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Arizona Secretary of State Threatens to Remove Obama from Ballot

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is threatening to keep President Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in November unless he receives confirmation from Hawaii that it has a valid birth certificate on file for him.

Bennett, who spoke to Arizona radio host Mike Broomhead Thursday, said he requested the confirmation eight weeks ago and has not gotten it. Hawaii, he said, does not have to supply a certified copy of the birth certificate, merely send him an email confirming that it has one.

Asked by Broomhead if he would remove Obama’s name from the ballot if Hawaii fails to comply, Bennett said: “That’s possible. Or the other option would be that I would ask all the candidates, including the president, to submit a certified copy of their birth certificate.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, the issue of his birth continues to dog him. Thursday, Breitbart Big Government reported on a promotional booklet by Obama’s own literary agency listing him as having been born in Kenya.

Bennett said Hawaii law permits government officials to request verification of possession of a birth certificate in lieu of a certified copy.

“They could say yes tomorrow and the whole thing goes away,” Bennett said. “If they can’t say yes to that simple question, then it makes me wonder if we have to take it to another level. One way or another, we have to have some simple verification that people are qualified for the office if they’re going to be on the ballot here in Arizona.”

Bennett asserted that he is not a “birther” and denied accusations that he is playing to the birther crowd in Arizona because he wants to run for governor. But Bennett also hedged in stating his belief that Obama was Hawwaii-born.

“I believe the president was born in Hawaii – or at least I hope he was,” Bennett said.

Arizona, with its 11 electoral votes, is an important 2012 presidential battleground state. A Real Clear Politics average of recent polling in the state has Mitt Romney ahead by only four points.

One thing I’d like to make clear. This blog believes Obama was born in Hawaii. But it also believes threats by the Arizona Secretary of State to exclude the president from the ballot are newsworthy.

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  1. Love your blog but I do not agree with your opinion that he was born in Hawaii. There is too much smoke in the air, there must be a fire somewhere. To this day we still know close to nothing about this guy’s past including high school records, year book pictures, college transcripts, certified birth certificate. The one girl friend we heard of turned out to be a composite….or in other words a figment of his imagination. The left and many on the right quickly dismiss you when you voice these opinions and call you names like BIRTHER…so go ahead and call me names but I still want to see some REAL PROOF.

    1. I suspect the real story everyone is missing is that Obama likely used his Kenya relationship to propel his career just as Elizabeth Warren did with her Cherokee ‘relationship’. When it benefited him, Obama let people think or even told people he was from Kenya. There is even a video of him in Kenya referring to it as his ‘home’ and his wife refers to him being from Kenya on two separate occasions. I think the media has trivialized this story which makes the so-called ‘birthers’ even more suspicious. It’s now used as a way to demonize all conservatives even though it all started in the Hillary camp by the same people that promoted the Bush National Guard story. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. Obama himself likely promoted it when he thought it would help him get ahead. So the blame for ‘birtherism’ may very well rest at Obama’s own feet and I do think we can stop ridiculing people for making the mistake of having believed him.

          1. And so you’re saying he continued this self-promoted suspicion by having his administration release a very poor forgery of his birth certificate on the official White House website, that when opened in Adobe Illustrator shows all the unflattened falsities and errors….righttttttt!?!

          2. The scary part – this is the kind of person who will destroy American sovereignty by signing a bunch of treaties – just to get back at the whiteys – and to fulfill his communist dream of one world power.

            We either take this guy out as ineligible before the next election, or we have failed as Americans to contend against the foe within and are doomed as a united nation.

            And don’t count on the cheerleading media to help.

          3. Not correcting someone on a misconception is not the same as being a liar. I recall reading a headline in which he denied being born in Kenya, but I don’t recall hearing anyone accuse him until approximately 2 weeks later. I personally believe he created the controversy himself because, frankly, no one outside of Chicago even knew who he was until there was a controversy around his name. Which, while unusual, is a perfectly legitimate marketing strategy using “there’s no such thing as bad press” as a basis. I don’t think anyone on either side of the party line expected it to still be an issue so many years later.

          4. The problem with the Adobe Illustrator statment is that it’s nonsense. Even Fox reported that the “layers” are an artifact of the OCR software in scanners. So it proves NOTHING.

          5. carlbarry, it’s obvious you know absolutely nothing about graphics software, scanned images etc. For starters, OCR software has NO part in a scanned document, UNLESS you want to edit/use the text in another document. In that case, it will only scan the text, not the background as well. An original scanned document has NO layers. This poorly crafted piece of fraud had several layers.

          6. I been a graphic designer for 14 years and as such am well versed in Adobe illustrator and OCR software. I personally inspected the PDF file the WH made available on their website and can state unequivocally, that it was a manufactured document not a scan. OCR software takes a scan of a document and tries to find rasterized shapes that resemble letters and then converts that info into a text document. It doesn’t deal at all with making layers of a document. The WH file had a background pattern that ran underneath all the scanned letters. Show me scanner or copy machine that has that capability and I’ll take this all back. As it stands, that alone screams fake document, and their was a lot more than just that.

      1. That explanation makes a lot of sense. I also believe one of the reasons for locking records, like college admission forms, was because he used his Kenyan background for financial assistance, claiming he was foreign born thus the need to lock those records. As your theory goes he would be using the Kenyan connection when he needed it and the Hawaiian story when he needed that. All in all it still makes him a liar at the very least.


          1. Minor v. Happersett was about a woman’s right to vote. In discussing Minor’s citizenship: “it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.” There was no finding of the definition of “natural born” as Minor’s citizenship was never in question. This was in reference to the 14th amendment argument. What was found that Minor, as a woman, has no constitutional right, citizen or not, to vote.

            There are precisely TWO ways to be a citizen in the country – you can find in the Federal Code. You may be born in the U.S. or you may be naturalized. That’s it. Minor v. Happersett is irrelevant.

          2. The two ways to citizenship (by birth or naturalization) are true. There are many ways a person becomes a citizen by birth, including foreign birth as long as one parent is a US citizen. However, within the classification: citizen at birth are different TYPES of “citizen at birth” – one of them being “natural born citizen” (NB) It is only this TYPE — NBC – that is eligible to be President of the United States. If all you had to be was a “citizen at birth” to be POTUS, there would never have been a question about McCain b/c he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. It also would be irrelevant whether or not Obama was born in the USA too. But, ti’s not irrelevant.. .which means that “citizen at birth” is insufficient as proof any person is a NBC of the US.

          3. Also, “natural born citizen” (NBC) had a meaning when Article II of the US Constitution was written. No statute can re-define it. You’d need SCOTUS to rule on it’s original — and consistently held – definition. If you didn’t like SCOTUS’ ruling, we’d need to Amend the US Constitution to remove “natural born citizen” as an eligibility requirement of the Office of President of the United States.

