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Obama Schedule || Monday, May 14, 2012

Another dose of dignity for the presidency as Obama appears on The View to dish it with the Yentas. I gather he’ll be taking a victory lap for coming out in support of gay marriage.

Maybe the White House will count this as a press conference.

9:35 am || Departs White House
10:45 am || Arrives New York
1:10 pm || Delivers commencement address at Barnard College
3:00 pm || Tapes an appearance on The View
5:05 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser, Rubin Museum of Art
6:50 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser; private residence
8:30 pm || Departs New York City
9:40 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

58 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, May 14, 2012”

  1. Can’t be as bad as that newsweek cover ROFL….

    Congrats to President Obama for coming out of the closet. First gay president….mmm,mmm,mmm

    1. I wonder how they will handle a question about the cover. It will be interesting to see if anyone even asks him about this.

  2. The lefties on “The View” will all be ver clempt as the “first gay president” discusses his historic evolution. Chalk up another fail for the divider in chief. Most gays probably care more about the survival of our Republic than some wedge issue he’s cooking up to raise money off the LGBT activists who are going to vote for him regardless.

    1. The lefties on the view may verklempt, but this fershtinkiner of a president has got things so fercockted in this country, and is such a gonif and nafka to the left’s special interests that it makes my head want to plotz. All he is is potchka with no saykhel, wanting to shmooz with all the “beautiful people” while the rest of the country is tsoriss. He continually shows what a pisher he is and how his policies are ongepotchket. Obama is nothing more than a nebbish macher, and is going to try and use the faygalas as a spring board for re-election. He has the chutzpah to try and sell the dreck of his policies as what the country needs/wants, but the truth is he, his administration and his policies are bupkes.
      God I love Yiddish!

  3. He’s becoming a national pest! By the time November rolls around the battlecry wil be ‘ j u s t g o a w a y !!! Obama-mania is turning into Obama-phobia!

  4. MsBrown’s audacious Newsweek cover story has put the Preezy in a volatile position where he might have to publically announce that he is “not gay” or bisexual. It might be important to his children and his wife that he profess that his support of gay marraige has been misunderstood.

    Memories of Prez Nixon insisting he is “not a crook” come to mind.

  5. First there were the pictures from the Keller familys garage in Nevada where Obama looked like a little skinny kid playing President. It reminded me of the picture in the Situation Room where he also looked like a little lost kid.
    And now, the Newsweek cover.I really wonder how he will confront it. I guess that his wife , his co-conspirator, will come to his aid and they will appear with some ambigious statements about their ” happy marriage”.
    I have nothing against gays, may they all live happy lives with their loving partners. It´s the fakeness with Obama and his wife that gets to me. The activists, the liberals in the media, academia, entertainment industry will cheer him on but I believe that among people who really counts, ordinary US voters, he has lost a lot of respect. Also, I guess that many global leaders find this US President lesser and lesser impressive. I read somewhere that George W Bush ,who mostly got very negative presscoverage, was very much liked by those who actually met him whereas Obama , with that Godlike status in the media, does not give a good impression on those who actually meet and talk to him. He is actually not so socially competent. Have you heard anything about this, Keith ?

    1. I’ve noted that since Obama made his proclamation, every time he and Michelle are onstage or at an event together now, they make sure the cameras get them kissing. A most definite statement of You Can Be Gay, But I’m Not Gay.

  6. I really, really wish that this daily schedule was posted in more places. The evening news every night, for example. It’s the most clockwork thing I’ve ever seen. 1-3 fundraisers. Nothing. 1-3 fundraisers. 2 fundraisers. Speech & fundraiser. We also need a tally of:
    – How many times Obama has boarded AF1.
    – How many miles he’s flown.
    – How much its cost the taxpayer.
    Maybe we’ll start bringing that up after his 100th golf outing.

    1. Ask and you shall receive.
      Month to date for May – Total miles flown = 23,903 (includes day trip to the golf courses in Afghanistan) divided by an average air speed of 550mph = 43.46 hrs of flight time times $181,757 p/hr for AF1 operating costs = $7,899,159.22 thus far for May.

      YTD travel totals = (76,119 miles / 550 mph) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $25,154,838.33 for 2012.

