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Mitt Submits Himself to a Raffle

Et tu, Mitt?

I thought it was pretty degrading that President Obama is in the business of auctioning himself off to donors to raise cash. Which makes it only slightly less degrading that his challenger IS DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

The “Grab a Bite with Mitt” contest is the top item on his website and the subject of an email just sent out to supporters.

On the campaign trail, I’m always on the go. So it’s nice when I can sit down and eat a meal — especially with supporters like you.

We’ve done this sort of thing before, and I always look forward to it. It gives me a chance to hear your ideas about turning this country around. And I never turn down a chance to grab a burger or a stack of pancakes — just ask Ann.

Donate $3 today to be automatically entered for a chance to join me and grab a bite to eat on the campaign trail.

Note the ticket price of $3 is even exactly what obama is asking for.

I’m not sure which is more disconcerting, that Romney thinks it’s Okay to raffle himself off, or that his campaign has to rip off Obama for fundraising ideas.

What’s next, a bake sale? Or five bucks to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar? Hit the target and dump Mitt in a vat of water?

Well, I guess it’s only fair play. Obama copied Mitt on Romneycare, so the president owes his challenger a little intellectual property.

37 thoughts on “Mitt Submits Himself to a Raffle”

  1. Drat . . . how tawdry. Sorry to see Romney do this. I’ll be keeping my $3. and donating to DeMint’s Senate fund instead.

    1. Its too bad if they both THINK they have to stoop so low….
      Mitt should be very aware of what obambo is doing and not copy him in any fashion..
      BTW: a young lady in our town (st augustine fl ) was one of the “winners”of the dinner raffle w/ barry hussein which was held at clooney’s place last week. An excited supporter,she was gushing to the local paper about her God-like, star struck evening with mr b. and all his jaded friends..I’ve been buying lots of Tums lately..

    1. I wish he hadn’t done it either. But maybe they are trying to match Obama in his “for the middle class” game by ponying up to the little guy.
      Hmmm, Can you buy 500,000 $3 tickets?

    1. Someday the candidates will look like race car drivers with patches all over their suits of sponsors. And maybe a hat with a sponsor name too.

  2. Try as hard as I can, just can’t trust him to do the right thing. This campaign ploy sure doesn’t make it any easier.

  3. They first did this back in March, when it was $5. Here’s the email from Ann Romney (3/19/12):

    Mitt mentioned he’d be grabbing lunch with a supporter like you at one of his favorite burger places in California.

    Well I’m not about to miss out on a chance to meet the lucky winner — count me in too.

    The deadline to enter is just over 24 hours away, so make sure you enter today.

    Donate $5 to be automatically entered to join Mitt and me for lunch in California:

    Hope to see you soon!


  4. This type of fundraising is done all the time, but I don’t think ever by a sitting President?

    It’s also a way to harvest email and claim small donors numbers rising.

    I won’t buy into it, and I still won’t send money to Romney until I approve his VP selection. :D

  5. So if I win, will he actually come to Maryland to meet me since the state isn’t even in play or do I need to drive somewhere (since I refuse to fly while the TSA is doing their crap). Who pays for lunch?

    Note: I refuse to donate on the principle of the thing, just wondering about these questions.

  6. I thought Mitt was a top of the line ‘Replicant’ and didnt need to eat human nutrients…

    Tyrell Corp. “More Human Than Human”


  7. The only way I’d enter would be if the dinner were to be a small gathering (not like Obummer’s massive “Clooney” fundraiser last week) and if it was being held at Tom Selleck’s house. With Tom hosting the little soiree, of course. For THAT I’d donate multiple times and overlook the tackiness.

  8. How disappointing! Ever since Clinton sold off the Lincoln bedroom politicians are whoring out the Presidency. I was hoping Mitt would be different. Guess not.

      1. I’m not too thrilled about it, but I think for a sitting President to do these raffles is FAR worse than for a candidate.

  9. Party, Party, Party!! Three weeks from today, the “preezy” will be back in NYC for another big fundraiser:

    On the heels of George Clooney’s megamillions fundraising dinner for President Obama, Campaign officials have newly announced another big-ticket culinary soiree. Former President Bill Clinton will join President Obama at a “Gala Dinner” at The Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York on Monday, June 4th. Grammy Award-winning rock legend Jon Bon Jovi will give a special concert. Tickets are $35,800 for silk-pocketed donors wanting the full experience of facetime and a photo op with 44 & 42. The race is on to make the 6:00 PM Park Avenue event a sell out, just like Clooney’s affair, which raised close to $15 million.

  10. How sad to think candidates think American voters can be had for a $3 raffle
    ticket it’s insulting on both sides. The only one I’d want grab a bite with is
    George W Bush and he’d only due it to raise money for the military.

  11. Mr. Romney is not the President yet. By no means is this degrading. He’s hitting us up to help defeat the sitting POTUS, whom is lowering the office of the leader of the (used) to be free world. Very unPresidential, and just silly for a leader to basically beg for alms. Looks bad, shows weakness for a price.

  12. I saw this a couple of days ago. I thought it was a joke because it was just like Obama’s desperate fundraising move. Sadly I see it’s true.

  13. I read these items and wonder what questions I might ask in dinner conversation

    1. Did you ever work as editor to a college newspaper and actually publish anything?
    2. When you were at Bain, did you make any money off of government bailouts to solar panel makers?
    3. Do you have a GPA and does it contain any digits on the left of the decimal?
    4. Does anyone ever remember you as a guest lecturer at a college?
    5. Does anyone at any college remember you?
    6. Do you have the same name on your birth certificate, draft card, social security card?
    7. Were you present for your baptism?
    8. Did you ever read the fable of the ant and the grasshopper?
    9. Are you an ant or a grasshopper?
    10. Your grandfather worked in Mexico and your father was born in Mexico, yet you self identify as an American worker? Why is that?
    Oh wait…wrong candidate.

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