            Minor v. Happersett absolutely is relevant b/c SCOTUS is directly confirming the officially recognized definition of NBC. Any other definition of NBC is speculative. . .which is why we need a SCOTUS ruling.

          4. Actually, courts have consistently held that “natural-born citizen,” a phrase which had no legal meaning at the time it was put in the constitution, means anyone who is a citizen at birth, and Congress gets to set this definition.

          5. Why doesn’t Obama just sign executive order that he is a natural born citizen. Seems the most obvious solution and one he has used to get all his unconstitutional laws passed.

          6. There needs to be an honest investigation, Holder was put in place for this purpose.
            Manipulation of Federal Courts should get a charge that these two will never see the light of day again.
            Holder and Obama, mookie should have to repay the millions she has thrown away as well.

          7. when you don’t have a relationship with Christ, you think unclear and hateful, but let me tell you two things of this matter. first the president mother was cia, so understand his status of this country and second the government is storing info by the internet on individuals of questionable nature. there are laws in place to detain those who in there soul would like to hurt this country!

          8. ParentS–plural–meaning BOTH–have to be citizens to be “natural born”. That is why where he was born is a red herring–because if Barack Obama is in fact his sperm-donor father , never being a US citizen, BHO is not an NBC.
            In fact he admitted on his campaign website in ’08 that he was a “British citizen at birth”, like his purported father.

          9. To: John M.,

            Minor v. Happersett says “it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.”

            Last time I checked “parents” is plural and means two, and “citizens” meaning the country you are a citizen of and Barack Obama Sr. was never a citizen. And the children naturally take the fathers citizenship.

            And that’s just one point in the history of law and the 14th amend that is needed when you define natural born citizen.

        2. Obama talked about being stoned for the last 2 years of high school — he lived in a fog. (his own spoken words)
          That doesn’t get you into Columbia or Harvard. Affirmative Action policies will. A minority foreigner coming in as a Fullbright student increases the chances even more. Wikepedia had Obama listed as a Fullbright student in 2008 but was pulled as he started rising in the polls. Hillary and Bill tried to warn us.

          1. I’m friends with some of the staff at Harvard. One of them had to explain to one of their 3rd year students the difference between a.m. and p.m. on a clock (a thing most of us learned in our 3rd year of elementary school). You have to have something to get in there, and it’s called money… nothing else. And let’s not forget how often W got FUBAR and even how he refuses to deny doing cocaine during his Ivy league days… he must have had Affirmative….n…wait… :/. And I also know some pretty far-out conspiracy theorists, and even they know to take Wikipedia with a grain of salt. It’s more of a place to get ideas, then you go elsewhere to look for concrete evidence to support it.

          2. politics stupid. i am also a foreigner, been here a generation and have learned that the united staters are two things, one stupid and …….!

          1. Silly -Liberals don’t use their own money to fund things – they just used their influence to get him the scholarship.

        3. I lived in Hawaii from 1971 until 2009 during which time I had 5 children. I have 5 valid certified copies of their birth certificates. I know what they look like. Obama’s is not a valid copy. Period.

      2. If you believe that, then what is the problem with proving it with facts? We as citizens are required to provide certified copies of our birth certificate for a lot of things. A certified copy. Why should the office of the president, the most powerful position in the world, require less? For me, this will all go away if he simply provides a certified copy of his birth certificate. I won’t doubt after that. It is really that simple.

        1. no way; ha! do you know the defination of pretext? keep pushing this jingoism and one day your will have to deal with the deadly gangsters in this country!

      3. He needs to release his School records now! Why would he have them sealed! He is another Elizabeth Warren and both are Communists!! So is Axlerod who was mentored by Rose and Cantor both from Chicago!!

        1. Why does he need to release his school records? President Johnson didn’t even learn how to read until he was an adult, and he was taught how by his wife, not a school. There have been 7 presidents who never went to college at all, 2 that attended but never graduated, and one who in his entire life had a total of 1 year formal learning and everything else was self taught.
          And please look up the definitions of Socialist, Communist, and Capitalist. I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean, and Socialist and Communist are not interchangeable.

          1. First of all, you need to clarify which Johnson you are referring to, as the Pres Johnson of modern history was LBJ and he graduated from college and was a teacher. It is true that Pres Andrew Johnson did not master the basics of reading, grammer or math until he was 17, however to compare the early 19th century to modern history is unfair. Only two Presidents since 1869 have not graduated from college. Gover Cleveland left school when his father died to help support his family. So, Truman is the only President in modern history without a degree. Times changed and a college education became the norm.

            The fact that Obama’s transcripts are hidden is not as much of an issue as the double standard. Dems made a huge deal over Bush’s transcripts. Why were they able to get a hold of them and not Obama’s? Also, has anyone seen ANYTHING he wrote while at Harvard? Why is all of that unavailable?

          2. Socialism and Communism are more similar than they’re different. Nobody cares about the difference between Ford and Chevy when the argument is cars vs. horses. Communist, socialist, progressive, liberal–it doesn’t matter what label you put on it, it’s anti-Liberty.

      4. Suspecting he was born in Kenya because his wife said he’s “from Kenya” twice, is as specious as claiming that Americans who say they come “from Ireland” are immigrants. When Americans say where they’re “from,” we usually mean where our ancestors came from. It’s a lazy and inartful way of speaking, but it’s normal.

        It’s possible the literary agent mistakenly thought he was born in Kenya, but I agree it’s more likely he or his literary agent probably let people think he was Kenyan-born because they thought it would help book sales. That’d be unethical, but I suspect the only people who’d think it’s scandalous are people who don’t like the man anyway.

        1. An American born in the US will never say that they are from Ireland. They may refer to themselves as Irish, but not as “from Ireland”.

          1. No, but my mother was born in Maryland but says she’s from Tennessee because that’s where she moved as a small child, and has no memory of her earliest years spent in Maryland. Saying you’re “from” a place is not the same as saying you were “born” there.

        2. I’m a genealogy hobbyist and I NEVER say I’m from Germany, or I’m from Ireland. I may say my ancestors are from a particular place. If someone wants to know where I’m from, I’ll tell them where I was born or where I live now, depending on what they’re looking for.

          1. When someone asks me where I’m from, I tell them where I grew up, which in my case is pretty localized I’ve only lived within 2 counties in 1 state. See above comment about my mother; but my wife, if asked that question, will say she’s from “the south” even though she was born in New York, because she was a military child born in West Point, and living in Gulf Port, MS before she was 3, then living in north Alabama before she started kindergarten, and has been here ever since.

        3. How, in 1991, would a literary agent find out where the person they were writing a biography about was born? The Agent could not just check FaceBook. Or are we saying that this literary agent said, “oh, this guy looks like he could be from African, so I’ll close my eyes, point to a map and oh, my, the country I picked for him is Kenya.”

