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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 15, 2012

9:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:55 am || Delivers remarks at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service; U.S. Capitol
2:15 pm || Welcomes Major League Soccer champions, the LA Galaxy, to the White House; East Room
3:30 pm || Meets with Treasury Secretary Geithner
4:30 pm || Meets with Defense Secretary Panetta
5:30 pm || Meets with the Combatant Commanders
7:00 pm || Hosts a dinner for the Combatant Commanders and spouses; Blue Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, May 15, 2012”

  1. Keith, your story about HHS’s $5.9 million grant to Whitaker’s UHI program at University of Chicago Medical Center has been picked up by The Daily Caller:

    And, by Breitbart’s Big Government:

    Also, as I mentioned back in your HHS post earlier today, Hot Air excerpted your story also:

      1. Keith, thank YOU for being the only reporter willing to investigate this with HHS and report the details such as the fact that out of 3,000 applications, only 26 were awarded grants. Yup, just a coincidence that one of the recipients in the lucky 0.87% was one of BHO’s best buddies. Of course, the lamestream media looks the other way on things like this.

        And now for the good news, since tomorrow is Tuesday:

        Only 25 weeks (175 days) until November 6th!

    1. actually, that seems like a worthwhile initiative. Of course, what she had to actually do with it is questionable, but hogging the spotlight is SO in character.

    2. London is anticipating such horrible air and traffic gridlocks, protest and security concerns, can you imagine having to lockdown the city even more to allow MO’s motorcade to snake through all that ?

  2. Jay Carney: I’ll take questions now…

    Reporter #1: Why did the President announce he was gay and told newsweek and not us and did he explain his decision to come out of the closet to the first family?

    Jay Carney: Ahhh..hmmmm…let’s be….I can’t….I woould not be surprised if the President did come out like Newsweek says……I’ll have more background for you later this afternoon…….

  3. we of the descend loving married couples in America will vote this gay supporter out even my liberal married friends our pissed off and said there done with this guy he has stepped over the laws

      1. The entire administration reminds me of F Troop – betcha you haven’t heard that one in more than 40 years either. LOL

          1. I’ll call this little tidbit, memories of F Troop and my mom.

            Chief Wild Eagle [when asked how the Hekawi got their name]
            Many moons ago tribe move west because Pilgrims ruin neighborhood. Tribe travel west, over country and mountains and wild streams, then come big day… tribe fall over cliff, that when Hekawi get name. Medicine man say to my ancestor, “I think we lost. Where the heck are we?”

            The original joke (told to me by my mother circa 1959 and fifteen years before the show aired) was how the Fekawi got their name. Fifty-three years later, I am asking the same question: Where the feck are we? : )

    1. Hey, you know the gays! They love Cops, Military, Contruction Workers, and if the Village People have it right, Indians?
      (I can make that snarky comment as a gay person.)

  4. “Delivers remarks at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service; U.S. Capitol” as someone who spent the majority of his adult life in service to his community and country in the law enforcement and investigations field, Obama speaking at the Peace Officers Memorial is, to me, a slap in the face of all law enforcement officers nationwide. This man has shown utter contempt for the police, remember the Gates affair where the police “acted stupidly?”

    He has absolutely no concept of what it means to put on a uniform, any uniform, and serve something larger than himself. I have friends whose names are on the memorials for fallen officers, along with family members that are enshrined on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, and in the Holocaust Museum. The men and women who don a military uniform, a badge, or turnout gear do so not for self aggrandizement, or financial gain, but rather because they believe in this nation, and community. They do so with the belief that they can and will make a difference in the lives they touch.

    The physical, mental, and spiritual sacrifices that are made for something greater than self are immeasurable. I have known many, myself included, who, after years of service now suffer with physical problems due to injuries received on the job; mental stresses from seeing what depravity humans can do to one another; and a sense of spiritual loss wondering how a loving God can allow for a child to be beaten or burned to death by its own parents.

    To have a president that disdains the uniform speak at any memorial that honors those that have given so much is, to me, a dishonor to the memory of those that have served. Obama needs to stay at home or on the road, and let those that have died in service to their country and community rest in peace.

    1. Well said Shofar.

      I’d love to see every man/woman in uniform wearing a black armband with Brian Terry’s name on it.

  5. Will he tell the Peace officers that they can be stylish as well as powerful? I feel so bad for those that have to listen to his claptrap.

  6. Well said, Shofar. It’s such a slap in the face to every American in light of the fact that this worm has spent his entire life leading the charge for ACORN, Occupiers, union thugs, and Black Panthers. He should be stripped of his title – he doesn’t deserve to be called anything but community rabble rouser.

  7. Oh you knew she would squeeze another vacation out of the Olympics first
    trying in vain to get them here. Then the wedding snub so in MO math she’s short a taxpayer trip to London new clothes the spotlight and not much time to
    squeeze in another family freebie! If they can locate Granny.

  8. I guess the Combatant Commanders and spouses cannot dine in the State Dining room because of the soccer game. Isn’t it sad when people who defend all of us, for relatively little financial reward, take second place to athletes who are paid millions of dollars?

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