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Carney: Ladies First Today!

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney moved to squelch any talk that he might be committing sexist activity in the White House briefing room, going almost immediately to CBS White House reporter Norah O’Donnell after being accused Tuesday of routinely skipping her and moving from the front row, where she sits and where he starts taking questions, to reporters in the back of the room.

Here was Tuesday’s exchange.

CARNEY: I’m going to move around a little bit.

Q    That’s not fair.

Q    You just go with the same exact order every time —

Q    That’s so unfair.  You call on the boys and then when it comes to Norah, you go to the back.

CARNEY:  Come on.

Q    If you’re going to move around, move around from the beginning.  I think that’s a fair way to —

Q    That’s a good idea.  We like that.

CARNEY:  Fair enough.  Norah.

It’s not that Norah doesn’t get a question in – she always eventually gets a few, and generally sooner rather than later. Nor is it the case that women are always ignored before Carney starts to “move around a little bit,” since the Associated Press and Reuters reporters in the front row he always calls on first are sometimes women.

It’s just that it gets a little hard to charge that Republicans are waging a War on Women when you stand accused of waging one in the White House briefing room.

Don’t be surprised if Thursday Norah is invited to give the briefing herself.

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