          In 1991 the literary agent HAD to ask, “where were you born, what do your parents do?’ etc. SOMEONE had to answer the question. So “someone” either made up the whole Kenyan thing, or they were telling the truth.

          Just last week, a Sr. Exec from Yahoo! had to step down because he lied on a resume. Here we have a situation where ‘Someone’ LIED– either to make money to sell books, or for some other “gain.”

          Why the double standard? Why does the MSM see this as a “non-story?” and WHEN is the man in the Oval Office going to “man-up” and tell the truth — that somewhere here, HE lied?

          Or maybe, in 1991, the literary agent did just close their eye’s and point to a map and pick Kenya.

      5. Emerald… Brilliant. i know of co-workers who claim to be Amiercan INDIANS.. they use it all the time to skirt disapline because the company wants keep a quota..

        1. OR, he’s really from Kenya like the booklet, his wife, his grandmother and the forged birth certificate indicate he is.

          Razors threory….Simple is likely real and true basically. Stop over-thinking this and accept what no-one really wants to admit, but is sadly the most likely truth. We have been defrauded by a foreign communist and a complicite political party who’s ideologies align tightly.

          1. You are correct– it is Occam’s Razor- and the “simple version” of Occam’s Razor is “When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebra’s”-

            Unless you are in someplace like, oh I don’t know, say Kenya for example– there, when you hear hooves, think Zebra’s!!!!

      6. Well said. I agree Obama most likely used his Kenya ties to his advantage and even if he never directly “blessed” the claim of Kenya as his birthplace, he never corrected it either- probably because he thought it would give him an advantage. As late as 2007, Kenya was being referenced as his place of birth by his agent, but then as soon as he decided to run for president, the “mistake” was suddenly discovered and corrected. I believe he was born in Hawaii but claimed Kenya when it was convenient, then changed when it was no longer convevenient. Terrible integrity for the President, but already knew that. The media would at least call out his lack of truthfulness if they weren’t so busy worshipping him.

        1. That’s my read on it. His own actions and words have taken my ability to give him any middle ground. He is either incompetent beyond belief, or a cynical and calculating liar willing to and say anything in order to obtain and retain power. It’s ridiculous to expect us to believe that this bio went unnoticed and unchecked by Obama for 16 years, and yet was suddenly corrected just a couple of weeks after he announced his intention to run for the Presidency.

      7. While I will certainly give you credit for probably the most reasoned comment on the subject I have read, one has to wonder how Obama overlooked this. Narcissists by nature are very obsessed with their public image, so I can’t imagine him just completely ignoring or forgetting about this statement made by his own publicist.

      8. “I do think we can stop ridiculing people for making the mistake of having believed him”

        I disagree. They were mistaken then, but now – no. No longer a mistake. Bad judgement. Deserving of ridicule.

    2. It seems like you have a big chip on your shoulder. ” The one girl friend we heard of turned out to be a composite….or in other words a figment of his imagination.” Perhaps, you should read the material and not read about it from second and third-hand sources.

      The book says itself, “For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear are composites of people I’ve known, and some events appear out of precise chronology.”

      He was born in Hawaii. Focus on something with some meat on it.

      1. Ah, yes and the name calling has started. Thanks for the confirmation about the left! What should I concentrate on, the 8%+ unemployment, the complete annihilation of the coal/oil industry, the 15 trillion dollar debt. Please enlighten me old great one!

        1. 8% unemployment? Try far north of 15%! When people who have given up the fight to find employment, those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, and those underemployed with cheap part time jobs are taken into considerations, the 8% figure is stuff the “big lie” technique of the current administration is made of. Defeat the liar in Chief this November. Jackson T is a blind Liberal troll. Sure, I’ll be called a Troll also, at least I’m a Troll that can think for himself!

      2. So for the sake of compression, maybe Obama is a composite character himself and an amalgamation? A little Rev. Wright, a pinch of Bill Ayers, a lot of Elizabeth Warren, a hint of Karl Marx? It makes more sense now. Why would you write a book about yourself and not just use real characters?

      3. A person that writes TWO books about himself, when he has never accomplished ANYTHING, is more than suspect. He had to lie about his life because he hadn’t had one yet. It was all part of being groomed by george soros for the big socialist take over!

      4. I don’t usually comment here, but I just need to point out–for the sake of intellectual honesty–that the original copies of his book made absolutely no reference to character “compression”. That was only added tot he forward of the book in recent editions in response to the criticism of characters being fictionalized. Be sure you have your facts straight before you start attacking others, it strengthens your own position to be honest even when reality doesn’t fit your wishes.

      5. So Jackson where is the proof that makes you believe Obama was
        b orn in Hawaii? Please don’t tell me the birth certificate on the White House website. We just had a six month law enforcement investigation here in Arizona that found it to be a forgery along with Obama’s selective service registration card. Or perhaps the fact he has a social security number from Connecticut a state he never lived in or work in during his life. Other wise I think your another misinformed dupe for the phony we have in the White House.

      6. Jackson T., thanks for clarifying that the book is fictional, much like his presidency. I’ll just throw it and him in the trash together.

    3. Lets see, several videos of michell boastinbg that she married a guy from Kenya.
      Report of drudge from obamas book agent from 1991, showing his picture and bragging about how he was born in Kenya.
      A lot of articiles from african nations boasting about how the kenyana born obama has become senator of the state of ill
      all so articiles about how the kenyan born president of the usa is visting their nation.
      One of the top sherrifs in the USA and his team are prepared to defend the fact that obamas birth cert. is computer generated, two of the three released as the last and most up to date of the computer generated forgeries.
      Obamas draft card show that he registered in 80, does not show what century. However the USA post office system has a stamp that is placed on things that show the century such as 2012 or 1880.
      I bet the sob is from mars and he is an off worlder planet and he has come here to charm the trust fund idiots working for pravada on the potomoc.
      At any rate, obama ought to be removed form office along with his thugs before the USA becomes a dictatorship or a replica of naxnasty germany, pre war two.

      1. It’s amazing that the main stream media doesn’t find this interesing!
        There is so much proof to back each story, yet try to find just ONE msm ‘journalist’ that will touch what will end up being one of the biggest scams of our country’s history! In the end history will not be kind to the biggest fraud of a POTUS.

      2. Don’t forger Obama himself said he wasn’t eligible to be president because he wasn’t a natural born citizen when he was running for senator.

    4. Yeah, I don’t get it when people say they believe he was born in Hawaii, but…….
      There’s absolutely no concrete evidence of it.
      I just want him to go away, never to be seen or heard from again.

        1. NO– Lets be correct here— The Sec State of Arizona would just like Hawaii to EMAIL him and say, “Yes, we have a birth certificate”– The Sec State HAS NOT asked for the actual certificate, just an email confirmation that it exists. The AZ Sec State asked for the thing 8 weeks ago, and Hawaii has yet to respond.

