008 forgot to use its fine-tooth comb on Obama’s memoir.

You know, the comb that found the scissors that cut that kid’s hair when Romney was in high school back in 1922 or whatever.

H/T to Susan, one of our readers, for letting me know about this.

21 Responses to Dreams The Press Missed

  1. This is shocking…I mean, if the liberal media had known this in 2008, they would clearly have more enthusiastically supported Barry.

    • That ad is really impressive. Gives me some hope that the Romney team is going to hit back hard and fast. Just think they should spend more time on offense rather than defense.

      Breitbart would certainly be proud to see how effective his legacy is proving to be. He does indeed live on in all of us.

  2. Wait a minute. New Yorkers are “average Americans”? These are the “average Americans” who supported CongWeiner even though he was flashing his junk on the internet to strange women, or the ones who supported a Mayor who is so far off the political scale that he could be in a place only he resides?

    No way are average Americans living in a cesspool like NYC where only the criminals have guns. We live in flyover country, watch NASCAR, go to church, and line the streets to cheer our local highschool marching band in the 4th of July parade.

    No doubt that there are dimwits who can name the last 5 winners of AmericanIdol and don’t know who JoeBiden is, but that doesn’t make them “average Americans”.

    • That one woman’s comment about “you have Little Korea and Little (some other country)” is revealing because she thinks she already lives in a “multi-cultural nation.” The existence of neighborhoods in cities dominated by one group of immigrants deludes city dwellers into believing that they already know what the U.S. will be like when the American culture is eradicated and we descend into a geographic area filled with competing race-based populations whose loyalty is tribal instead of national. She doesn’t have the perspective to see that city politics driven by tribalism still have over-arching American values for now at least. The creation of a Spanish-speaking population base that can be “educated” privately through a language spoken only by them is a disaster to the American ideal.

      This girl shrugs it off because it’s fun to eat in foreign restaurants and see some art exhibits.

  3. The Liberal media wanted Obama elected so bad they could taste it. Chris matthews had a tingle up his leg.

    But you don’t see the people backing up Obama this time around do you?

  4. A prime example to do your own research instead of relying on honeyed words and a lazy or biased media. In 2008, the media did not question O or vet him at all. To do so would have labelled them racist, instead of objective.
    This information was available in 2008. In fact , much more insightful information was out there. There were video clips of o with his buddies discussing his becoming president and making drugs legal, along with a long list of to dos. Those have vanished.

    • So true OneOpinion. In my opinion he has had the assistance of several technology companies to “disappear” much of the evidence of his radical roots over the past 3 1/2 years. That is the way the left rolls. They rewrite history to fit the narrative of an intelligent, well-spoken family man who cares about his country. In reality he is a narcissistic sociopath, a fraud, and a moron who has trouble putting together two intelligent sentences without his trusty teleprompter.

      • “In reality he is a narcissistic sociopath, a fraud, and a moron who has trouble putting together two intelligent sentences without his trusty teleprompter.”
        Susan, that is a concise but perfect description of this PO(tu)S.

  5. So you’re so young, Keith, that 1965 might as well be 1922. And there is no distinction between Obama eating what was offered him per custom in Indonesia when he was, what, 8 years old and Romney, an 18 year old high school senior attacking that kid on top of other gay baiting incidents. And you are “Bronwyn” at No Quarter of Whitey Tape fame, aren’t you Susan?

    • I’ll bite. Exactly what other “gay baiting incidents” are you refering to?

      And yes, I’ll agree that the dog eating is not a major concern, but the Marxist friends and the cocaine are.

    • So 1965 was ONLY ALMOST 50 years ago – a very different era.

      Give up the effort to make present-day Romney look like a gay basher. Are you really so desperate? You have so little to offer in support of Obama that you must dig up events that occurred when Romney was an immature young man?

      I agree that the dog eating is not important. He was a kid eating dinner. Of course, when he put it in his book it comes across as an indirect boast of his specialness, that he had this edgy experience, but I guess I can understand that, too.

    • I have no idea who “Bronwyn” is, but suspect your comparison tells me you don’t hold him/her in high regard. Good thing I don’t give a hoot what you think.

      I’m no fan of Romney, but that “gay bashing” incident you are dragging around to protect your hero has been proven to be false. I agree with Robin and Anonna, the dog eating incident isn’t a great concern…his continued collaboration with Marxists, socialists, and communists is.

  6. I think those among his supporters who knew this is first time thougth it was all okay — in fact, something they would have done or had done.

    Most didn’t know it because they were on an emotional high — voting for “hope” and “change” or for a new America led by a man with the blood of slaves in his veins (or at least the right color).

    I knew about all of this, but no one would listen. They brushed off the information. After all, who was I to be given a serious hearing? I was just a crazy probably racist Obama opponent, not a nicely dressed chattering-class talking head on tv.

    I don’t have cable and during my father’s illness I watched some of “Hard Ball” with Chris Tingles. What kind of biased piece of junk is that show? I had to turn it off – pure propaganda from Chris’ lips every minute.