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Quote of the Day || May 15, 2012

“What? Are you telling me some investors lost some money? Where’s Geithner? Tell him to write some new regulations, NOW!”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || May 15, 2012”

  1. Don’t give them any ideas Keith. This administration spits out more regulations than Carter has liver pills. At least JP Morgan lost their own money and the money of their investors who knew the consequences of investment. The algae king invests our hard earned tax dollars in bogus alternative energy companies and when they go belly up his cronies are made whole while the taxpayer gets stuck with the loss…

  2. Look who’s talking!

    Obama’s puppetmaster, Soros, is best known as the ‘man who broke the Bank of England’ and pocketed one BILLION $$$ by shorting Sterling.

    One of Obama’s economic advisors and Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, lost $1.6B from the $6B Harvard Endowment Fund when he risked 80% of the fund on a derivatives trade and lost. He actually wanted to risk 100% of the fund – but was stopped by the Board of Trustees.

    And last, but not least, Turbo Timmy was head of the NYC Federal Reserve Board while the real estate bubble was expanding and imploding….and did nothing to stop it!

    Considering the fact that the market value of the JP Morgan is $144B – the $2B trading loss is miniscule. Undoubtedly, Congress will hold a dog and pony show with special Hearings. Dimon has been hyper-critical of Dodd-Frank – he must be punished

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