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Obama Campaign Uses Mother’s Day to Raise Cash

The Obama campaign, which seemingly will try any fundraising scheme that occurs to it, is using Mother’s Day to get people to part with their money.

In an campaign email with the subject line “My best friend,” President Obama suggests to recipients that they “sign my card to her today.”

Here’s a portion of the note, which is signed by “Barack.”

If you’re lucky enough to get to marry your best friend, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Michelle amazes me every day, and in the years we’ve been together, nothing inspires me more than watching her be a mom to our two girls . . .

This year, I wanted to try something a little different. I know Michelle treasures every single person who is part of this movement we’ve built, so I’m hoping each of you will sign my card to her today. It’ll mean a lot to her.

Will you join me in wishing Michelle a happy Mother’s Day?

The message then provides a link you can access to wish Michelle a happy Mother’s Day. Click on it, and you’re presented with a page featuring a beautiful photo of the entire Obama family where you can fill out your name, zip code and email address. You can’t add a personal message – while Michelle treasures you, she doesn’t want to hear from you.

Click “Sign the Card,” and the thank you that you get is a new page hitting you up for a donation.

I’ll give the president credit. At least he’s gotten his wife a Mother’s Day card. I’m still lacking one, but I’ll head out this afternoon. At least, with a few hundred thousand less signatures, mine will be more personal.

223 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Uses Mother’s Day to Raise Cash”

  1. Sounds like the thrill is gone when you call your spouse “my best friend”.
    I guess “love of my life” or “woman I adore” sounded too smarmy.
    No mention of FirstGranny in his message, either.

      1. Tasteless!
        I have to wonder if there are any lengths Obama would consider too far. So far, the sky’s the limit.
        I hope he continues to pull these stunts, overwhelm us with his endless speeches, opportunities to get air time and requests for more and more money to further his ‘greatness’ (or lack thereof), all the while continuing to vacation lavishly at our expense and play endless rounds of golf (excluding women, of course).

        1. His Mother abandoned him…wonder how he really feels about this day? For the first time I feel some sympathy for the child Stanley Ann left behind.
          The man he has become, not so much.

          1. The Obamination’s mother should have been in touch with Sen. Gillibrand (NY) to see how it is done. Sen. Gillibrand yesterday tweeted all the smarmy recommendation that all women celebrate Mother’s Day 2012 with support of ‘Eves List’ that supports abortion rights and continues/supports the many abortion mills nefarious work. Such a shame that Gillibrand’s mother didn’t find out about Eves List or UnPlanned Parenthood (PP) in time to prevent her daughter’s birth.

  2. “…nothing inspires me more than watching her be a mom to our two girls.”

    Yeppers…that is some mom allowing her 13-year-old daughter to take a solo vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico while the country is in the midst of a brutal and deadly drug war. Unfortunately for the two kids, he isn’t any better than she is. If he isn’t flying around on AF1, he’s partying with his Hollyweird pals or hanging out on the golf course playing games and smoking who knows what. Real inspirational role models these two grifters are.

      1. And lets not forget obango’s close childhood buddy in Hawaii who was busted for bangin’ paid hoes… wheww ! can ya smell the scanky ?

  3. In other words, you sign this thing and supply your email address so “the president’s” re-election campaign can hassle you with requests for $$$. . .

    1. The more mailings I get from Obama, the better. I either throw them in the trash or do a “return to sender”. Better they spend their money mailings to anti-Obama folks like me than on something else.

      1. Yes, that’s what I do. In the space for dollar amounts where it says “other”, I draw a big zero and then I send the thing back in the metered envelope they provide.

        1. What I do is get a piece of thin cardboard and tape as many pennies on it as will fit. Weighs a ton. Then send it in their prepaid envelope.

      2. Better yet, since postage is prepaid, you should load the evelope up with all your junk mail and send it that way. Probably would cost them more!!

    2. Almost makes me want to set up a dummy email account, like “” You know, something subtle like that.

  4. Everyday,I am more and more shocked at how low these people can go. Is there not one thing that is sacred? Even Mother’s Day is turned into a donation opportunity.

    1. I have never, ever seen anyone beg for money – and so shamelessly. They have no class. I cannot even imagine Bush or Romney allowing their campaigns to pander like this. This is what you get when two lottery winners are in the WH.

