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Blogger’s Mother Comes to Visit

Alright, look, my mom is visiting. I need to take the day off, okay? I’m sorry. I will post if something major happens out at Camp David, where the G8 is meeting. For example, if they cut up their credit cards, I will let you know.

Have a nice weekend and I’ll be back Monday morning.


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  1. Keith, please don’t apologize for taking time to be with your mom. We so appreciate all the hard work that you do and your bravery to report on what is really going on. You deserve a great weekend with Mom. Have fun!

  2. No apologies necessary, Keith! You deserve a break after all your hard work. Please let your mother know how much we appreciate your reporting, and have a wonderful weekend with her and your family!

    • Unbelievable. I guess that’s like on the WH website, MO’s page is the only First Lady’s page that has a photo.

      I can’t wait to get rid of both of them!

  3. Give Mom several extra hugs this weekend. Not because any of your readers said so, heavens, no. Give Mom some hugs “just because.”

    See you Monday?

  4. No worries, Keith! One’s mom always takes precedence. Always. We will still be here when you get back. Go and enjoy your time with your mom. She, after all, is the whole reason you are here, doing what you do. Give her our love.

  5. Hope you are having a great time with your Mom . . . and again, thank you for what you do to keep us informed in a way not available anywhere else. I enjoy your straightforwardness . . . it is refreshing.

  6. Hey, remember last Wednesday when BHO’s schedule for Thursday was empty and Keith thought there might be a press conference? But, as I surmised, the lazy SOB had to take the day off because he had to “work” all weekend with the G8 and NATO summits. I’.;ve been watching his daily schedule for three plus years and his mentality is that of a time clock puncher, except he rarely even gets in eight hours a day. Whenever he has a dinner or even a campaign fundraiser in the evening, he takes time off that afternoon, or he comes in very late the next day, or both.

    Also, when the weekly schedule says, “the President will attend meetings at the White House”, that’s code for he has nothing scheduled and is taking the day off unless something comes up.

    So, last week’s advance schedule had “meetings” listed for Thursday and as it turned out, he took the day off before his busy weekend. Well, sure enough, he’s going back to Washington and taking Tuesday off too. He clearly feels if he had to “work” with the G8 and NATO summits this weekend, that he’s “owed” two days off in return, the Thursday before the weekend and the Tuesday after the weekend.

    It looks like he’s taking it easy on Friday this week also. In fact, his whole week is VERY, very light. He’s taking off Tuesday and Friday, and on Wednesday and Thursday, he’s traveling and campaigning, with official events or stops scheduled in, so he can bill us for the trips:

    Schedule for the Week of May 21, 2012

    On Monday, the President will attend meetings at the NATO Summit in Chicago, Illinois. Later in the day, the President will travel to Joplin, Missouri, where he will deliver the commencement address at Joplin High School. The President will return to Washington, DC, in the evening.

    On Tuesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Wednesday, the President will travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to deliver the commencement address at the Air Force Academy. The President will then travel to Denver, Colorado for a campaign event. In the evening, the President will travel to California for campaign events in Atherton and Redwood City. The President will spend the night in San Jose, California.

    On Thursday, the President will attend a campaign event in Palo Alto, California. The President will then travel to the Newton, Iowa, area to deliver remarks on the economy at an official event. The President will continue to push Congress to act on a “To Do List” he laid out with initiatives that have bipartisan support and will create jobs and help restore middle class security. Later, the President will attend a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa, before returning to Washington, DC, in the evening.

    On Friday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

  7. Of course you can take the weekend off. Why not, POTUS takes entire weeks off – come to think of it … it’s months, actually.

  8. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii” ? ?

    what kind of ignorant naive libTard wrote this article anyway ? ? ?

    overwhelming evidence ???
    Like the overwhelming evidence that his SS # is from Conn and he NEVER LIVED THERE ! ! !

  9. What is everyone missing something like the potus saying he was born in Kenya via a bio that was for his first book that has now become the talk of the week. While it says Obama said he was born in Kenya up to when he was running for the Senate. He said it himself. So what’s all the excitement about movie stars??? They are a nutty bunch of narcisstic people who love themselves more than non-movie stars having all kinds of problems like drugs, stealing and more.

    The latest is the Potus changed his tune about Kenya because of his Senate campaign,, All of a sudden he was born in Hawaii. This whole thing is ridiculous. He was born in Kenya just like he said he was and it was written in his last book that his father was not a citizen of the USA which makes him not eligible to be the president no matter how many times he changes his mind about where he was born.

    He will be impeached and sent to prison for his fraud and high crimes. His backers in Congress will be held accountable for their cover-ups as well. We won’t vote for them for the next reelection term at all.

    Let’s cut to the chase and get him out of the White House. The biggest scam of fraud ever done by a nobody we never heard of. and never want to again

  10. The racism accusations are old and senseless. There are racists and use racism as an excuse to not take responsibilty of their nasty actions and blame it on the victoms. Black racists and white racists are not the issue at hand now as Mr Obama is one himself. He hates America and Americans and really doesn’t care iif you are White or Black. He actually causes riots and pays for the rioters.

  11. hope you had a great weekend with your mom. I spent the evening eating KFC w/kids and grandkids, watching the eclipse in a big empty field in ABQ. hope we’ve made a great memory.