          Quote from Sec State Bennett (AZ): Hawaii, he said, does not have to supply a certified copy of the birth certificate, merely send him an email confirming that it has one.

          Also from the article:
          Hawaii law permits government officials to request verification of possession of a birth certificate in lieu of a certified copy.

          So, why hasn’t Hawaii responded? All the Sec State is asking for is an email.

    5. The only “proof” you crazies would accept is a dated video tape of his mother giving birth with the video including an image of the hospital. Get a life!!! We know how much hatred you possess, and it’s only eating you alive.

      1. Actually any “proof” would be nice. It is not hatred fueling this for most, and you might look in the mirror when referring to such things and calling others names.

      2. No, Nancy, what I would like is for the President of the United States to tell the truth. The Publicist who wrote the bio on Obama had to get her information from somewhere. There was no Facebook in 1991. The publicist who wrote the bio in 1991 had a LOT of information– What is parents did, that he lived in Indonesia and Hawaii, and where he worked. In 1991 Obama was a “nobody”– he was NOT a public figure. SOMEONE had to give her the information. HE knew about the bio. He let it be used to promote the book “Dreams of My Father” in 2003.

        So, what I want to know, and what EVERY American deserves to know, is Did Obama lie- or allow a lie- from 1991 to 2007 in order to make money?

        An Exec from Yahoo had to resign just this last week because he lied on HIS resume’. This is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES we are talking about here. What are we supposed to tell our kids? It is wrong to lie on a resume’ BUT, its OK to lie if it will help you sell books, or get elected to office?

  2. Keith, I’m not sure what your “overwhelming evidence” is, but I respect your opinion. If it was so easy for Hawaii to certify the Arizona request, why have they not done so?

    And yeah! Arizona. Seems to be the only state that stands up for itself. More of the states need to tell the federal government to butt out of their business.

    1. They don’t stand up because they want the Fed’s to keep giving them money. People don’t realize how much the Fed’s send to the state. The whole thing will come crashing down in 15 years anyway.

  3. Keith, I respect you and read your blog every day, but I still believe Obama was not born in Hawaii, or anywhere else in the USA. The “birth certificate” which he finally produced has been shown to be a forgery. The inclusion of the signature of “U.K.L. Lee” on the fake certificate is just another example of Obama’s complete contempt for the United States and its citizens.

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  5. My $.02 Obama is, like it or not, the POTUS. For a state to raise the birth certificate issue now could lead to a Constitutional crisis. This country has far more pressing matters to resolve than where Little Barry first saw the light of day. Lets prove our system works, defeat him in November and lets get this country moving again. He’ll publish his memoirs, he’ll declare he really was NOT born in Hawaii, how we were all tricked, he’ll make millions on book sales, etc etc. Its worth it to get his sorry a$$ out of office.

    1. If it turns out he is NOT born in the USA, he should have never been in the office to begin with which means EVERYTHING he has signed (Including that fiasco of a health care plan that NO CONGRESSMAN read before voting it into law (you would think that would be part of their job to read bills that are going to become federal law)) and ALL of the presidential orders and appointment he made are nullified and THIS creates a very large mess to be cleaned up. The consitituional crisis is already here and should have been solved 3 years ago when it was brought up.
      If he is crazy enough to publish that he is not a US citizen after he leaves office then he deserves the seat that he would get in GITMO for treason and subversion of the government for knowingly deceiving the country and the manipulation of the governent to persue an agenda that is against the republic.

      1. Whether or not Obama was born in the US is not the issue. The issue is, was he born of two citizen parents, i.e., is he natural born. The answer is clear and obvious, no he was not. His “declared” father was a citizen of the UK and therefor Obama is NOT eligible to hold the office.

          1. Wrong- The Romney’s lived in Mexico for awhile in a mormon colony I believe or as missionarie, but never gave up their citizenship. The extent people will go to defend this Obama guy is pathetic. The important thing in this discussion is always the American Republic, the Constitution, and legitimacy. All of this could be put to rest if Obama could or wanted to: Show the original birth certificate in a way where people can inspect it; Show the other legal documents- draft card, social security card; release your school records. Done!

        1. Where does this idea come from regarding two citizen parents? Anyone born in one of the fifty United States or Puerto Rico, even if both parents are resident aliens, is a natural born citizen. The question is not his parents citizenship, but whether he was born in Hawaii or any of the other 49 (not 56) states. You people need to get over this.

          The real issue here is there is evidence he said in the past that he was born in Hawaii or Kenya depending on what suited his purpose at the time. One needs to ask now what advantages he exploited by saying he was from Kenya. If there were legal implications, the statute of limitations must have long ago expired, but it does give you insight into the character of the man.

          1. The issue about the two parents being U.S. citizens comes from the “Law of Nations” by Vatel. This book was used by the founding fathers as a reference in formulating the constitution. It is simple to understand why the founders would want a president to be a NBC w/ citizen parents – to prevent any foreign infiltration of the office. Suppose a foreign enemy has a covert affair with a U.S. citizen and that child is born in the U.S.A, then is discreetly raised by agents loyal to the enemy in a foreign land. Would you want that person to come back to the U.S. and become POTUS? No.

        1. There is no doubt that oBozo is a citizen since his mother was an American, there is some doubt whether he is a natural born citizen.

        2. “Can you be accused of treason if you are not a citizen?” No, a non-citizen cannot be tried for treason. However, he could certainly be found to be an enemy of the state, and tossed into GITMO with the his Muslim buddies. And, all those who colluded (Michelle, Pelosi, Axelrod, Reid, Howard Dean, Wasserman-Schultz, etc…) to defraud the citizens of our fair land would be eligible to be tried for conspiracy to commit treason and fraud, and a whole host of other crimes.

          1. lets not forget about the clinton’s. they sat on the story. they participated as much as anyone in allowing the fraud.

    2. “For a state to raise the birth certificate issue now could lead to a Constitutional crisis. This country has far more pressing matters to resolve than where Little Barry first saw the light of day.”

      Are you saying that the law is not a pressing matter?

        1. Foggytoo,

          Biden ran on a ticket with ObaMao. Our U.S. Veep doesn’t run independently for the office. As such, he would have to be tossed out with Barry Seotoro. Which positions Boehner as next in line for the office.

          1. Boehner will “rise” to the occasion. He has a throbbing pulse on the issues and will defend the constitution like a man on viagra.

          2. Actually Luna, FoggyToo is correct. The 12th Amendment specifies that the Vice President is elected by the Electoral College, and further states if there is “other constitutional disability of the President.” The person elected by the Electoral College as President would be deemed unqualified, and the person Elected by the Electoral College as Vice President would become President.

            In theory, everything that Obama signed would be void or never binding. All Acts of Congress that Obama signed would theoretically be invalid, as he would not have been President, and in theory, because Biden did not sign them in the proper time frame, they would all be considered “pocket veto’d”- Of course, Obama has never respected the Congress, the Court or Constitution anyway so it probably would not matter to him.

