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NY Times Poll: Danger for Obama on Gay Marriage

A new poll in the New York Times, of all places, shows exactly why the White House hesitated so long before announcing President Obama’s support for gay marriage and why there must be FEAR in the West Wing of the political consequences and LOATHING of Vice President Biden for forcing the issue.

Biden has no control over his mouth, and uses it way beyond the point of diminishing returns. And with Biden, the diminishing returns start quickly, sometimes immediately.

Ask any reporter who ever covered him. When Senator Biden stepped to the mikes, we used to flee en masse. “Oh no, it’s Biden, gotta escape.” For those who didn’t, you could soon hear them pleading, “Water. Somebody get me water. Please!”

It’s all kind of amusing, except this time, by prattling on about his support for gay marriage before David Plouffe gave the green light and forcing Obama to express the same, he may have cost Obama the election.

Even if Obama were going to announce this anyway before Election Day, the White House needed to control the roll out, given how sensitive a topic it is. But being forced into a hasty pronouncement, the whole thing looks very political and unseemly.

Which of course it is – I find it really hard to believe that Obama’s “opposition” to gay was rooted in the Bible and not David Plouffe’s political playbook – but the White House needed to make it look like a moral stand for God, Home, and Country, albeit a home with two husbands.

The New York Times poll contains a startling statistic, which somehow mainstream media analysts have not put together, but I’m sure the Obama folks have.

Give three choices instead of the usual two, fully 57 percent support either civil unions for gays or no legal recognition at all – that is, the status quo – compared to 38 percent who say gay marriage should be legal.


Of the 57 percent, 33 percent say same-sex marriage should be illegal, while 24 percent support civil unions.

Told they must choose between legal or not legal, 51 percent said same-sex marriage should not be legal, while 42 percent say it should.

That’s still a substantial margin, but it really doesn’t reflect reality. Because in fact there are three options, and Obama has chosen something that is overwhelmingly opposed by the public, which backs civil unions of no legality at all.

And – thank you, Joe – fully 67 percent of those polled say Obama announced his support for political reasons, while 24 percent believe he wanted to do “what is right.”

Which is why the Obama campaign knows it can’t fool anyone this year with a slogan along the lines of “Hope and Change.”

21 thoughts on “NY Times Poll: Danger for Obama on Gay Marriage”

  1. November cannot come soon enough. I am so sick and tired of the amateurs who are ruling, oops…meant to say governing, and ruining this country.

  2. MrO’s and VPBiden’s public support for gay marriage had most of us in flyover country asking “what is that all about?. Since we don’t trust or believe what our elected officals do or say, we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    There had to be a political reason for this flip-flop that would benefit the Prez, but it’s hard to imagine what it would be other than to open the wallets of the wealthy gay community. While the pundits try to decipher why the polls say one thing in support of gay marriage but the actual votes prove them wrong, no one is allowing for the PC poll; the PC polling is when the pollee gives a postive to the Prez so that the poller won’t think them racist and affirms that yes, gays should be allowed to be married neither of which reflects how the pollee thinks.

    Of all the polling and all of the public comments on this issue, the most disturbing of these is that of the Black community who hold strong feelings against homosexuality. Even though MrO has done next to nothing for them, and they are the hardest hit by this crummy economy. plus he has come out in favor of somthing they’re dead set against, the Black community will vote the racist ticket and cast their ballots for the Black President.

  3. Maybe we should take bets on what wedge issue is next in the Democrat hopper to cause strife and division. I’m thinking their fudging on unemployment numbers which is causing states to cut extended unemployment benefits from 99 to 75 weeks. It has happened in about 9 states so far, California being one of those states. Of course the Republicans will get the blame for the cut in benefits and the gay caballero will have something else to rant about in his demagogic speeches to teenagers.

  4. A lot of people think this was deliberate. I say no way. Biden forced the issue with his typical slip up. Then the press forced the Preezy – otherwise they would have held a press conference instead of a hastily set up interview. Biden will pay. the question is will Hillary help him win reelection? She has a big following.

  5. It seems that this is a pretty accurate poll based on how 32 states have voted on the issue. You can tell a pollster one thing but once you’re by yourself in the voting booth it’s a different story. I’m still not buying that the preezy came ‘out’ on this issue because of biden’s statement supporting gay marriage (strange for a Catholic). I think this was a calculated gamble to bring in more cash at the Clooney affair. This has backfired due to the lack of experience on the national stage by this administration. It might have worked in Chicago, but not in fly-over country.

    1. I agree. I think his announcement last week of his “evolution” was calculated and planned. The whole thing looked like a roll out to me, first with Biden getting into it on Sunday. Before BHO’s supposedly “last minute”, hastily arranged interview with Robin Roberts last Wednesday, I had noticed that his schedule that day was even lighter than usual because he had nothing booked until 2:10 pm. Now we know why; Robin Roberts was being brought in to do the interview. And yes, how convenient right before he goes looking for cash in Hollywood.

      I think he made the announcement for two reasons:

      1) Campaign cash

      2) Cover when he loses – because the BHO administration and the libs will refuse to acknowledge that the election is a referendum on his performance and BHO has been a miserable FAILURE of a president. They’ve already indicated that Americans will be “racists” if they don’t re-elect him, but now they will screech about the “homophobes” across America who voted him out. The libs will try to rewrite history and not focus on all his failures, but rather cast him as a martyr who sacrificed a second term because he did what he thought was right and stood up for gay marriage.

      Yes, I totally see them blaming the gays when BHO loses this fall! The gays should be ticked off at how they’re being used, but instead they’re gushing about how “brave” BHO is and how happy and proud they are of their preezy.

  6. The result of that poll is music to my ears.
    By the way, there is something wrong with the comment section. I can only read the first two. It happened before today on the Mitt Romney article.

  7. He’s so busy with campaigning and parties and getting his face on any TV
    venue he’s not paying attention. If he had his skinny bum in the office and
    paid any attention he might be singing a different tune/lie. Laser focused on
    everything but jobs, economy and reality.

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