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Is Everything All Right with Joe?

I’m not particularly trying to be funny here. Vice President Biden, known as a gaffe machine, has converted himself into a gaffe production line.

Biden’s inability to keep his neurological circuitry running smoothly has escalated as of late, and if the wheels don’t start turning in a more assured manner, people are going to begin to question his fitness for office.

Biden, who turns 70 in November, went on Meet the Press 11 days ago and accidentally proclaimed his support for same-sex marriage, forcing President Obama to play some hasty catchup on the issue and ruining the rollout of Obama’s gay marriage conversion.

But that wasn’t his only gaffe on the program. Check out this:

And this:

In March, Biden suggested, with weird phrasing, that Irish were drunks.

In April, he reeled one off that is destined to be part of the Biden legend.

The same month, he dropped by for a visit to Florida’s famed Evergators.

And last week, he made the sign of a cross before 1,600 conservative rabbis.

And, as I noted below, during yesterday’s speech in Youngstown, Ohio, Biden seemed to be raving for no particular reason.

Biden has always been prone to odd statements and verbal miscues. But if this new, accelerated pattern becomes entrenched, how long can a presidential campaign tolerate a portion of the ticket blabbering out nonsense chatter before it has a serious problem on its hands?

44 thoughts on “Is Everything All Right with Joe?”

    1. BTW: Ive spent alot of time in Delaware, and no one there seems to know/care Joe Biden is from there… (until the University of Delaware will most likely name some dumb-ass ‘political science institute/office’ after him… *vomit*)

    2. Biden could offer his retirement (as Hillary did as SOS) and cite health issues, such as early dementia ?

      But I think Joe’s just being used as a “useful idiot” in the campaign, his gaffes do distract the media from more important issues.

      It could be the October surprise too. Biden retires, Obama handpicks someone else before the GOP can vet him/her ?

      1. One top notch radio host has repeatedly said that Biden was the one of the all time stupidest Senators, making him one of the ………..

        I think he is just ratcheting up the crowd (he thinks) and doesn’t realize how stupid he comes off. I mean, when one is a dumbass, it is hard to see yourself as others do. Too complicated.

  1. What a dope…why didn’t we hear about these from the MSM?
    They always kept us posted on these when Dan Quayle was VP…

    1. how ironic… Dan Quayle mis-spells ONE word… YET, Joe Biden is allowed to be a DOPE for years (re: look up Sen. Biden’s so-called ‘Foreign Policy expertise’…) AND then spew this crap?

      Where is the “media” on VP Biden???

  2. Well, when the top of the ticket is also blabbering nonsensical chatter, it’s not too hard to stick with the running mate who does the same.

  3. Rush mentioned how out of control Biden appeared. I re-watched the video on your previous post without the sound. It’s really quite stunning. He appears to be psychotic.

  4. Between Buh-rock and a hard place. If Obama fires Biden and hires Hillary, she will upstage him to no end. His ego cannot take that. Biden is his insurance policy. On the other hand it was a strategic error to give Biden so much freedom – it is blatantly obvious that he is unfit to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Either he goes, or Obama loses. Joe needs to spend more time with his family – before the dementia takes over completely.

  5. I figured it out, they’re using ole crazy Joe as a compare and contrast.

    Compared to Joe, Obama’s a freaking genius!

    Contrast Biden’s nonsensical remarks against those of Obama’s. Surely Joe’s are more nonsensical than the Dear Leaders.

  6. I agree Keith, there is something very wrong with the VP. Although I did like it when he said “President Romney”….had a nice ring to it.

    Obama won’t dump him….he doesn’t have the Cojones. Hillary is biden her time until 2016 (pun intended)

  7. Never was the sharpest knife in the block, but I do think the Botox has gone to his brain. The Big O needed a “no-brainer” to make himself appear brilliant.

  8. Perhaps Biden is on new medication and experiencing side effects? Or could he possibly be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia? If his behavior becomes more erratic and his aides continue to refuse press questions, then it’s a sure bet something serious is wrong.

  9. This might seem goofy and fun to watch, but this may be asymptom of a larger problem. Lewy Body Dementia comes to mind. Ole Joe may need to take a Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) at Bethesda Naval next time he is in town.
    Just saying.

    1. He lives in a $2 million mansion, and WE have to pay him $1000 a month rent so the Secret Service can protect him? Yeah, ole lunchbox Joe is real middle class.

  10. “[I]f the wheels don’t start turning in a more assured manner. . . ” All I could think of was that kids song, “The wheels on the bus go round and round . . .” With old Joe, the wheels have fallen off the bus.

  11. Obama needs Biden so he be assured not to ever get impeached if re-elected however we the people we see that does NOT happen. NO 2nd term for America’s 1st Marxist President!

    1. Daily Kos is an arm of the OFA and Team WTF. They made it quite clear in 2008 if you’re not for Obama…..the hell with you. Those left over there are fringey nutjobs who exist to hate all things conservative. It’s sad what the Democratic Party has turned into.

  12. I first saw Biden at the MIT quad in Boston while I was hiking across campus in 1987 and he was using the lines stolen from the Brit, Neil Kinnock. He had more hair then, and more brains because after his brain surgery the only thing I can say, is they missed a spot!

  13. Seriously, anyone who has lived with an aging relative who suffers with Alzheimer’s, or any form of dementia, will tell you that the VP is in need of medical help.

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  15. Biden is and has always been a complete moron. Remember the photo of all the people in the room watching the raid to kill Osama? Everyone in the room voted for the raid. Not Biden. He said it was too politically risky. Oy vey. This is the guy Obama said had the foreign policy experience.

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