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Obama Spends Four Hours Partying with Hollywood

President Obama has promised “not to rest” until everyone has a job, and while he didn’t rest last night, he certainly took a break, spending four hours hobnobbing with wealthy Hollywood donors who had contributed $40,000 a piece to party with him.

The fundraiser, at the home of actor George Clooney, raised $15 million. The sum includes the take from a raffle in which for $3 apiece entrants had a chance to attend the event. The two lucky winners, though, were seated in the back, according to the pool report.

Nevertheless, Obama got to them, speaking briefly to the crowd and then spending time at every one of the 14 tables – ten people each – assembled in a tent on Clooney’s basketball court.

The press pooler was not impressed with the setting.

As LA/Hollywood fundraisers go, the trappings of this one didn’t put it in the top 10. While Clooney has a charming Tudor house in a verdant setting (a group favorite: the sign on a tree on the winding drive that said “Pot-bellied pig Crossing,” for Clooney’s late pet, Max), the tented setting on his b’ball court was just so-so . . . The tent had black walls that one person in the pool likened to garbage bags.

The star list was good but not overwhelming either. Among the Hollywood types at the fundraiser were DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, who co-hosted and introduced Obama, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Salma Hayek, Barbra Streisand – said by the pooler to be at a rear table and looking serious throughout in black beret – her husband James Brolin, designer Trina Turk and Billy Crystal.

But the money was good.

Valerie Jarrett, who seems to make sure she goes to all the good stuff, was in attendance, as was White House political guru David Plouffe and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

Obama spoke warmly of Clooney as a close personal friend. He noted that the photo used in the iconic Obama “Hope” campaign poster had been taken at an event in which Clooney also appeared, and joked, to much laughter, “This is the first time that George Clooney has ever been photo-shopped out of a picture. Never happened before. Never happened before, will never happen again.”

UPDATE: Obama was mistaken, though – the photo was from another event.

27 Responses to Obama Spends Four Hours Partying with Hollywood

  1. It’s quite clear that the narcissist-in-chief thinks of himself as a celebrity thus, he was rubbing elbows with his fellow travelers.

  2. California is going broke and these folks have the money to go and party with the president. Guess the OWS crowd took their ball and went home.

    • None of these people have ever really impressed me ..they all seem to love nothing more than what they see in the mirror.. they exist only by the masses of celebrity worshippers who throw down the cash
      to support them.Thats the way it will stay until the masses have had enough.. but then, when you worship in the church of celebrity culture, you’ll NEVER get enough.. and the beat goes on..

    • looks like the real A listers (except Clooney) decided not to show up and flaunt their liberalism to the detriment of their career.

  3. Wow – this really was a diabolical scheme – proof positive that everythng was completely scripted starting with the Biden ‘gaffe’! The Telegraph reveals the entire plot from beginning to end…quite an eye-opener! Obama is sleazy to the core!


  4. With all the glitterati in attendance it’s no wonder he sometimes forgets what it was like before his coronation. Meanwhile back in “Realville” where the rest of America lives – the news reports another turncoat Afghan soldier killed one American soldier and injured two others. This pathetic excuse of a man and his cronies are a disgrace to this country. The enemies of freedom and liberty will not get the last laugh.

    • Susan didn’t see your use of “glitterati” until after I did a flyover . I don’t know about you but sometimes in considering the behaviour of this Administration I have to search for the strangest little words.

  5. movie starts and the white house should not mix, but this pres it all about it. i hope he gets a star on the walk of shame when he is voted out this nov.

    • I agree about mixing entertainment with politics. Chances are you’ll lose half your fan base, Oprah’s a good example, and I don’t think Tom Hanks’ movies have been making money lately.

  6. In order to bring credence to his new found adoration of homosexuals, our Dear Leader is embarking on a bromance with George Clooney. If you don’t think so, take a look at some of the recent photos of these two giving each other the goo-goo eye. Sorry Michelle.

  7. I wonder who else attended, because I need to add them to my personal “boycott their movies” list. I don’t want them to make money off me and tehn turn around and give it to any democrat, let alone this one.

  8. The ugly, idle, know it all, rich…congratulating themselves on how “progressive, forward, and attractive” they all are.

    40k…and the “Preezie” of the “United Steezie” MENTIONS he FORGETS “HOW BAD THE RECESSION IS…”. And his adoring audience in Hollywood nods (well those who don’t haveower face Botox) “true dat. We had to let one of the Pool Boy’s personal assistants go.”

    Maybe because I am just economically challenged, but 40k is more than my duo of strung together, exhausting part time jobs brings home in a year. I admit ill hold my nose and vote Myth, but the Romney campaign has to be STUPID or complicit in NWO to NOT drum beat what happened at ClooneyLand last night.

  9. While the left hyperventilates over Romney’s Mormon faith (whose adherents spend years doing charitable work around the world) Obama freely and frequently parties with his Hollywood peeps, many of whom worship a dead sci-fi writer who proclaimed that aliens came to earth to go forth and be fruitful. Simply can’t make this stuff up.

  10. Yes, and this party vacation boy will have more ‘flexibility’ when he is re-elected…if he is. He has bankrupted this country economically and morally and we are on the brink of totalitarianism.

    This is serious. We are on the edge of a VERY dangerous era with the government shaping up to be the enemy of the American people. All the laws are in place and the power is in the executive branch. Wise up. Vote carefully as if your life depends on it.

  11. oBama was impressed that Clooney had the iconic Obama “Hope” campaign poster hanging in the house.

    He was doubly impressed that it was on the ceiling over Clooney’s bed.