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Obama’s Movie Star Mistake

This is going to backfire.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has sent an email via the Obama campaign inviting Obama supporters to contribute “any amount” at all to be entered into a raffle for dinner with her and the Obamas June 14 at her home in New York.

“It should be fabulous,” she writes.

Obama, it seems to me, is in danger of being too fabulous.

Just days ago, he hosted the winners of a similar contest at the Hollywood home of George Clooney.

Obama's newest political ally

According to CNN, Eva Longoria has raised at least $200,000 for the president, and there have been $38,000-a-plate dinners with Will Smith, Spike Lee, Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell.

In one of the tackiest episodes of all, Obama last month deadpanned through an awful duet with Jimmy Fallon on the latter’s talk show. The Office of the President may not recover.

While it may raise money, it’s hard to imagine that Obama’s close association with the entertainment industry is going to win him many votes among average, sensible Americans, many of whom are suffering. Particularly, in this latest case, with a woman who goes by three names and who starred in a show that focused on the sex lives of neurotic New York City women.

And there’s something slightly pathetic about this. At first, the lottery prize offered in these contests was just the president. The addition of stars like Parker and Clooney seems to be an admission that a mere lunch with Obama is not quite enough to sell a lot of tickets.

There’s a lot of money in Hollywood, but not many votes. At some point, the disgust factor may come to outweigh all those piles of cash.

38 thoughts on “Obama’s Movie Star Mistake”

  1. The whole thing reminds me of the opening scene in the sequel to “Ghostbusters” The lads were reduced to entertaining at kiddy birthday parties. Can’t wait to see the leader of the Free World and his lovely wife dressed as cowboy/cowgirl, posing with a pony saying “Who wants to take a picture with us? Its only $1!”

  2. No, thanks. I would spend the entire dinner waiting for SJP to neigh since her face is so long and skinny now that she resembles a horse!

  3. Not “any amount at all.” I attempted to enter my dog, Fritz in the raffle. The submission was returned stating the contribution must be at least $3.00. That’s three cans of Alpo. Sorry.

    1. I didn’t think donations were required ? What are the raffle laws in NY? This could be a problem … it’s gambling now with a $3 minimum, and it’s not for a charity.

    2. That’s interesting, Bugwood, because I think Denise is right, a donation should be required.

      I’m sure Fritz was relieved, Bugwood, and I’m reporting you to the ASPCA for abusing your pet.

        1. That case appears to be politically motivated Denise. Good ole boy infighting among Republicans. A fellow Democrat would never bring charges against one of their own. The FEC is a joke. Obama has fraud control turned off on his site and now the illegal raffles…yet the FEC hasn’t batted an eye. Watch how fast they move when it is a Republican doing something shady.

  4. The winners of the dinner with GeorgeClooney were treated like the loser cousins from Stuebenville. They sat in the back of the room and were virtually ignored by the A-listers and the Obama team.

    Dinner with this has-been who fulfills the purpose of the pork-chop-around-the-neck for MrO will most likely be about the same experience for the next lottery winners.

    1. Ouch…that stings, srdem. So true. Has she done anything since “Honeymoon in Vegas”? Heard she was on some tv show, but I never watch Hollyweird sitcoms. Betcha that is a body double in that picture because she has to be pretty much over the hill for cheesecake photos…

      1. She has been in several painful to watch movies that did not do well at the box office, except one I think called THE FAMILY STONE but it had some heavyweight actors and was more of an ensemble thing. She also is involved with Bravo doing some reality next great artist type boring stuff.

  5. Who wants to eat with the Obama’s and a has been D list ‘actress’ who’s only
    claim to fame was Sex and the City? This is so shabby and shameful but that’s what we have for President:(

  6. Boycotting WHD (just joking) as of now. Keith, you could have not put SJP picture on blog. Currently cleaning vomit from floor. Thanks a lot pal.

  7. Next one should be hosted by Ellen and her wife. The Village people should perform. Obama can be introduced by the editor of newsweek as the first gay president.

    Now that would be a fundraiser LOL!

      1. He’d look better than MO don’t you know she’s mad that she’s too tall
        to wear all those very expensive shoes we’d have to buy her:)

  8. Saw it at Twitchy too . Now I am beginning to wonder — just dinner, dinner with sex, what kind of sex, what city? Just askin’

  9. It’s absolutely pathetic that so many are prostituting themselves to raise money for Obama. All I can think is the Obama team are very desperate that their fund raising is not going as well as planned. And what’s with Eva Longoria raising only $200,000? Surely her rich Hollyweird friends could kick in a few more $$ than that.

    1. I just read where Taylor Swift donated 4 Million to an education fund that I think helps and promotes country/western music education and aspiring performers. At least it didn’t go to Obama.

      As I’ve said before, can’t these celebs raise money for more worthy causes ? Surely there’s soup kitchens in NYC that would love SJP’s help :)

      1. I think I read where SJP was mad becaus her family wasn’t getting food stamps or some gov aid when she was wealthy enough to help so those
        two are a fit sadly.

  10. Gee, with all his “let’s do lunch” dates it’s a wonder Obama has time for the country at all. I am always amused that when significant policy statements are made, they are attributed to “the White House” (just generic no names please). Maybe he communicates his policies by writing them on the menus..Suppose? Of course LGBT messages are spoken out loud, but aside from cutsy shows like the View. he leaves it up to Carney et al to tell us what he means. by what he says.

  11. Do like a lot of us do now — add this one to the “Do Not Support” list and boycott any endeavor they support. They are paid to entertain, not politicize.

    1. Our boycott list is growing longer and longer day by day but it gives me great pleasure to know they’re not getting any of my $.

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