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Michelle to Host Soccer Clinic in the State Dining Room

Michelle Obama is once again opening up an historic White House chamber to a sweaty sports event, hosting a soccer clinic Tuesday in the State Dining Room.

The event, which will include youth soccer players from low income and urban areas and the Major League Soccer champion L.A. Galaxy, is designed to promote Michelle’s “Let’s Move” kids health initiative.

The clinic was originally scheduled to be held on the South Lawn – what many would regard as a more appropriate venue – but has been moved inside due to rain.

Michelle recently turned the East Room into a gym, hosting a taping there of a workout for participants in NBC’s The Biggest Loser weight loss reality show. Michelle also staged a potato sac race with Jimmy Fallon in the East Room and a tug of war with the comedian in the Diplomatic Room.

The State Dining Room has been the scene of dozens of State Dinners, including soirĂ©es for Nelson Mandela, Boris Yeltsin, Vaclav Havel, Queen Elizabeth II, Golda Meir and many other of the 20th century’s most famous figures.

Earlier this year, President Obama shot a marshmallow across the State Dining Room.

Here’s a view of the State Dining Room dressed up for one of its more traditional functions.

State Dining Room

73 thoughts on “Michelle to Host Soccer Clinic in the State Dining Room”

  1. Hey, these bozo’s think the things they promote are a tier above Heads of State, Royalty, Medal of Honor winners and such. In their eyes this is as important as anything since the Coming of OBLAMO. Next up the pairage of two men with the big Zero as best man in the Oval Office.

  2. Gasp! The State Dining Room? A soccer camp? My sons went to soccer camp outdoor and sweating.
    The lack of tase and class on the part of these two imposters just blows what it left of my mind since The One was elected in 2008.
    I knew then things would get bad but never dreamed that they would hit these heights.
    Pray America!

  3. Okay, I just have to say it – these two are such tacky, tasteless, NO CLASS losers who have NO RESPECT for the White House or the office of the Presidency. I am sick to death of BOTH of them and cannot wait to get them the eff out of there!


    1. My estimation is that you are not a leech on society, like most of the gifted One’s voting bloc. Well played, I’m on your team.

  4. Trump is right, the world is laughing at us.

    Wasn’t a local community center available?

    How about a Big Tent on the south lawn, like they protect the 1% during those “official” events.

    Good grief.

  5. With all the money they waste they can’t afford a tent? How about playing out in the rain like the rest of us peons?
    I hope they cover the portraits before a ball hits one of them!!

  6. Where’s granny Robinson on all this game playing inside the house? Didn’t she teach her daughter you don’t throw a ball inside the house, much less kick a soccer ball around? You particularly don’t kick a ball around in a historic building filled with treasures of our history. Guess the apple don’t fall too far from the tree with this bunch. The grifters are doing this purposely. They delight in yanking our chain. We’re going to keep yanking it right back until this nightmare of an administration is nothing more than a bad memory.

      1. Granny is in the witness protection program since her daughter said
        she lived in the same ‘little house to this day’. Wonder if it’s fun living in
        the undisclosed location (doghouse) with Joe:)?

  7. Truly is the White House OUR house not a historical monument are there not
    rules as to it’s use and in the Obama’s case abuse of a historical monument?
    If I were Romney I would be using this in my stump speeches ‘when Ann and
    I are in your house we will treat it with the respect it deserves we are just there
    at the pleasure of the American people’. They should send in some people to
    access the damage already done by these two and be prepared to bill them
    for all damage. It hurts to see the total disrespect they have for this our house
    shameful but not surprising they can’t be out soon enough!

    1. I wonder what security would do to me if I kicked a soccer ball in any of the other museums ? The WH is a treasure and a symbol of America’s greatness and, up to now, cherished memories of our leaders and their families who occupied it.

  8. …and the further TRASHING of America continues. When people can’t rise to an occasion or a standared, they have to destroy it!! It’s in the handbook.

  9. State Dining Room
    Schedule of upcoming events:

    Toga Party (No white togas, please check your LGBT color guide).

    Food Fight (Food pyramid acceptable menu will be provided).

    Belly shot Nite (Michael Moore will perform on himself).

    Twister (WH photographers will not be available for this event)

    Pin the tail on all the donkeys (Guests are encouraged to bend over or kneel for efficiency).

    1. LOL, Sadie. But, you forgot – the food pyramid has been replaced by MO with the “My Plate”. You see, it’s easier for us stupid Americans to understand. It has a shiny new logo, and website, of course. Oh, and don’t forget, for the Spanish-speaking, it’s “Mi Plato”. I kid you not.

  10. I remember an interview the FSH (First Sweat Hog) did one month after invading the WH. She was asked if she worried about her children breaking any of the priceless antiques in the WH. She laughed and replied: “I’m not worried about the children but I do worry about our friends.” Four years later – and countless parties, orgies, skateboarders, potato sack races, and Biggest Losers – we know what she was talking about! She is ignorant anc crass!

