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Romney has the Moves

Mitt Romney may be anti-gay marriage, but he sure can shake that thang.

11 thoughts on “Romney has the Moves”

  1. That’s not MrRomney, that’s me. The video was taken at my cousin’s wedding reception in 1989 at the VFW hall. Can I sue?

    1. Too funny srdem. Gotta give you credit…you sure could bust a move back in the day! I’ve never been that limber.

      By the way Keith, Mitt Romney isn’t “anti-gay marriage”, he’s pro-traditional marriage…just like the majority of the American people.

  2. You know, video cameras are everywhere today, I can’t wait until my kids are old so I can totally embarras them like this.

    Do we know where he was and why he was doing this? But yeah, I think he’s better than both of the Obamas. Who said white men have no rythm?

    1. This man’s undignified behavior is trumpeted all over the world and is making a mockery of America. He promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He failed. If he was a man with one hint of principle or integrity he would step down like LBJ did. That photo of him standing in front of the garage is embarrassing to me as an American. What is he trying to prove? That he’s one of us? He’s not one of us and he gets the boot in November.

      Mrs. Keller ought to shake her husband’s shoulders and wake him up. She sees what the man is, even if her husband doesn’t.

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