    3. So we get a “constitutional crisis”. As the left has told us “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” If nothing else, the American public deserves the truth about its politicians. To ignore this is to belittle both the consititution and the rule of law.
      I do not know if oyu are old enough to have been interested in the Nixo “crisis” as it played out, but the nation survived that.

    4. Rick, will you be saying that if he wins? Did you know that (14) states and 100s of other juridictions in 12 others have given the election counting to a company in Spain, SCYTLs Vice Pres and CFO is a big Obama contributor. The fix is in.
      It really bothers me that no one cares about the rule of law in this country. It doesn’t matter where Obama was born! His father was Kenyan. This disqualifies him from being eligible!

      Another Serf

      1. Folks, all good points. Of course I care about the rule of law in this country. But what I do not want to see is America cease to exist as we know it because more time was wasted proving a point about his citizenship. Yes I am old enough to have lived through the Nixon debacle and I believe we survived because Ford pardoned Nixon and made his issue go away. I wanted Nixon prosecuted (ditto Slick Willie) but I also realized the impact to the country if a trial was held. I want Obama judged on his record and voted out of office. If Obama was found to have committed treason, who would make such a ruling? Fundamentally the same idiots in the House and Senate, from both parties, who failed to adequately vet his Constitutional chops before the election and, as Portholus said, failed to even read the legislation he submitted. Do we put most/all of them on trial? My heart says yes but my mind says no. Thanks for listening

        1. Rick,

          You have to break a few eggs to make an omelett. Avoiding pain is the road often travelled. However, if the course that the left has led us down, that being Constitutional disregard, isn’t corrected now, we will cease to be a Constitutional Republic.

    5. Is that 0.02 American? Because you morons already want to get rid of the penny.. Just because you think he’s POTUS doesnt mean that that “opinion” will remain in effect.

      1. FWIW earl coinupdate reports, “For the fiscal year ending September 30, 2011, the unit cost for the cent was 2.41 cents and the cost for the nickel was 11.18 cents.”
        The Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010 authorized Treasury Department research and development regarding circulating coin compositions.

        1. It’s time to get rid of the dime, nickel, and penny. In 1857, the half-penny was terminated. Since then (since 1913 really), US currency has been debased by a factor of more than 27. So if the penny was good enough in 1900, surely the quarter is fine-grained enough now.

          Note that for this to happen, the politicians would have to admit they have debaqed the currency. So this is very unlikely.

          Rounding to the nearest quarter is pretty simple. If any taxing authorities cannot figure out how to do this, I can help.

          1. We shouldn’t have to, is the point. The only reason this is happening, is because the value of the dollar is dropping.

            If the gold standard is as bad as everyone would have us believe, then why did the US dollar see NO inflation from since the defeat of central banks in our nation’s infancy, up until the American Civil War? (“War Between the States”, or as you Southerners like to say, “The War of Northern Agression” lol).

            If you see how today’s fiat dollar operates, then you will notice that when deflation happens, GDP goes up. Inversely they are proportional, so when inflation happens, GDP goes down. This is directly related to the money supply in physical fiat dollars. Had we still have been on the gold standard, this wouldn’t fluctuate nearly as much, but that’s the whole point: To make happen what you want by directly controlling the value of money.

          2. James:

            I agree with you in part. If we could go back to 1912 (and 1932, and 1966, …) and change election results, we would not need to do this. But we’re here and the currency depreciation has occurred. It seems pointless to keep the small coins now.

            As to the gold standard, here I disagree with you. The problem with gold is that its quantity does not track the size of the economies. As of 2010, gold output is about 2500 tonnes and the existing supply was about 168,000 tonnes (a single cube 20.3m on a side – the size of a large barn). That’s a growth rate of 1.5% and about half that is used in jewelry and another 10% in industry. So the gold money supply would grow at less than 0.7%.. If the money supply grows slower than the economy, then there is deflation. Deflation is a terrible thing – worse than inflation. That’s because it motivates economic actors to delay transactions as products will be cheaper in the future. I suspect in the end GDP growth would track gold money supply growth. That would be a terrible thing.

            Note that for most of the time when the US was on the gold standard, gold stocks were increasing at about the same rate as the economy was expanding. That was due to the more accessable gold deposits (now mostly used) and a smaller economic base and a smaller gold base. This meant that increase in the gold money supply was a good match for the economic growth. That’s no longer the case.

            You mentioned deflation of the fiat currency. I don’t recall that ever happening in my memory (starting in 1952). Can you specify when that’s happened in the US in modern times?

            All that said, it would take a carefully crafted constitutional amendment to force a rational monetary policy on the government in lieu of a gold standard. The congress critters are just so fond of spending my grandkids’ money – they basically cannot help themselves. So the (virtual) printing press runs with no end in sight.

            A Balanced Budget amendment might be good enough, but in my opinion you can’t have too many constraints on the government so I’d constrain the money supply too. Milton Friedman’s proposal for replacing the Federal Reserve with a computer would be a great plan. [The computer would essentially adjust the money supply to match total economic activity – plus a small bit of inflation to avoid deflation if estimates of economic activity were not accurate IIRC.]


    6. Rick,

      Step aside from your lockstep loyalty and realize that we already ARE in a constitutional crisis and have been through the past three plus years as OBlunder shreds the constitution. It is one thing to be loyal to your party, but entirely another when you hide your head int he sand because of it.

        1. Then see the situation for what it is, instead of trying to downplay this blunder: A fraud.

          I regret the Bush years, and dread to live under the radical right under the leadership of Romney, but I fear what both left and right has planned. I don’t want any part of it any more.

          This federal government is out of control, and the states should move to cut it off at the head and threaten to block tax money going to an illegitimate government.

    7. Anything that could help remove that incompetent moron from the White House before he does any more damage should be thoroughly investigated.

    8. The problem with just turning a blind eye to his background, is that if he’s allowed to retire, we’ll all be paying for him and his tribe, for the rest of his days. He’ll even build a library somewhere.

  6. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Obama does not obtain a certified copy of his birth certificate and say to everyone “Na,na told you so, all you crazy birthers”. Just how long will this go on? Is it all a big distraction from his horrendous record? This all makes no sense, none.

    1. Yes, exactly, this. I think he was probably born in Hawaii, but MY guess is that there is something else on the BC that they don’t want to get out.

      A different father? Or something. I dunno.

      1. That’s what I think… I think there is a Hawaii certificate, but the information is not what we think. There are theories about his father being Frank Marshall Davis- I don’t know, I’ve just heard it from several sources, so I’m stating it here. Their pictures look VERY similar. At any rate, Obama isn’t completely dumb, and can be politically savvy… why does he allow a controversy to continue? He can put it to rest very easily, have an “I told you so- the GOP are nut-jobs” and have every vote of every college kid in America, sailing into the white house for a 2nd term. It would be EASY for him. But he doesn’t do it, gives up no paperwork (or gives badly forged paperwork), and continues to ignore it like it will go away.

