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Poll: Romney Leads Obama 50-43 percent

The presidential tracking poll released by pollster Scott Rasmussen this morning puts Mitt Romney seven points ahead of President Obama, a possible sign that some Obama supporters are turned off by Obama’s announcement this week that he supports gay marriage.

The poll is based on a three day rolling average, which suggests it includes a portion of people surveyed since Obama’s position became known midday Wednesday.

The 50 percent level is the highest for Romney in Rasmussen’s polls. The Republican has move up sharply in recent days.

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22 thoughts on “Poll: Romney Leads Obama 50-43 percent”

  1. I do not like both of them, but I’ve had enough of obama change to last a life time. please god don’t let him win another 4 years.

  2. Hold on to your hat. This election is going to get nasty!

    Give the Democrats some more time to dig up some more “dirt” on Mr. Romney, his wife, family, in-laws, parents, aunts, uncles. You name it.

  3. Obama’s gay marriage ‘stunt’ will go down as one of the most despicable[ con jobs of his career. No one really cares whether or not he ‘personally’ supports gay marriage – but everyone hates a con artist!

    Romney still remains unimpressive to me most of the time – but the alternative is unthinkable. Much will depend on the debates. In the meantime, I’m voting for the ‘other’ Romney – Ann!

    1. I don’ t think the gay community is that happy over the “stunt” either. They still want him to sign an executive order banning discrimination, which he won’t.

  4. I don’t think Obama lost any of his base over gay marriage, possibly the independents are starting to warm up to Mitt? I know I am. :D

  5. That’s hardly surprising considering that a majority of voters, both Dem and Repub, identify themselves as conservatives. If MrO can’t persuade the college crowd, the Black community, and the disadvantaged who rely on government assistance to live to march down to the polls in Nov, it will be a landslide for MrRomney as some are predicting.

    If he came out of the closet, so to speak, to approve of the homosexual lifestyle to encourage the wealthy gay donors to open their wallets, it’s all for naught; no amount of money or slick political ad is going to convince the public to approve of homosexual marraiges.

  6. I noticed the Obama camp has not jumped in to the alleged hazing attack by Romney some 50 years ago.

    Perhaps it is because Obama performed an act of violence on a girl in his younger years.

  7. This is good news. Could it be that they are finally getting a good representative polling pool? I think the gay stunt by the preezy along with the attempt of the Wash Post to dig up non-existent dirt on Romney both back fired. It’s the economy and we’re not stupid!

  8. Rasmussen is probably the only pollsters I trust. Romney isn’t a conservative Republican, but he’s what we ended up with in this critical time in history. The evolver in chief and his bevy of immature sycophants aren’t helping themselves with the attacks on Mitt. It only makes him stronger.

  9. Actually, that old story tells something about Romney and I like what I see. He was one of those boisterous boys, full of pranks, sitting in the backrows, popular with the girls and a leader of the boys. Of course he has matured since then but I much prefer his kind as a leader than that creepy Obama. And as the pollnumbers show, the story backfired.
    Now the Obamacamp has to do two things to keep the voters attention off the unemployment and the economy: 1. dig up more old stories 2. try to make Obama look like a manly man, maybe another dose of the OBL killing ?

  10. I also watch Rasmussen polls closely because he likes to poll “likely voters”. This is probably the closest indication of what the numbers are. I do not think Romney will get above 53-55% but that in itself will be huge.

    Keep an eye on voting fraud and what Holder at the DOJ will do to try to skew the tally.

    Where’s Mooch? Still hanging out in Hollywood?

  11. I know how you feel, Just2old – I truly believe he stole the FIRST election and he is certainly 1000x more equipped to do it this tiime!

    1. I totally agree with you. They have been working on this for three years now and they’re confident that they can pull off enough voter fraud in the key states for him to get re-elected. God, I pray I’m wrong.

  12. Rightly, wrongly. Polls or not, increasingly for me Obama is looking like the hyperactive “look at me, look at me” kid, and Romney pauses to attend to the most outrageous and then it’s pretty much steady as it goes. And right now Axelrod is looking even more sleazy and slightly off key and desperate. I’ve heard, and suspect, that Romney’s people will be able to hold their ground.

    The NATO meeting in Chicago will most likely be a stain on America and the Democrats who will blame their partners in crime, the violent, rag tag SEIU- backed OWS.

  13. Just a comment and a theory about Obama’s likeability polling. Saying that you find Obama likeable is just politeness, and it also avoids the inevitable charge of racism if you speak the truth about loathing a lying Marxist American hating president. It’s just smart to say you like the president and then vote his sorry ass out of office. I can’t like someone who is harming America, but there is no upside in saying so.

    So, Obama is a nice guy, but I’m not stupid enough to vote for him.

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