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Obama Still Gives the MSM Thrills and Chills!

The Mainstream Media wonders to itself why Fox News exists and why blogs and alternative news websites have proliferated in recent years to help them cover the news.

Here’s why.

Writing in the Washington Times, Charlie Hurt notes that President Obama’s ABC go-to gal didn’t even care to try to hide her lack of objectivity when it comes to covering the president.

Another of America’s most highly esteemed “mainstream” journalists, the former ESPN sports reporter who drew out Mr. Obama’s big gay marriage flip-flop, kept her wits about her. No crying from that steely paragon of journalistic integrity.

“There is no denying when a president speaks out for the first time like that, it is history,” Robin Roberts gushed to her ABC News co-host and Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos.

Then she lost it.

“And let me tell you, George, I’m getting chills again,” she emoted on-air in footage that the network actually broadcast and did not even try to bleep out.

It was unclear when precisely the first time it was that Ms. Roberts got “chills.” Or, perhaps, she was piggy-backing on MSNBC’s Democratic operative, Chris Matthews, who once talked about the “thrill” shooting up his leg at hearing Mr. Obama speak.

Worth mentioning here that Stephanopoulos has reached the very height of journalistic respectability, even after serving as a Democratic operative who rose to chief spinner of the press in the early years of the Clinton White House.

Let’s see if you can possibly imagine: “The CBS Evening News with Ari Fleischer.” Somehow, I don’t think so.

16 Responses to Obama Still Gives the MSM Thrills and Chills!

  1. “Then she lost it”.

    See if any of these symptoms apply to Robin Roberts: Loss of concentration, hot flashes, sweating, followed by “chills”.

    She is:
    a) menopausal,
    b) a moron,
    c) exhibiting manic behavior
    d) all of the above.

  2. When a lesbian sits next to a man and feels “chills” maybe she’s playing on the wrong team. Or it could be a feeling of revulsion. just sayin’

  3. Didn’t see the ‘interview’ but always liked Robin Roberts. Can’t criticize her for being giddy over the first black gay ‘president’ but I can blame Obama for using her to get the response he needed to pull one more con job on the unwashed masses. He is lower than a snake’s belly!

  4. Tim Stanley has an interesting take on the over the top thrills, chills, and tingles the media effuses for Narcissus Maximus.

    Here’s the problem with the press coverage of Barack Obama: the mainstream media is so overwhelmed by his charisma that they often miss the important details. Every decision, speech, policy statement or impromptu visit to the bathroom is presented as a piece of “history” – the dawn of a new era. The Prez could go seal-clubbing and much of the media would see it as a new epoch for winter sports. “Barack Obama Becomes the First President to Kill Six Seals in Under One Minute,” the New York Times would proudly report, while Twitter would be all abuzz with how hot he looks in snow shoes.

    • I am continually confounded by their adoration. They (the LEFT and it’s partner the MSM) continually suck up to Obama and yet … he has and doesn’t think twice about throwing them under a bus, if it serves his agenda. I can only conclude that this menage a tois has a very strong S&M component. I believe we’ll see quite a bit of the S&M machinations during the NATO meeting in Chicago.

      Popcorn awaits. ; )

  5. Mainstream, Lamestream, the Kook-Aid Networks are digging their own grave. I believe the only reason the mouthpieces involved in the current love affair with the big Zero are financed by the Chicago machine and the hoodlums actually operating that machine, money is no object. Elliot Ness and the Untouchables would be all over these thugs. The networks are living on borrowed time.

  6. I’m getting a thrill up my leg too. But mine is coming from the thought of seeing that phony asshole of a gay president getting his skinny ass whipped by Mooche. And then Romney.

  7. It seems I have noticed a (very) few MSM repeaters (as Levin says) that seem to point out some negatives or inconsistincies about “The one”
    I think they are smart to hedge their bets, as the peeps are on to them, just check the ratings. They sure do.