      Mileage is based on point to point from major airport to major airport and an average air speed of 550mph. This is the cost of AF1 ONLY, and does not include any additional support aircraft, or ground travel and support.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Great work Shofar! Hard to believe in a mere 14 days he has billed the taxpayer a whopping $7.9 million in AF1 operating costs. When you add in all the advance team coordination, cargo planes, support personnel, and traffic jams he causes wherever he goes, this man’s ego is costing us a fortune…

        1. Susan, as Shofar stated, that is only the cost of Air Force One! when you add the additional cost of the transport aircraft for the limo’s, CAT vehicles, Secret Service transport, Marine One transport on some trips ( as with the trip to NYC today for The View/Love Fest taping – at least 5 Marine One helo’s will be flown via military cargo transport to JFK in order to ferry The One from JFK to the executive heliport by the UN to board his motorcade to ABC studios) the back up AF1 and the airborne command plane “Kneecap” that always goes with POTUS (never shown by the media) the actual cost is more likely 4 times the cost of just AF1 or $25 million just the first 2 weeks in May – us middle income Americans that pay our taxes had better get back to work instead of reading and replying to posts on this excellent blog!!

  7. If Obama supports “gay marriage” (that big announcement last week = His Personal Opinion!) why wont he sign an Executive Order supporting it? or have it in the DNC platform at the convention?

  8. this asshole thinks hes a movie star and 2 fund raisers this man is a horrible horrile pres even worse than jimmy carter

  9. Big day of fundrasing!
    Didn’t he also “bump” a prominent woman who was scheduled to give the commencement address at Barnard, a girls’ school?

    1. Yes he did. I believe she’s an alum who’s now an executive for the NYT (?). At least when Michelle bumped Sen Warner at Va Tech, they still let him speak too.

      Guess this means Obama needed a reason to save the DNC some cash so the taxpayers can fly him to NY.

    2. He did bump a woman executive from the Times and did so knowingly. According to the Baranrd alum magazine, the White House called to ask if the president could speak at commencement and was told Barnard was sure the scheduled speaker would agree to speak another year.He was not invited to speak. He asked to speak.


      An Obama administration official confirmed on Friday that the White House had called Barnard to offer the president as the commencement speaker.

      Debora L. Spar, the president of Barnard, said she was thrilled that the president would deliver the keynote speech at the commencement on May 14.

      “This is just an extraordinary opportunity for the college, a moment in time that will be unforgettable for the graduates and their parents,” Ms. Spar said in an interview on Friday.

      In its announcement, the college said Mr. Obama, a 1983 graduate of Columbia University, would be awarded the Barnard Medal of Distinction, the college’s highest honor, at the commencement. Barnard is an independent liberal arts college for women; it is one of the four undergraduate schools of Columbia and enrolls about 2,400 students.

      A month ago, Barnard College announced that Jill Abramson, the executive editor of The New York Times, would be its graduation speaker, but those plans changed with the call from the White House. Ms. Spar said that Ms. Abramson had said she would be happy to speak at Barnard in the future.

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  12. Maybe the BO campaign can cell those concert tour t-shirts for all the places he’s going this year. Of course, the font will be really, really small.

  13. When is the One gonna show up on American Idol?
    Gee, can you just imagine the amount of self-gratification that would happen on that stage.

    1. I can see him on Dancing With The Stars next year. Then he can really show his moves. Won’t matter is he is reelected or not, the man’s gotta strut his stuff and show his moves.


    1. Oh, there’s more. At her Obama donation page:

      As for our number ONE civil rights leader AND THE BEST PRESIDENT IN THE WORLD EVER, WELL BARACK OBAMA OF COURSE IS THE TOTAL GREATEST ONE AND most people don’t even know that he puts in like 20 hour days, working arduously, yet splendidly to help millions of people in America and around the world. He is obviously Gods chosen Son, simply the best and all the energy and power of past movements have earned a blessing through him.

      20 hour days. We just are not worthy of this man.

        1. Your question is more apatporipre for the “What Does the Bible Say About It?” section and has been answered there in the post titled “Will the World End December 21, 2012?”

    2. Wow . . . there are still people who think Obama is a good President. I didn’t think there were that many deluded people. I know Hollywood is . . . but then again, how many think it is wise to take their political advice form Hollywood?

      Serioiusly, start thinking for yourself, Baker. This hero of yours has done nothing for our country. Everything he has done he has done only for himself. Take off the blinders.

  15. Yep, it takes a real genius working 20 hours a day to squander $5T while playing 100 rounds of golf in between a gazillion million $ vacations. Add to that his welfare queen wife who spends most of her time shopping and jumping on the WH surgery room table for her routine nips and tucks.

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    1. You know, that would be my first response too. But, on second thought, I think if ever given the chance, I’d play along just so I could then blurt out on camera that BHO is the WORST President ever!

  17. In the article about the HHS giving $ to the UHI in Chigago, it mentions golf & hoops buddy Eric Whitaker who frequently vacations with the Obummers. I’m assuming that he travels on AF1 with “wonder woman” & the “boy wonder”, I’m curious if Mr. Whitaker pays for his own lodging, meals & greens fees or if WE DO THAT TOO??

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