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Obama Fundraising Declines

President Obama’s campaign raised $43.6 million in April, a decline from the $53 million it collecting during March, the campaign announced this morning.

The campaign offered no explanation for the drop in fundraising – actually, it didn’t mention the drop.

The cause of the decline is unclear. There doesn’t seem to have been any lessening of Obama’s personal fundraising efforts, which remained robust. And the drop off came as the Obama campaign continued to ramp up operations and as the Republican race clarified, with Mitt Romney becoming the presumptive nominee.

Romney, with his glass-of-milk persona, may not be a galvanizing force for conservatives, but Obama’s fundraising drop off also suggests he’s not scaring Democrats the way a more severely conservative candidate might have.

In a video, Obama campaign Manager Jim Messina bragged about the grass roots nature of the fundraising, saying that 98 percent of donors contributed less than $250 and that the average donation was below $50.

These small donor numbers are pumped up, of course, by the relentless calls for $3 donations by the campaign, including $3 raffle tickets for a meal with the president.

But the numbers also point to what some have described as a problem for the campaign – the unwillingness of big donors whose income and industries have been vilified by Obama to give him money this time around.

30 thoughts on “Obama Fundraising Declines”

  1. He goes to these fancy dinners where rich people are paying $40,000 a plate to see and listen to him talk abot how nasty and evil and stupid they are for having all that money.

    And people wonder why he did not make as much money as he did the previous time?

  2. Keith: are records kept over the decades of how much candidates raise overall, then broken down month by month?

  3. …”Glass-of-milk persona”? That’s cute, Keith – but it sure beats the Kool-Aid Obama is forcing down everyone’s throat.

    I heard the $3 raffle at Clooney’s house brought in a whopping $9M! A few more ‘dinners with George’ might do the trick! Can’t imagine anything less appetizing than dinner with Buh-rock and MOOchelle!

      1. We women on this blog are more manly than the wimpy bunch of ‘men’
        surrounding little Barry. I mean this as a compliment to we girls here:)

  4. Keith, this is entirely off-topic but I wanted to bring it to your attention. For the past couple of weeks, your weekly newsletter PLUS articles from various conservative websites such as Weekly Standard, Michelle Malkin, Townhall, and Washington Times are now being directed to my ‘junk’ ‘file. Never happens with the ‘junk’ from the left, naturally. It’s infuriating – the lengths these crooks will go to suppress free speech!

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  6. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men.
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    The moral of the story…all the money in the world will not buy the vote of those Americans who are devoted to rescuing this country from the clutches of a thin-skinned totalitarian who has fallen from grace.

  7. Also off topic but the Daily Mail has had lots of excerpts from the book today it
    was that they were close to divorce twice once MO even had papers drawn up! He didn’t seem to be taking her advice and she was peeved. I think he’s not
    man enough for her?:)

    1. Apparently that book is full of interesting tidbits.. I read on another site that Mooch talked about how badly the Kennedy women dressed (like MO would know!) and their houses were shabby and threadbare and Caroline called Obama a liar…

      As for fundraising, I will never understand how Obama can denigrate the rich yet they still donate. Is he saying one thing in public and telling them something different privately?

  8. First we got “Win The Future” which of course NOBODY at the White House Genius Academy seemed to make the connection to “WTF”. Then we got “FORWARD” which is historically leftist and about as cutting edge as kissing a baby. So when I read “$3 raffle tickets” to lunch w/ our First Gay President, I’ve got to wonder if David Axelrod or whoever’s sending interns out for latte’s, ever watched “Will & Grace” w/ Joe?

    1. They’re going full throttle and will be taking the show on the road. It’s still a “working” title, but the theme will be “Somewhere Over the LGBT Rainbow”. Central casting and stage production engineers at the DNC will erect a solar-powered “green” curtain, from which the Great Oz, known as the current bs artist, will belt out “Ease on down the road” followed by asking the crowds to click their heels and send three dollars (one for each click).

  9. Lizzy…I think the MOOCH is all about $$$! She was furious because he wasn’t bringing home $5M/year from a prestigious law firm. I doubt if she ever had a boyfriend outside of her prom date who later on became a city workerl. I think it was in the sanitation dept.

    1. She will make a fortune from the clothes and bling that will disappear
      when they leave. She couldn’t afford those things with BO before and
      I doubt they will stay married unless it’s the Clinton type marriage. Yes
      all she wants is everything she thinks she’s due from the poor taxpayer.
      And she’s not proud of her country now either! As seen by her use of
      the State Dining Room. Dolly Madison would be peeved for sure after
      saving Washington’s portrait only to have Michelle hit it with a soccer ball.

    2. Yesterday she wore a $2035.00 boob belt can you believe it? That is
      more than my mother and I make in a month! Expletives……..,

  10. Off-topic again….but does it seem odd that Obama Motors/aka GM announced that they would not longer advertise on FACEBOOK – two days after the Co-Founder relinquished his American citizenship in order to avoid taxes? Will it have any effect on the opening price of the IPO this week? Hmmm.

  11. Although I don’t like Romney copying the $3 raffle ticket, his campaign may be doing it to match the Obama campaign’s claims of small donation support

  12. Obama must believe that there is more money in ‘them thar hills” – the Hollywood hills – than Wall St. Yesterday on The View he declared that there would be an ‘investigation’ into JP Morgan – the Rolls-Royce of banking institutions. This means only one thing – MORE regulations. Either he is deliberately alienating the big WS donors – or he is just plain stupid. Or maybe it’s his way of intimidating them – donate…or else!

    Nothing, however, can save him from embarrassment on his big night at the DNC when he accepts the nomination from his party at the Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, No. Carolina! Irony of all ironies! Not to mention the fact that N.C just banned same-sex marriage!

    He’s really going to be seeing “RED”!

  13. How is that possible? He’s apparently been president since 1923, so you’d think he’d have had plenty of time to raise money.

  14. I never understood why a corporation or industry would continue to donate to a prezz when said prezz continiously vilifies them. If it was me, I would tell them to stick it. So why do these corporations continue to donate money? Is there some bake room deal that the prezz would them them to put up with the attacks and at a later date he would give them a sweet heart deal of some kind?

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