        1. If that is the case then Obama would welcome that revelation. Frank was a citizen and satisfies the “natural born” requirement. Obama Sr. does not.

          1. “If that is the case then Obama would welcome that revelation. ”

            I rather doubt it. If that were the case, Barry would be the product of an adulterous affair…hardly good presidential candidate material.

        1. It’s a big deal because it is the one office in this nation that requires holders to be “natural born citizens.” And it does matter. I am not a natural born citizen and can attest to the fact that people just do not abandon their caring or interest in the land of their birth. The founders to me made a very wise decision to keep that potential taint out of the president’s office. It screams possible conflict of interest and this nation deserves better.

        2. I’m even MORE curious as to why it WAS a big deal to discuss Mitt Romney “allegedly” cutting someone’s hair –but the question of Constitutional Qualification to Hold Office is NOT a big deal– at least to the press.

      1. I don’t believe that to be true. Perhaps for a few, but most of us would be satisfied with a verifiable, certified birth certifiicate. Simple as that. It only makes me wonder why he won’t resolve this issue if he could. He presented a birth cerfificate once, but it was neither certified nor verifiable. In fact, it raised more questions than it answered. Remeber the Dan Rather hoax that was outted by bloggers? This is very much the same. He may not like some of the information contained on his true birth certificate, but give one good reason why he won’t and one good reason why we should not care if he doesn’t.

    2. Remember, at one point an official in Hawaii said they couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate? Later they said it was locked up. After that is when the WH website released the certificate some people believe is a forgery.

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation revealed that US immigration records are missing for the week that Obama was born. Interesting coincidence that we have years and years of immigration records yet the week Obama was born is missing.

      Why has there been no explanation for Obama’s selective service card using the social security number of a dead person in Connecticut? This was also in Sheriff Joe’s investigation.

      Why hasn’t Hawaii confirmed Obama’s birth to AZ? Eight weeks should be more than enough time to reply by email.

      I don’t want to be a birther but there are so many little things that don’t add up…

      1. In the State of Michigan, you can’t even get a driver’s license without a birth certificate with the RAISED seal on it. It the little bumps can no longer be felt – you need to get another one.

        I would like to know why it takes ME more effort to get a driver’s license than it does for someone to be POTUS.

        Again, I’m NOT a birther. But I’ve have to show my BC all the time. And – not COPIES. Not email confirmations. ACTUAL certified copies.

        1. My birth certificate was so tattered that when I went to apply for my passport, they wouldn’t accept it. I live in Connecticut, born in Oklahoma, so it was a little bit of a hassle to get another certified copy. It was also stamped with the seal deeming it an official copy- otherwise, they wouldn’t have accepted it for the passport either…

          To be sure- my SSN is from Oklahoma though, not Connecticut… nor any other state I wasn’t born in.

          1. Jenny, I was born in Italy and moved here when I was 5. I automatically became a citizen when I was 12 because both my parents went before the judge to obtain citzenship and signed for their minor children and therefore have no written documentation of my citizenship other than my passport. My original birth cert has my middle name stated as Mariano. When I turned 17 in the mid-80’s I used my catholic confirmation name of Victor for my DL in NJ. In 2003 I needed to renew my license and when I showed up at the DMV with birth cert/passport with one middle name and expiring DL with a different middle name, they refused to give me one. It took an attorney (and $1500) to get the court records striaght to prove to the NJDMV that I was the same guy in all documents.

            I have no problem in the gov’t making sure that I’m legit (although it was a major pain in the ass). Someone running for POTUS should have to show at least the same amount of proof!

        2. When our son moved to IL he had to present his birth certificate in order to get his drivers license. So, I wonder, how did Obama get his drivers license in IL if he did not have a birth certificate?

          1. Creeper, I agree he doesn’t drive now but when he lived in IL they owned or leased vehicles. One of the cars the Obama’s owned was put up for sale on Ebay for $1million just this last January.

      2. Although rarely mentioned, Stanley Dunham’s passport records are gone and deleted. The State Dept. “claims” that records before 1965 are no longer kept on file.

    3. He did exactly that. The BC was posted online. The conspiracy junkies didnt like that. So some say it was a forgery, which there is no credible evidence to support. But some say it, and those that want to believe in the conspiracy continue to do so. Hawaii has continually asserted that they have a BC, that the BC distributed is a facsimile of the original.

      If the man himself showed up at their doors with cake and a copy of his BC those that want to believe in the conspiracy would say it was an actor with a fake and the cake was dry.

      If you will not believe that I am not a camel, we have nothing to discuss.

      1. Did you SEE that “official” copy? The curling on the side of the image? I’ve used Photoshop probably ten times in my LIFE and I could do a better job.

        Let’s go with you for a second, and say the BC is real, and people are nuts. Fine. How come he has a SSN issued to Connecticut?

      2. Not one thing you wrote is true. Not one sentnece. Camel – no. Kool Aid drinker yes. Zero on the cognitive recognition side. Eloi yes.

      3. The problem with the one he posted is that it was photoshoped. The hex info was still in the file. If you are going to fake something at least make sure you remove all traces of photoshop from the file.

      4. I believe you are a camel. Why else would you be trying to hump us with your own inadequacies such as “no credible evidence’. I hate to think what you would call credible evidence. Stick your head back in the sand, camel.

    4. Moe,

      ObaMao spent that ‘told ya so’ when the White House released the forged long form BC. Until that moment, Barry could have skirted the issue as having equivocated. That one act of releasing the forgery stepped this whole mess up to a whole new level. I’m reminded that it’s usually not the crime, but the cover-up that lands the offender into a cauldron of steaming hot water.

  7. It has been titilating to contemplate the removal of this president for reasons of eligibility, but to date most (all) of the “birther” stuff has come from his political opponents or others with an ax to grind. Consequently the serious investigators in the media who are friendly to the Pres, have had no reason or more accurately motivation to pursue. But the material that Breitbart Big Gov’t has found that comes from a source so close to Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro-Obama, a source that would presumably be in full support of its aspiring author is a heck of a lot more compelling. That sort of (self-)identification back before he had known political aspirations begins to lend credibility to the notion that his HI birth cert is something other than genuine.

    1. I think it is self-evident that questions as to the eligibility of Obama’s right to hold office would come from opponents. Why would his friends ever question his eligibility? Whether or not it is politically motivated, the fact remains that the question has not been fully addressed by Obama; and it is right and proper for a public official that has sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States to have any question of eligibility fully assuaged.

