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Obama Schedule || Monday, May 21, 2012

9:00 am CT || Participates in an International Security Assistance Force meeting on Afghanistan; McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
1:20 pm CT || Meets with NATO Secretary General; McCormick Place, Chicago
3:30 pm CT || Holds a press conference; McCormick Place, Chicago
5:05 pm CT || Departs Chicago
6:30 pm CT || Arrives Joplin, Missouri
8:15 pm CT || Delivers remarks at the Joplin High School Commencement Ceremony; Missouri Southern State University
9:20 pm CT || Departs Joplin, Missouri
12:50 am ET || Arrives White House

22 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, May 21, 2012”

    1. 16 hr day = Obama will be “off” Tues/Wed.

      I wonder if anyone in the WH ‘press corp’ (besides our beloved Keith) has the brains or balls to mention the weakness of “Obama’s daily schedule”; re: all that empty time in Obama’s schedule, what the h#ll does Obama do all day?

      1. You don’t even have to editorialize the vapidness of Obama’s workload. Just compare and contrast Obama’s joke schedule with W’s serious POTUS schedule and let the reader draw their own conclusion.

        I would love to see a web page with obama’s schedule and W.’s schedule from 4 years previous next to each other on the same page. Now that would be entertaining!

    1. Agreed. I’d rather have someone uplifting to speak to those kids. Obama will probably blame the tornados on the evil republicans.

  1. I read someplace last week that the G8 summit was Chicago’s “consolation prize” for Barry not being able to get them the Olympics. Considering whats already happened there and the strong possibility it will get worse, the folks out there have a lot to be thankful to him for!

  2. Things that make you go , “hmmmmmm”.

    A president (and his wife) up for reelection appearing at colleges, high schools, bases —- over and over — anywhere audience attendance is just short of mandatory. Could it be that a fear that adult brains are experienced enough to disseminate the BS from the truth?

      1. Like the “overwhelming” support a few weeks ago at Ohio State University. A half-filled arena blamed on a movie premiere……or something.

  3. Welcome back, Keith. Hope the quality time with Mom was fun. You missed some minor scandals but I’m sure our pols will produce more.

  4. Hope you had a great weekend with your Mom Keith. Just to catch you up on a few items in the news – RIP Disco era icon, Bee Gees Robin Gibb, who passed away on Sunday; OWS doing their master’s bidding in Chicago; crybaby Boehner comparing our representatives to frogs in a wheelbarrow; Cory Booker defending Bain Capital from Obama attack ads…at least until the Chicago thugs twisted his arm and made him cry uncle. Just another beautiful weekend out here in Ameritopia.

    1. Thanks for mentioning Robin Gibb RIP. Seems like my youthful icons
      are going too soon. Makes the protests of my day look tame. These are paid mobs. Well I’m going to slap on my IPod and take a stroll
      down memory lane. Stayin Alive! Thanks Robin for an everlasting
      legacy of music that won’t be repeated. Sorry I’m off topic feeling blue.

    1. Team up the N.C. teacher with the one in Ca. that had the kids singing praises to dear leader.Oh, did I say team up – I meant cell up. They both should be in a 8 x 12.

  5. I live southeast of Joplin in Arkansas…he may not be so popular there in that part of Missouri…he surely would not be welcome here to give a commencement address.
    Did he invite himself, as like Barnard College?

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