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Will Obama Hold a Press Conference Thursday?

President Obama’s schedule Thursday is suspiciously empty, a possible sign that he will actually hold a press conference.

This would be a perfect moment to stage what would be only his second full, solo press conference of the year. He hates doing them, but there are many issues stirring that he may want to frame to his liking, and there’s nothing like a big White House bully pulpit to help him do it.

Obama’s announcement last week that he supports gay marriage was rolled out hastily following Vice President Biden’s decision to blurt out his own support. It’s sparked various conflagrations across the political spectrum, and Obama could use a press conference to try to douse some fires and maybe fuel some others.

The president has recently adopted the role of being serious about moving legislation through Congress this year, apparently coming to the conclusion his previously planned Do-Nothing Congress campaign could backfire into a perception that the country has a Do-Nothing President. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today actually commended Congress on some of the legislation it has passed this year. And so Obama could use a news conference to harangue Republicans about getting busy on the “To Do List” of items he has set out for them.

He’ll also want to respond to House Speaker John Boehner’s threat to block a debt ceiling increase unless Obama cuts spending.

And perhaps most crucially of all, with the Greek economy about to topple into the Aegean Sea and the G-8 ministers to gather in Washington Friday, Obama can use a presser to clarify U.S. positions ahead of what will be a crucial meeting for the world economy.

We should know by sometime tomorrow morning.

12 Responses to Will Obama Hold a Press Conference Thursday?

  1. “President Obama’s schedule Thursday is suspiciously empty”

    His schedule is always empty compared to the rest of the working world. Hm, press conference or golf…I’d vote golf.

    • Goody. I hope he holds a press conference. He hates them because he does so poorly without prepared material, although all his answers are canned and pre-planned. Um, eh, well, etc.
      They need to get the campaign back on the rails, wonder what devisivness he will come up with now.
      Off subject, why was the Fox poll so at odds with all the other polls out there? just asking.

  2. Big whup. If someone asks about DrWhittaker’s alleged bribe to RevWhite or inserting his name into the bios of former Prezs or about his budget that failed to get one vote from anyone in Congress or who leaked the info about the double agent and the newest undie bomber then it will be worth watching.

  3. Press conference implies one’s plans to do something of benefit to the community. The factual term for the big Zero’s so called infomercial is Depressed conference.

  4. Ovomit couldn’t clarify butter.
    He is incapable of telling the truth about anything.
    His deeds have already proven he is a mentally ill socialist/marxist/communist. Pick one. One thing he is not is an American that loves his country.

  5. He might just feel entitled to as day off since he has to “work” Friday through Monday with the G-8 and NATO summits. From the weekly schedule:

    On Thursday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

    On Friday, the President will deliver the opening keynote to the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Later on Friday, the President will travel to Camp David for the G-8 Summit, which will address a broad range of economic, political and security issues. The President will remain overnight at Camp David.

    On Saturday, the President will remain at Camp David for the G-8 Summit. Later on Saturday, the President will travel to Chicago, Illinois, where he will welcome NATO allies and partners to his hometown for the NATO Summit on May 20-21, which will be the premier opportunity this year for the President to continue his efforts to strengthen NATO in order to ensure that the North Atlantic Alliance remains the most successful alliance in history, while charting the way forward in Afghanistan. The First Lady will travel to Chicago with the President.

    On the other hand, he might want to use the opportunity to criticize the GOP leadership and blame everything on them after the farce of a meeting he arranged on Wednesday. Loved his stupid photo opp with the hoagies he bought at that deli where he briefly met with small business owners. He had to make a big show of buying hoagies to take back to the WH for his meeting with congressional leaders. What a joke this guy is with his hoagies and post-it notes:

    He still refuses to do a damn thing about spending; he just wants to keep raising the debt ceiling and if Republicans don’t agree, he’ll blame them for a stalled economy and credit downgrading. He’s done it before and he will do it again, but he’ll step it up even more since he’s in full on campaign mode. Blame, blame, and more blame, that’s all Obozo has:

    • That Obama Boehner clash is all kabuki theater. Whenever he crawls out from under his big desk in the speaker’s office Boehner can talk tough, but he’s nothing more than another go along to get along cocktail party Republican. I have absolutely zero confidence in the current Republican leadership to do anything to stop the out of control spending. Boehner will cave to Obama faster than you can say “bottoms up”.

  6. To say what? I’m having a real good time partying with the 1% and golf and
    never doing any work and you all pay for it I love it so does Michelle when I
    happen to see her now and then.

  7. Keith,
    Dosent it take awhile to ‘set-up’ an “Obama press conference”?
    re: The sycophant reporters have to submit their ‘questions’ to the Obama team so they can type up non-answers for Obama’s teleprompters, and they have to come up with a list of reporters who are allowed to ask Obama ‘questions’ and in what order