    2. Chuck, the main problem we have here is that Obama is no longer a political leader, but has eveolved into a cult leader. Too many people have too much non-political baggage invested in him and will never say anything against him. If there was an unsolved serial murder in DC and Obama showed up beforate a joint session with a duffel bag and pulled out the heads of the slain and said that he had killed them, those of us who would want him convicted of murder would be labeled racist and partisan loons. A compliant media would only report on those of us who wanted a conviction and never mention the words “Obama” and “murder” in the same sentence. Look at the budet vote – it was the second Obama budget in 3 years that was unanimously defeated by both parties. The media story will continue however along the lines that the GOP are the ones obstructing the president. The average Joe in the street will vever even hear that the Dems also rejected yet another turd from the White House.

  8. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, the issue of his birth continues to dog him.”
    Really! I guess facts have no relavance to a libtard!

    1. Yeah, that statement of “despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii” really tells you the author has an IQ south of zero. I dismissed everything he said when I saw that comment. A journalist has some responsibility and accountability for what he says, especially when it is a laughable lie. He totally discredited himself!!!

  9. The author of the article fails to mention the 2004 AP story that talked about “Kenyan-born US Senate Candidate Barack Obama,” or the 1991 literary guide printed by his publisher that noted Kenya as his birthplace. ALL the records on Obama need to be released now…all of his college records, his passport application, his social security records, etc, as if Barack Obama is telling us all the truth, then why the need to hide all this information?!!

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  11. I’ve been seeing more overwhelming evidence that he was born in Kenya. Also, the amount of effort by Obama to cover this up is really suspicious.

  12. You know your birthplace, I know my birthplace, what’s so fraggin’ difficult about proving something so mundane? Even if was born in USA, his handling of it is just one more piece of evidence on his poor judgement and incompetency. I’m starting to think it’s a deliberate act so he has a boogie man to distract people away form the real issues, like the economy. He may be President of the best country in the world but he is such a loser as a person.

  13. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii”
    problem is there isn’t “overwhelming evidence” since so many people have doubts; kind of like the Shroud of Turin; no one really knows for certain.

    the Obamas boarded a Pan Am plane in Kenya for a vacation to Hawaii with the 2 week old Barack in tow. Soon after ariving in Hawaii, the Obamas give info. to a local newspaper of the birth of their child (Obama) knowing that if he was registered as born in the U.S. he could have a better chance in life.

  14. Wake up America. Its been almost 4 years and all we’ve seen is a forged birth certificate. Any American should have the right to go to Hawaii and view the original. Period. What are they hiding? I would be careful Mr.
    Bennett. Look what they are trying to do to Americas Sheriff. Watch you back.

  15. Perhaps a Constitutional Crisis is just what this country needs.
    Our elected officials have bent it, gone around it, and continue to do things that their constituents find stupid, offensive, and outrageous!

    Many times “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” holds true, so the investigation ought to be swift, and credible.

    I don’t know the truth, but the fact that more and more evidence is being produced that points out something odd tells me that a closer look is warranted.


    …. article quotes Obama …

    This report explains the context of the oft cited debate, between Obama and Keyes in the following Fall, in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.

  17. So what of Joe Arpaio’s accusation his published birth certificate is a forgery. I for one am not convinced Obama is a legitimate president and am more suspicious by being labeled a birther which is pure subterfuge in my opinion. It is also despicable in my opinion how complicit the “Free” press has been on Obama, it is sad that political beliefs trump the great responsibility they have.

  18. Your statement that the evidence for him being born in Hawaii is overwhelming destroys your credibility. The problem is that there really is no evidence. And now that a law enforcement agency has investigated and found reason to suspect fraud both in the documents and also in his draft card adds to the questions. Add to that that now another law enforcement official has agreed makes it even more questionable. And that’s just the stuff on the surface. No, there is no overwhelming evidence as you say. What there are are overwhelming questions.

  19. Sir;
    You say “This blog believes Obama was born in Hawaii.”. Unless a “belief” is founded on actual facts, it is nothing more than a “hope”. Actually, more of a “faith” thing. Perhaps you can share the factual basis for your belief. I am not referring to the photoshopped “document” put out by the WHite House.

  20. If not a birth certificate, how about his selective service card. Or his social security card. Or his college records.

  21. This is the first public official (state or federal) who has spoken out in support of the US Constitution and demanded any sort of vetting of either presidential candidate. This tells a story folks and it’s not a good one. Why didn’t this happen fours years ago? I guess is it has NEVER happened. It’s just not politically correct.

  22. the reason why the question of where he was born keeps dogging him is because he was born in Kenya. The overwhelming evidence that you speak of really doesn’t exist. Face it the person who is writing this story is a mere chicken head repeating what he’s been told to write. The reason why McCain wasn’t all over this is because he was born in Panama and also ineligible to serve as POTUS and we also know now that he is a tool. Here is a hint, keep your political and personal views out of the story. Also here is another hint/clue after all of your huffing a puffing and trying to blow something cock like, it costs us all the same amount to ride the train in NYC meaning you are not special in the ways you think you are.

    1. John McCain was born on Coco Solo N.A.S. in the Panama Canal Zone. Which means he was not born in Panama he was born in the United States of America. Any and all military installations or embassy’s are US territory. Please don’t try to misreprent facts.

      You are correct about McCain being a total tool however.

    2. You are very much mistaken. Senator McCain was very much eligible to be POTUS. You are correct in the fact that McCain was born in the country of Panama. However what you neglect to understand is that McCain was born on US soil within Panama. He was born in a Canal zone hospital which at that point in time was US property or territory if you will much like a US military installation in say Germany is considered US soil or an American Embassy in a foreign country is country US soil. Please understand the rules and facts before making incorrect statements. It will serve you well in life.

    3. Actually, McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which was an unorganized U.S. territory at the time. Both his parents were full American citizens and being born in the Zone granted him citizenship status.

  23. ‘Hawaii, he said, does not have to supply a certified copy of the birth certificate, merely send him an email confirming that it has one.’ Is that It? That’s all??? With everything going on in Az. w/Arpaio’s investigation? You, Mr. Bennett, are

  24. I believe there is overwhelming evidence that he was not born in Hawaii. Obummer needs to step down until this is resolved. His unqualified radical supreme court justices need to step down. His dictatorial executive orders need to be struck down. His “Fast and Furious” gun-running, accessory to murder attorney general needs to step down. His radical unaccountable “czars” need to step down. Obummer is a disgrace.

  25. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii…”

    ROFL! I think the actual birth certificate would be ‘overwhelming evidence.’ Too bad Oblamer cannot produced it.

  26. If the AP said he was Kenyan born ( where did they get that information?

    If his own literary agent said he was Kenyan born ( where did they get that information?

    So, is there a mass conspiracy claiming he was Kenyan born prior to his meteoric rise? Or is there a mass conspiracy claiming he was Hawaiian born after his meteoric rise?

