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Obama Gay Marriage Stand May be Hurting Him

Twice as many Americans say President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage will make them less likely to vote for him than say it will make them more likely, according to a new poll by Gallup.

Notice the key point here, which is that nearly a quarter of independents say it will make them less likely to support the president.

So while Americans are equally divided on whether gay marriage should be legal, the passion against doing so – at least as it plays out in terms of support for Obama – is greater.

On the other hand, in the days since Obama announced his stand, the president’s approval rating according to Gallup has crept up from 46 percent to 49 percent.

So my expert analysis of the situation is . . . Go Figyah!

17 thoughts on “Obama Gay Marriage Stand May be Hurting Him”

  1. After a leisurely read around the net, nothing is clear except MrRomney is a jerk, Blacks will vote the racist ticket no matter what, elderly people are stuck in their old-fashioned ideas and not cool, young people are whole-heartedly in favor of homosexuals marrying each other because they are cool, and the uneducated religious fringe of nuts don’t count no matter what their opinion is on any subject.

    There was even a piece on how the Hollywood glitterati are shaping the opinions of Americans with their leftist views but they don’t want to pay their “fair share” as defined by MrObama. Reports from the heartland are that the deeply religious are praying for MrO’s soul.
    Soooooo, everything has changed but will remain the same.

    1. I happen to be a well educated ‘religious nut’; I think heaven is the goal and we get ther by following the natural law at the very least.

      Every person is made in the image and likeness of God including the unborn persons (who have no rights) and all other persons. Thus is their inherent dignity.

      But I do NOT have to support perverse behaviors!!!

  2. I really believe this gay marriage discussion is nothing more than background noise. The preezy evolved so he can make a big Hollyweird cash haul. He knows his base will vote for him no matter what…even if they believe in traditional marriage.

    A conservative Frenchman, believe it or not, called into Mark Levin’s show last night and wanted advice on how he could save his country from the shackles of socialism. As I listened to this earnest young man, all I could think to say was there but for the Grace of God go We the People. We need to keep focusing our eyes on the road ahead and ignore all the distractions the preezy keeps throwing in our pathway. This election will be our last chance to save this country from becoming another France.

    1. Susan, thanks so much for posting that. I missed it; what a great call. It’s amazing this young French guy has educated himself about the horrors of socialism, even though it’s all around him and the schools have tried to brainwash him along with the masses. Too bad there aren’t more like him.

  3. The ‘silent majority’ has yet to speak! While the absentee ‘president’ is flashing his shiny objects on the screen daily – most of us are watching in horror as ‘real’ unemployment skyrockets, medical costs soar, food/energy prices inflate, housing prices go south, foreclosures increase, and Tax-mageddon is going to strike on Jan. 01, 2013!

    Add to this the unprecedented $5T spending binge, 1.5% GDP, and the looming Obamacare decision – Obama’s mission is almost accomplished!

    In the overall scheme of things, gay marriage is a flea on an elephant’s back! We have bigger fish to fry!

    1. Oh, but we’re not supposed to pay attention to any of that stuff. We’re supposed to believe that the most pressing issues for today’s Americans are whether a woman can afford birth control pills or, alternatively, if she can marry another woman. It’s all bogus, just an attempt to make everyone forget about the terrible economy, when all we want to is forget we ever heard the name Barack Hussein Obama.

  4. Doesn’t the LGBT community still want him to sign an executive order banning discrimination so they can have the same legal rights as hetero couples? I don’t think they’re that happy with him, though some like to think “it’s a start in the right direction” .

    Also noticed it only took the campaign 2 days to get a fully stocked online LGBT store up and running.

  5. “A conservative Frenchman, believe it or not, called into Mark Levin’s show last night and wanted advice on how he could save his country from the shackles of socialism.”

    I truly believe the French election was rigged, Susan. It’s no small coincidence that the virtually unknown candidate, Hollande, hired Obama’s campaign ‘strategists’ (as did David Cameron). It’s a well knonw fact that Sarkozy and Obama hated each other – Sarkozy being the so-called Conservative. I think we are closer than ever to a One World Order – the only hold-out being Merkel. It scares the heck out of me!

    1. Yes, and I saw Dick Morris last night talking about all the ‘one world order’ type treaties stacking up in the Senate. His fear is what damage OCrybaby could do in a lame duck couple of months if he loses. He also did point out, however, all the damage he could do if re-elected.
      The House and Senate and Governorships are very important as well this year.

  6. If I remember correctly, the POTUS and his crack team of impostors noted early in his only term that the administration disregarded polls and paid no attention to them…

  7. Look, I am conservative, christian, and against gay marriage. I don’t have a problem with a legal ‘partnership’ law that gives gay or lesbian couples access in hospitals, and other legal rights. So that is the framework I say the following with.

    Every time the concept of gay marriage is voted on by a state, it is voted down. The people as a whole do not want it, no matter how much the media and the 3% of the population that is gay tries to shove it down our throats, okay, bad cliche. I don’t care what anyone reading this did in their bedroom last night. It’s your life, it’s your choices. Just don’t tell me about it, don’t wave it around. I don’t tell a gay person that they are going to hell, when Paul talks about homosexuality being a sin, if you read a verse or two earlier, he also mentions fornication being a sin, and this is where God warns us about being careful how we throw judgment around because He might decide to use our own rules against us.

    Obama has always been for gay marriage. He signed a statement in the late 90’s when he ran for the state senate to support it. This is nothing new, no evolution occurred. It’s a media event to keep your eyes away from what is really important and what is really going on. It’s a magic show and the media acts like the sexy assistant. Quit paying attention to this sideshow and focus on things that are really going on!

  8. I suspect that The One’s people figured out that he had extracted all the contributions he was going to get from people who weren’t 100% for homosexual marriage. With all their cash in his pocket it was time for him to declare his support for for it and start raking in money from the stoutly pro types.

  9. Actually the Gallup numbers make sense as they poll registered voters and not likely voters. At under 50% Obama is in deep trouble. Undecideds will break for Romney and you have the makings of a landslide.

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