      1. “This is what you get when two lottery winners are in the WH.”

        I never thought of the O’s as lottery winners. It does fit.

    1. How else? A new ad campaign.

      Your family members in the armed forces are fighting for me.
      Send me $10 to let them continue that fight for me.

      Obama/Biden….where every day there is more hope to change the white house.

      1. I sent your comment / suggestion to the Obama 2012 Chicago offices, you should receive several ‘Likes’ from the multitude of white affluent rich kids from the office.

          1. Jerry, the office is fine !!! I remember when the Italian mafia ran
            Chicago, at least they were only concerned with making money .
            These morons are trying to turn Chicago into a Zimbabwe . Get rid
            of Mugabe and his band of thugs. See what happened when they
            took the farms away from the white farmer ( who knew how to farm)
            and gave the farms to his soldiers ( who were as stupid as a box of
            rocks) ….the country is bankrupt …..just like California ….see what
            happens when you get a marxist running the show.

    2. hows about a little raffle to win a personal appearance with obango at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? (winner must stand in the back 50 feet away)

    3. Well that will call for using the military as a prop as low as you can go
      on Memorial Day unless they change the name to a more neutral one
      so as not to offend his looney followers.

    4. I think Obama will claim that your ancestors who died in battle would have voted for him, so you should be careful to cast ballots for Obama in all their names come November.

  5. MT for re-redistribution

    When I read… “If you’re lucky enough to get to marry your best friend, you’ll know what I’m talking about.” I thought he was talking about gay marriage. My best friend happens to be the same sex as I am, so I was a little confused…

  6. Holy cow!!! This can’t be! Is Mark Halperin still the senior analyst at TIME? I wonder if he will still have his job on Morning Joe tomorrow! He was suspended for a couple of weeks for calling Obama a nasty name – off mic – but this is a declaration of war, lol!

    Speaking of war – Ed Klein has a bombshell book coming out next week – The Amatuer – published by Human Events. Several quotes are being leaked today – my favorite being from Carolyn Kennedy who supported Obama over Hillary: “I can’t stand the sound of his voice (Obama) anymore – he is a liar, and worse”! Another quote from Oprah referrng to her relationship with MOO: “She (MO) doesn’t like fat people waddling around the WH”! LOL!

    I can’t wait to read this one – If half of the content is true, we are looking at President Romney on Nov. 7!

  7. …I’m giving myself the ‘idiot of the day’ award, Susan! Just took another look at the TIME cover – I can’t believe I fell for that one, lol!

  8. Michelle amazes me every day too! (That I am unfortunate enough to see her ugly mug on TV.) I am amazed at her spend-aholic ways, her horrible fashion sense, her disregard for the prominent position she holds, and the way she degrades it. Remember the arm around the queen of England? I remember seeing that photo and right away knew what a dunce thing that was to do.

  9. _///”’Greetings BaracKHObamA’with, you:Michelle’s Military,,, aGZEUSa
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    1. Ah.. excuse me …. I believe you landed just a couple solar systems
      off your course ! or maybe start drinking a little LESS by this time of the day! ….OR BOTH

      1. ol gator, very and extra funny. I don’t think GPS works from “Ork”. Stay tuned for more, I think there’s an offer coming from the “im”poster ..something about getting money out of Nigeria. ; )

  10. Have you seen the LGBT Obamawear that Teh Won is selling on his website? Unbelievable how this admin – excuse my French – whore’s out the office of the president. Will we ever go back to normal, or should we just expect a BizarroWorld from here on out?

    1. If you slap a pricetag on it or near it, it’s up for sale. Doesn’t matter if it’s Mother’s Day, raffles for lunch, dinner or Bark for Bo the dog. Any week that has a Tuesday, he’ll have a gimmick.

      QVC or HSN should hire him, it’s where he belongs.

    2. It’s funny how they got the LGBT Obama t-shirts and posters ready for sale so quickly, isn’t it? And we’re still supposed to believe that he just suddenly “evolved” and that it was a hastily scheduled interview on Wednesday?

      Yeah right, I’m not buying any of it. This was all planned and orchestrated to be rolled out this week, starting with doofus Biden on Sunday.

