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Bye, Bye, Afghanistan

Having failed to defeat the Taliban, we are declaring victory and getting out. And here’s the victory, as articulated at the NATO Summit today in Chicago by President Obama:

“Our Forces broke the Taliban’s momentum.”

So that’s what war is about: breaking the enemy’s momentum.

As a resident of Washington’s Northern Virginia suburbs, I was rooting for the Washington Capitals hockey team to defeat the New York Rangers in the playoffs. The Rangers went up 3-2 in the series. The Caps then evened it at 3-3.


Well, the Rangers won the final game and took the series 4-3. They advanced to the next round of the playoffs. And the Caps are at home now, and they have the rest of the spring and the entire summer to celebrate having broken the Rangers’ momentum.

Obama and his NATO lapdogs said today that the Afghan army will take the lead role in 2013 and, but for a token force, we’ll be out by 2014.

This is merely the implementation of the plan hatched in the White House in early 2011, without input from the military, to get out no matter what, according to the New York Times.

When the president and a half-dozen White House aides began to plan for the withdrawal, the generals were cut out entirely . . . By early 2011, Mr. Obama had seen enough. He told his staff to arrange a speedy, orderly exit from Afghanistan. This time there would be no announced national security meetings, no debates with the generals. Even Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton were left out until the final six weeks.

Obama never agreed to the type of surge Bush used to win the war in Iraq, sending some 50,000 troops fewer than the generals thought adequate to win in Afghanistan. That’s why Obama decided to scale back our ambitions to “breaking the Taliban’s momentum,” despite running in 2008 on the idea that Afghanistan was “the good war” and should be fought accordingly.

Another “evolved” position.

Modern Democrats always talk about good wars and bad wars. But really, they don’t have the stomach to fight any wars.

And so we will leave in a couple of years, and the Taliban – which was alerted just like everyone else of our plans to get out – is staying on the field of play and will soon regain its momentum.

Just like the Rangers.

Of course, we pledged today to continue supporting Afghanistan – I guess that means financially and morally. We pledged the same thing to the South Vietnamese before we cut their funds off.

I hope at least the roof of the embassy in Kabul is being reinforced to handle helicopters.

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  1. Barack Hussein Obama–worst Commander in Chief in the history of our country! Hope the military is paying attention so that if/when he would order them to march on us little folks (ie Marshall law before/after the election), they’d side with us before they’d take another order from the imposter in the WH–JMHO!

    1. And to all those in our military who have served overseas and their families–thank you–we, the true Americans appreciate your sacrifice and effort on our behalf–God Bless you all!

      1. Part of my work is with disabled veterans who served in the Gulf. Mr. Obama is not fit to lick their boots, although he would if he thought they would vote for him. They won’t.

        1. Amen and thank you for your wonderful work with our disabled vets–I’m certain they appreciate all your efforts.

  2. My BIL scheduled for his third tour in the ME – and I hope to God it is canceled because we haven’t broken and momentum. They’ve regrouped, if anything.

    Pretending facts are what you want them to be is a dangerous thing, but what does HE care. His ass isn’t on the line.

    OH RIGHT. It’s one of those gutsy calls. The political implications could be DEVASTATING for him.

  3. And just as when Clinton was in office, the terrorists belief that we don’t have a stomach for war is reinforced. And they again hunker down because they know they have the will and grit to outlast us. When they again wreak havoc on US soil it will be the Republicans fault, never the Democrats for showing their yellow bellies. And then more American service members will have to die trying to get the terrorists back under control than it would have taken to complete the job they already started. Back to square one… Will they ever learn from history? Doubtful.

  4. Just thinking about his exit #@$*#$ just makes me mad. We are pulling out knowing this will bite us on the backside.

  5. Viet Nam part II. This guys is so ignorant of history it’s astounding. I have extreme empathy for the guys and gals that have given there blood sweat and tears for what? Oh, thant’s right; they’re fighting on HIS behalf…..pathetic and disgraceful. Makes me sick.

  6. I find it sad that so many of our soldiers have died, left maimed or have mental health problems on these undeclared wars. This President thinks the citizens are stupid to believe his comments regarding this war. On top of that, he expects us to fork out more money after we pull out. Really? Let them figure out how they will support themselves, since their President is a corrupt individual, who probably has enriched himself, family and friends from all the money poured by our government. Enough is enough!

  7. “I hope at least the roof of the embassy in Kabul is being reinforced to handle helicopters.” Foreboding truth in this statement.

  8. And so it goes, we will pull out and leave the people who worked with us to the tender mercies of the Taliban, just as we did the South Vietnamese all those years ago. You put it exactly right, Keith, we will see another disgraceful scramble of helicopters off the roof of our embassy. After this, foreign governments and peoples would be crazy to ally with us or to trust any thing we promise. All “the president” wants is a “victory” parade before the election using our returning troops as props in his re election effort.

  9. All of America has noted O’s definite lack of stamina. All of America, if being honest, knows that O cares only for himself and his own

  10. Keith,

    During his press conference President Obama said that our radar control systems in Turkey would be placed under NATO control. Are we giving up some controls over US systems? Does doing so have some precedent? Am I wrong to be concerned about our ceding control over some of our military systems to other countries? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

  11. Our troops have been sacrificial lambs since this arrogant (bleep) waved the white flag nearly 3 years ago at West Point! The least he could do is follow in the footsteps of Lyndon Johnson – and not seek a second term. Of course that will never happen – he considers himself to be the ‘conquering hero’ – risking his life to fly into Afghanistan under the cover of darkness for a one hour photo op on the anniversary of the OBL killing!

    When he mentioned that ‘we’ broke the momentum of the Taliban, did he also mention that casualties have tripled since he went against the advice of the Generals? Didn’t think so.

  12. Excellent article Keith. You are spot on. This coward who calls himself the commander in chief doesn’t give a hoot about our military personnel. If he did, he would listen to the commanders who have spent a career in the military learning every aspect of war planning. Guarantee they know more about military strategy than that weasel Axelrod or the Bobsie twins – Mooch and Valjar.

    The brave military who are serving their country admirably in Afghanistan are being abandoned for political gain, and I despise Obama for doing that to them. The incidents of turncoat Afghani soldiers who turn their guns against our soldiers will increase and the death toll will rise. More and more of them will come home in flag draped coffins or maimed for life, because this jackwagon believes he knows everything about everything. Why wait until 2013? Bring them all home now!

  13. The only consistent thing about Obama is that he has failed in just about everything he has touched, He is no leader, commander in chief, or unifier.
    He is petty, divisive, manipulative, partisan, and in general just a lying marxist sack of poop.


    A must-watch video! CNN’s Wolf Blitzer’s interview with Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Oversight and Investigations subcommittee – April 25, 2012

    Blitzer goes ballistic! Rohrabacher has been hyper-critical of the Karzai central government – calling it corrupt – and rightly so. Karzai banned him from Afghanistan when he tried to travel with his delegation from Dubai to Kabul last month. Both Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton sided with Karzai – asking Rohrabacher to stay away in order to avoid another conflict with Karzi!

    We have a government of chicken-hawks! Afghanistan is a quagmire with no hope in sight!

    May 21, 2012

    Karzai tells Wolf Blitzer that Rohrabacher will not be allowed in Afghanistan ‘until he shows some respect”!!!

    This is the ultimate humiliation! Obama, Clinton and Panetta have sold us out! Not one more life must be sacrificed for this quisling administration. Bring our troops home today!

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