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Joe Biden Melts Down in Ohio

Um, what’s this guy so angry about? Look at the face. I mean, really, would even Democrats want him to become president at some point and have to listen to this?

At least he’s melting down in Ohio. Maybe someone will mistake him for bubbling molten steel and turn him into hubcap.

H/T to The Blaze.

60 thoughts on “Joe Biden Melts Down in Ohio”

  1. This is a very strange rant from a man who is “one heart-beat” away from being POTUS. It’s not clear who he’s really speaking to when he yells that he could be President even though he’s supposedly aiming all this at MrRomney. MrRomney’s campaign speeches have been uplifting or inspiring and in no way insinuate that only the very wealthy have opportunities for success.

    Curious, indeed.

    1. My first thought too srdem, he sounded like a “republican” with the “you can grow up to be anything you want to be”. It’s Obama telling us we need more government in our lives to take care of us.

      Confusing me too.

  2. I’m going to call this his Howard Dean scream moment. Or even his Sally Field “you like me, you really like me” moment. Ed, of The Mr. Ed Show on MSNBC last night called this speech “one of the best political speeches ever.” Not one of Biden’s best speeches, but one of THE best ever political speeches. Hmmmmm, anyone disagree???

    1. I had to think about that; I’ve been listening to political speeches for 50 years. What you heard was an old-time Democrat speech, one that defined what the Dems used to be and now is part of the Repub platform. JFK’s inaugural speech of what you can do for your country was the epitome of the Dem platform 50 years ago. Today the Dems want you to rely on the “country” to provide everything while you do nothing in return.

      MrRomney’s graduation speech was brilliant. PMNetanyahu of Israel’s speech to Congress was heart-lifting and soothing to a population tired of angry denouncements of the American spirit.
      There have been others along the way, some only a few minutes long that have inspired and lifted the spirits of the audience.

      The best is hard to define, for sure.

  3. So now Joe Biden is using Republican talking points in his speeches. Guess he is in for a LOOOOONNNGGGG talk with his boss again.

  4. Oh we get it mr. biden. We get it. You’re once again trying your best to create class warfare. And by the way, mr. biden, what wonderful jobs are you talking about creating in Ohio.
    The Current Employment Statistics survey, which counts the number of employees on employer payrolls, shows that Ohio lost over 9500 jobs in March alone. So even though Ohio’s unemployment rate fell .1 percent to 7.5 percent, it was because people have just given up on finding a job.
    Even after all of the taxpayer funded stimulus money that obama and biden have spent in this important swing state, they still haven’t create any significant job growth. But that doesn’t stop mr. biden from spewing forth more bovine excretion in an attempt to fool the masses into voting for these two losers.
    Talk is cheap, mr biden. I want to see to see these wonderful jobs that you and the man-child king have created.

  5. I’m sorry, I was yelling at the video as he was talking. That’s why I can’t watch these :) Anyway, it’s not the Republicans who are holding anyone back. We’r trying to make it easier for people to start businesses. Duh. Wasn’t it Michelle who told us we should forgo a career in the private sector to help the poor? Nobody ever got rich that way.

    1. “Nobody ever got rich that way.”

      Robin, you may want to reconsider this comment in light of the recently-released news that the Obamas are worth ten million dollars.

  6. Joe being Joe. It looks to me like he lost it (if he ever had it). Shows what 30+ years in the Federal government will do to you!

  7. MT for re-redistribution

    So it’s not ‘envy’, huh? Then what exactly are these rich devils doing that is keeping these victimized citizens from achieving their dreams?

    If Biden was a hubcap, he would have purpose.

  8. He really gets crankypants about the 1:10 mark. What a horrid, screechy rant from a man who should exhibit more composure and demeanor in his position of VPOTUS.

  9. You would think gaffe after gaffe the Chicago Machine would keep ole Crazy Joe in the back room and not send him to a state teetering to the right and send him out to say, Guam for instance.

  10. Lunchbox Joe has never worked outside of a government office his entire adult life. He probably practiced real hard in the mirror to get his tough guy appearance on for the audience he’s trying to whip up. Instead he sounds like the wicked witch after Dorothy tossed a bucket of water her way.