      1. Yeah, Obami isn’t going to politicize this issue – but grab as much cash from idjists as fast as possible. BTW – I apologize for using the term “whores”, I should have used the term “Sandra Fluck”. That is the adjective I now use for low behavior (i.e. sluts).

        1. Sandra Fluke is missing her calling, she should be applying to the
          Polly Adler’s Gentlemens gratification Institute instead of Georgetown
          Law School. Since Sandra needs all of the condoms for her sexual
          pleasures, Polly Adler will offer her condoms, dildos,and douchebags
          as part of the training. Harry Truman said; that he either wanted to be
          a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician….I just wonder which one of the O’s play piano.

      2. Amazing isn’t it-he makes the announcement and the merchandise is out before you shut the TV off! If nothing else the American people should be insulted for how stupid he thinks we are. He & his crew are laughing themselves silly over it

  11. Just because you drop a couple out of your birth canal, does not make you a mother. Just like if you happen to get some girl pregnant does not make you a father.

    Mothers and fathers are willing to put their children first, and place their own blind ambitions on a back burner if need be. The Obamas are about as much of an example of a mom and dad as a wolf spider.

  12. I truly believe we should ignore his “gay marriage” issue like we ignore the occupiers. Then the media would be stuck with their talking points and no one answers back, it is a dead issue.
    I do not care if all the LGBT’s marry each other, and everyone else they know, a thousand times. That just means they will pay more in taxes and have to go thru the hassle of divorce, division of property and child support.
    Who I do worry about are all the poor babies (that are given no say or rights) that they adopt and raise in their images.

  13. Shameless and despicable — did no one else catch this? Twice today on FOX News I caught this little announcement, blended between other commercials and a male’s voice blurb that could not last more than 5 seconds “Happy Mother’s Day from President Obama”. Unbelievable! I think I only caught it because both those times I was walking by, close to the TV. If your mind was elsewhere, it would probably be missed.

  14. Here’s another thing Obama’s campaign is doing. Releasing an enemies list of Romney campaign donors, and calling out the dogs to hound these people. Greta just interviewed Frank Vandersloot who is being harassed and investigated by Obama’s brown shirts for the crime of donating to a Romney PAC. Richard Nixon was forced to resign the presidency for less than what this evil man is doing…

    1. Susan, I read that. There is no blow too low from his campaign. The article really ticked me off and I wrote myself a rant to exorcise my anger and disgust. As follows:

      Once upon a time (before the new normal) a “lame duck” session was three months. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment, but sometime after the November 2010 “roast”, the oven was unplugged, the quacking started and the LEFT decided it was time to try and cook a goose instead – ours. What a poultry mess …worse than Ptomaine poisoning, it’s Ptomac (Potomac) River-borne fever. The only known antibiotic is logic with a reasoning chaser. Don’t walk, but run to your nearest polling station November 2012. Everything between now and then is just window dressing, diversions and distractions so you don’t notice that they’re dining on foie gras and truffles and treating us like a flock of turkeys.

    2. I read that article on the drudge. Someone posted this comment. It really hit my funny bone. I had to save it. It just shows how desperate the Obama machine is.—————–

      “And what’s worse, I think I heard a rumor that a third-grade classmate of his accused him of being a “meanie” and might have called him a “poopie-head.”


    Any mention of his own Mother? I haven’t heard, have you? Is he not proud of her for bringing him into this world even though she wasn’t black like his deadbeat dad.
    disclaimer: I am not a racist, I’m just sick of his poor leadership and snobbish attitude.

  16. The card is not so much for her as a mother but her as “a part of this movement we’ve built”. The world knows her mother is the one who has raised these girls. MO and BO only use them for photo ops.

    Just as it takes more than siring them to make a Dad, it takes more than bearing them to be a Mom.

    He should be sending the card to Grandma. And without collecting everyone’s e-mails!

  17. Another fund raising gimmick on the way:
    White House Garden Seed Packets !! $29.95 will get you two seeds
    of each: Cucumber, Tomato, Green Pepper and American Egg Plant !

    (A great gift for any occassion to help raise funds, since $40,000 per head at
    Clooney’s didn’t exceed the $15 million goal).

  18. What, no “shout out” to the millions of non-mothers who killed their babies in the womb? Hope these skanks contimplate what could have been.

    1. You would have thought he would have given special recognition to them since they make up such a large part of his base.