    Either way, there’s a major conspiracy. And it had to start somewhere.

  27. 2004 Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate




    Kenyan-born Obama!

    Is Barack Obama Eligible to Be President?

  28. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii”.

    This is a platitude, you cannot make a claim like that with out backing it up. Where is this evidence? Do not point to the WH provided pdf that raises many questions – proof this is not. So if this evidence is so ‘overwhelming’ then where it it?

    Go right ahead. We’re all waiting.


  29. I don’t care if he is the resident-if he can’t meet the rules and requirements of the several states, then he can’t be on their ballots. It’s not a Constitutional Crisis if it’s merely the application of the laws to the facts. It’s so easy, even an ignorant West Virginia felon can do it! I find it hilarious the best guy the leftists could find can’t even provide legitimate basic documents. More and more, he proves he has nothing on common with the rest of us-to the point he doesn’t even have a legitimate birth cert.

  30. I find it so funny that people reporting anything regarding the birth place of our President has to use a statement saying that they are not “birthers…” The truth is it really doesn’t matter. At worst our President is not legal, at best he is a bold face liar. Those are the two realities… Why would anyone vote for him?

  31. So, stupidly obvious question…the cert of ‘live birth’ says Barack Obama…wasn’t he known as ‘Barry Sotero’ prior to BHO? When and where was that guy born? So bizarre…just wonderin’…

  32. So, Veteran White House reporter. Where the hell were you guys back in 2008 when it might actually have been IMPORTANT to know a little bit about our candidates> Or were you just too caught up in the whole “OOOHHH we’re gonna elect the first black president” cult.
    Next time do your damn job.

  33. Given the documents I’ve viewed regarding “Kenyan-born” Obama, the evidence, up till now unrefuted by Obama by a real birth certificate, is that Obama was born in Kenya.

  34. BTW-anyone seen this movie, Dreams of my REAL Father? They purport that communist, Frank Marshal Davis might be his daddy. Their photo comparison of the two is rather interesting. If he’s not his daddy, he certainly was his ideological daddy.

  35. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, the issue of his birth continues to dog him. Thursday, Breitbart Big Government reported on a promotional booklet by Obama’s own literary agency listing him as having been born in Kenya.”

    LIKE WHAT OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE???? Like proof from a possible forged Birth certificate???

  36. What I’d like to know is where the FEC has been in all this. They are supposed to qualify candidates for federal office, yet were silent during 08. They also are charged with campaign finance integrity, and yet obama got away with taking all fraud protections off his website, both in 08 and again in 12. This is a massive failure, and yet no one, not even the Pubs tasked with congressional oversight, have said anything about either one.

  37. Would just confirmation from another state that they have a birth certificate rather than producing a certified copy be enough for the State of Arizona to issue a driver’s license?

    Also, regarding a Constitutional crisis, that is what we need. That is the only way to purge ourselves from this out of control destruction of the Constitution.

    Obama was known as being a foreign born student from Kenya for 15 years from the time that Bill Ayer’s parent’s postman met him when Obama was in school in 1989 to Obama’s run for Senate in 2004. And there is no certifiable evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii. Not even the newspaper birth announcements indicate where the birth took place, only that a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Then all of a sudden, he is being promoted as being born in Hawaii with fake documentation that does not stand up to law enforcement scrutiny.

    The only reason that his school records are sealed is that they will confirm the same foreign student background.

  38. I’m confused, if Obama was born in Hawaii then why wouldn’t he insist that the publisher make a correction or add an errata with the brochure? Or did Obama , like Elizabeth Warren, believe that having an “unusual” background would enhance his political/ business future? It comes down to this – Obama is either careless or duplicitous – neither of which is an attractive possibility!

  39. The AP reporter stated the following:

    Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

    This report explains the context of the oft cited debate, between Obama and Keyes in the following Fall, in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya…

    So what?

  40. Keith – you are a propagandist troll. “Despite overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii???” Please show this “overwhelming evidence” as the “evidence” clearly represents the opposite.

    Just another troll attempting to prop up the “chosen one” and redirect the people.

    How do you sleep at night Keith?

  41. Does Sheriff Joe perform any of the duties he was elected to perform? Sexual assault cases in El Mirage, Arizona (part of Maricopa County) are going unsolved because his Sheriff’s Department is tied up with birther nonsense and immigration.

    1. Actually Sheriff Joe performs his duties extremely well, his county has the lowest crime in Arizona and high arrest rates. The investigation of President Obama’s BC was done by retired investigators and his personal on their own time outside of regular hours. This is common knowledge and said several times in the Sheriff Joe’s video including at the beginning….so you obviously are twisting things and ignoring the facts.

      Your comment of “birther nonsense” ignores the facts, that Obama has failed to release basic school records (that Bush was hounded endlessly to release by the media and that were gone over with a fine tooth comb), his master’s thesis, passport, and a birth certificate with raised seal. Not a BC that has multi-layers via Photoshop! I suspect that Obama’s school records show that he applied for foreign Fullbright status (foreign exchange student), foreign student aid, and would be difficult for him to explain away. I can’t think of any other way a student with poor grades could get into Occidental College and Harvard, unless he was applying under affirmative action and a foreign student.

  42. Obama is either shares a lot in common with “Faux-cohontas” (Maybe 1/32 Cherokee Elizabeth Warren) and claimed to be a foreign national to sell books and possibly get foreign scholarships (might be a reason to keep his college records sealed), or he has committed the greatest fraud against the United States of America in history.

    Given his “composite girlfriend” in his book, I tend to think the former. The guys a typical liar who makes up facts to benefit himself at the time.

    Who’s crazier? The Birther’s who smell something wrong with this guy (as little things keep popping up), or the Media who carries the Liar in Cheif’s water, doesn’t get to the truth of this, and continues to make excuses for the discrepancies?

  43. Its not just the literary agent who made a mistake. So did the Associated Press in 2004 and Obama himself in a debate with a Republican rival when he was running for Illinois state senate.

    “This report explains the context of the oft cited debate, between Obama and Keyes in the following Fall, in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.”

    I’ve never been a birther. But I think we need to see his college records to see if he attended as a foreign born student or received any money he wasn’t entitled to because he claimed he was born in Kenya.

  44. It took me seven days and $21 to get a certified stamped copy of my birth certificate, and $4 for each additional certified stamped copy — why is the press covering for Pres. Obama? This is not rocket science.

  45. BUYCOTT THE MSM…1ST ANNUAL BUYCOTT( do not buy products or services) OF THE MSM. The October surprise is the Buycott. Do not but any products or services from MSM advertisers. We need to shut them down and how do we do this?…Take away their money. Give it to Patriot businesses. Companies who advertise on Alternative media newspapers, magazines and websites…go to http://www.floridacampaignfor
    support us and send money to the real hero, SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO

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