  11. I saw a bit of this yesterday and I had the same reaction – my goodness – why is he so angry? It was quite an attack on the wealthy.

  12. I think he’s been taken to the woodshed behind the WH for his gaffs and loose lips so this is his melt down from outing Obama aftermath…

  13. Poor Joe….his ‘inner Alinsky’ is showing. He needs to put down the Rules for Radicals manual and go back to good old-fashioned back-slapping and glad handing. His new-found ‘oratory skills’ are both shocking and entertaining at the same time, especially when he starts takiing those low bows and and parading around the stage like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I can’t keep a straight face! Keep it up, Joe – Romney is loving it!

    BTW, Keith – the comments section is not showing on this post. Only one comment comes up,

    1. blondie, DOUBLE and TRIPLE WOW! Keith had speculated that he may have a press conference today (who knows, he’s no where to be found) and me thinks, he’s not ready to answer all the questions.

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  15. The other side will contend that the publishing company simply took ‘literary/artistic license’ to sell books. Sounds more exotic to be born in Kenya….than Sheboygan.

    1. Well if he didn’t lie about where he was born,he certainly didn’t try to change a “misconception” back in 1991. Used it to his advantage. Either way wasn’t truthful. Remember he told Rev. Wright,that being truthful was his problem(Rev Wrights). Apparently not being truthful is becoming a problem for the Prez. now!

  16. I thought we were all supposed to be like a faceless woman who couldn’t even tie her own shoes without Obama’s help… what’s her name? Oh yes, Julia, just like in 1984 by Orwell! You mean Julia could grow a face and actually be independent enough not to need government to babysit her from birth till the grave?
    Biden sounds like someone just informed him he may not be on the ticket in November if he doesn’t behave himself.. that bit about his parents believing he could be president? Oh, my … and he is older than Obama isn’t he?

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  18. Is this guy totally “cracked?”

    Sorry Keith, but there’s not an icecube’s chance in hell that he can be mistaken for the THOUSANDS of jobs lost in OHio in the steel industry. Btw, R.G. Steel, in Steubenville, just announced this wk. that they are closing down totally. This is the 4th. owner of Wheeling-Pitt Steel in the last few years.

    1. have you got a link to post about RG? I used to live in Steubenville and the Herald Star said that RG only announced the “possibility” of iwdespread layoffs…

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  22. He’s seen the regime’s internal polling data and knows that his fantasies of living in the White House and dictating in great detail with the ever-reaching arm of the Federal Government how average Americans can and will live their lives are slipping away.

    He will next be seen on a causeway somewhere in the South gnawing the face off some innocent Tea Party grandmother.

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  24. who is the “they” that joe is talking about?? it is depressing to realize that this character sat in the US Senate for 35 years, attainedbleadership status and was considered a “world leader.” any wonder as to why we are in the shape we are in today> joe biden is the tip of the ice berg.

  25. No chance of his having a molten steel meltdown here in Ohio. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel aka RG Steel, now who-know-what steel was just cannabalized this past wk. going to Nucor Steel, U.S. Steel, & 3 others. They don’t even know what the new owners are going to do with the “pieces.”

    So, his melt-downs just continue to be the alcohol-fueled ones, not the job kind.

  26. I had no idea Biden was this close to crazy street person. He really is a danger, and all kidding aside, seems lately to be going off the cliff.

  27. No, Joe doesn’t get it. There’s nothing wrong about dreaming to be wealthy. It’s not envy to desire it and then go out and make it happen. It is envy when you resent the rich guy who has already gone out made it happen and expect the government to give you a portion of his success just because you dream of being wealthy too. Which is pretty much the Obama/Biden platform.

  28. The Game-Show-Host in Chief.
    Every time I see Joe lately he looks like he’s had another cosmetic procedure. He reminds me more of a game show host than VPOTUS. I keep expecting him to say something like ” Bahdmoud Hockadinnajacket….C’mon down!”

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