  19. “Marry your best friend” is a reference to his marriage evolution? The poser has a lot more affection for abortion than motherhood, listen to his loving, laughing audio tapes campaigning at Planned Parenthood, as he tells abortion jokes and calls pregnancy a punishment.

  20. I’m on Obama overload now and he thinks by raising millions and millions more he will be able to bombard us in the fall with more of his TV ads? He’s everywhere now, how much more do they think we need before suddenly it hits us in the brain, I’m voting for Obama! That last ad was it! It was the one that finally convinced me! All that time he spends flying around collecting $$$ and giving the same speech at out expense, that’s what its going to take to convince the undecided voter? Really? Every single day I ask myself what is he going to do today that’s ridiculous, another day of embarrassment.

    1. Are you kidding? Did you miss him proverbially dragging her body around to sell Obamacare? He used her just as he uses his wife and children… to push his political agenda. Happy Mothers Day, Barry Soetoro!

  21. Can’t wait to see his Father’s Day campaign. He can talk about how Barack, Sr., after impregnating a dumb, 17-year old communist babe, high-tailed it back to Kenya; back to his numerous other wives and kids.

  22. For someone that voted “Present” 130 times as a junior senator……….he sure takes a stand when it comes to raising money………….that’s all he knows.

  23. indianwithoutacasino

    betting that these two will be divorced by 12/31/2012….she looks like she is totally fed up with everything obama….that’s why she always looks like “angry black woman”

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  25. With everything he is willing to drag his family and his honor through to GAIN a second term, you have to wonder what his limits are DURING a second term to GAIN his utopian mission/nightmare:

    – Will he auction off Rushmore to raise cash?
    – Will he sell Alaska back to the Russians?
    – Will he sell the Fed Reserve to the Chinese?
    – Or perhaps he’ll simply declare the US bankrupt, and place it into UN receivership.

    He has no principles, and foes not give a rats patoot about anything American, unless it can be warped to support his twisted world view. He must go.

    Romney 2013

  26. never enter a limbo contest against barack if they are using a moral bar for the dancers to go under–this cheap-shot mother’s day political fund-raising ruse proves he goes lower than anyone else i’ve ever seen.

  27. If you are considering putting Barrack Hussein Obama back in charge of our country, for four more years, please take a look at this very short video of Obama making a promise to Russian President Mededev to further weaken our military, and continue destroying our country.

    Just how much flexibility does he think he is going to have in his second term? Enough to finish bankrupting the country, so he can make it a part of the World Communist Order and enslave you and me.

    It looks like the Supreme Court may be going to stop him from trampling on the Constitution with his Obamacare power grab, and possibly his bullying of the state of Arizona, but that in itself would not be not be enough to save us.

    We have got to stop this indivual and send him back to Chicago, in November, or we are going to lose out country for good. Obama, Holder, Biden, Axelrod and his Communist Czars are worse than the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. The survival of your country is at stake. When he said he was going to fundamentally change this country, that may be the only time he has ever told the truth in his entire life. We had the greatest country on the face of the earth, before he destroyed it.

    Please email this to all your friends. If they vote for him because the think he is cute and cool, they will regret it more than any mistake they have ever made in their life.

  28. Well, why not. He’s used his dead mother to sell Obamacare, why not the mother of his children to hit people up for political donations?

  29. Back up your rhetoric with a determination to get out and vote against Obama; tell your neighbors, friends, and family to make a concerted effort to vote this Blamer/Complainer/Campaigner-in-Chief out of office. Your vote will send a message to the American hating liberal media and the sycophant Hollywood crowd, and the lazy EBT using, sucking the teat of America dry 47% who pay no taxes and want to continue in their socialist nirvana. It is up to us, the hard working Americans to correct this wrong. Vote Obama and his Anti-American minions out of office. November 6th 2012 cannot come soon enough!

  30. how many times a day does he leave a quote or a thought in the news please the job of the president of the united states of america is to lead not just release his personal thoughts and ideas all day every day.

  31. Nothing amazes Barack Soetero Hussein Obama than knowing that his anti American wife lives in total luxury with lavish vacations, elegant weekly parties entertaining their Hollywood elitists, friends, wearing expensive clothing and dining at the most elegant restaurants throughout the world all on the “whitey’s” dime. Such a life for a socialist Muslim.

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