  11. Uh, excuse me but what does the MOOCH know about soccer? Duh. So inapproriate to have ANY sports clinic in the White House. How crass.

      1. yep Keith I know about the lawns (didn’t know it was a controversy about what they are called tho)

        just trying to make it easier for the common “folks” to understand


      2. Keith,
        I’m sure the back door is the front door for the residents @1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Some shady characters might get recognized by entering through the front orifice. Just my guess..

  12. Isn’t there anyone responsible that can stop the Obamas from trashing the White House? Isn’t there a caretaker or someone that tells them NO, they cannot do that activity in the WH? The first grifters are guests in OUR house, they should show more respect and treat the WH as a national museum full of cherished treasures. Makes me wonder what else they’ve done since they obviously have no respect for the WH or their position.

    1. can we contact the White House and tell them how CLASSLESS & TACKY the Obama’s are?
      or will we be put on a Secret Service watch list?

      1. LB, you should assume you’d be put on a watch list but don’t be afraid to contact them. There aren’t enough jails in this country to house everyone that is critical of King Putt.

    2. Cigarette smoke on the carpets, walls and artwork will be difficult to get out and will ruin several treasures but that’s what they like ruining our

  13. Please, please tell me this story is satirical like the Quotes of the Day.

    Every time I think these people have found the absolute nadir of classlessness, they move the nadir lower.

  14. I’m waiting for the late stage abortion demonstration in the WH kitchen. Yeah, tasteless I know. 4 more years and I’ll take bets.

  15. Isn’t there a gym in the White House?

    But you know who I feel for the most, beside the embarassment the whole bunch of them are to the entire country? The White House staff, the people who cook and clean and take care of the place. You KNOW they have to hate this!

  16. Well, yall c’mon down to our rootin tootin white house ho down! Bring yer youngins now and we will surply da vittles! These people are pure trash!!!!!

  17. Can we lowly citizens contact the White House and tell them how CLASS-LESS & TACKY the Obama’s are?
    Or will we be put on Secret Service watch list?

  18. Does Mochelle think shes the American’s version of Princess Di? Trying to be everyone’s Princess? She is everyone’s pain in the rear! And Princess Di had so much more class even through a messy divorce and all.

  19. Lol! All of these little soccer kids are from
    (drum roll please) ….FLORIDA!! Unfortunately, they are too young to realize they are just being used as disposable props by this vile woman!

    1. Won’t help. They bussed several hundred Iowa kids to an Obama event a couple of months ago. Barry’s ratings here are still falling.

    1. I am in with you I just sent a letter too. So guess we will be on the list
      I also told him to keep his feet off the Resolute Desk!

    2. Thank you for the contact link! I just sent them a nice little note. If they place me on a watch list, so be it. Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

      1. Me too, I have sent a few…no response. Guess I am on a list somewhere. Enough is enough, the WH is a National Treasure and they seem bent on destroying it along with America.

  20. Keith, there’s an error in the second para. Several extraneous words and letters tacked onto the end of a sentence. I’ll fix it for you: “The event, which will include youth soccer players from low income and urban areas and the Major League Soccer champion L.A. Galaxy, is designed to promote Michelle.”

  21. Well, a little time has passed since I first read this. This morning I heard a snippet of Obama’s comments from The View on DOMA. There he talked about “my Justice Department”. Last week, there was a deserved flap about his referring to “my” military or armed forces, I forget which. So, perhaps this is really not a big deal to them. Perhaps the Obamas think that this is “their” house — given to them free and clear, by the American people. They spend our money lavishly so it probably does not occur to them that them there should be some national decorum.. The Obamas clearly have no boundaries between what is theirs and what belongs to the American people. We are merely the pesky condo association.

    1. It was a statement whereby The O Team referred to the Armed Forces as working on “his behalf.” Gee, I thought they were working for and protecting the country – their country and ours, not just “Biggie B” Obama.

  22. Well he can take Holder with him when he is evicted from the People’s House in Nov. – until then it should be called the Dept. of Injustice!

  23. First Sweat Hog Michelle Obama strikes again.
    Ann Romney, we look forward to your class and elegance as FLOTUS.

  24. As some of you may know, there are classes for new people to D.C./ This was established many years ago to help newcomers to feel comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. Attaches to foreign countries are breifed on customs, etiquette etc. this allow for a common ground for international discourse. Of course not knowing which “fork” ro use is not an internationaal crisis, BUT…not knowing and not caring about “forks” at all is a matter of maturity and good manners. Problem: the Obamas don’t know what a fork is use for.
    And they don’t want to learn!!!!!

  25. Is there not a gym in the WH????? This is outrageous! It is done on purpose to be disrespectful to the country this woman hates!

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