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Romney to be Fully Vetted by the Press

If you are wondering whether the press plans to fully vet Mitt Romney in a manner it failed to do four years ago with then-Sen. Barack Obama, have a look at this article from the Washington Post.

It’s goes into extraordinary detail about Mitt Romney’s days as a prankster in prep school. The author seems to have dug up every kid who might have known Romney – including almost literally dug up one who has died.

That person was a homosexual youth to whom Romney, according to the testimony of his classmates, was abusive.

The event is worth knowing about, though it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the portrait, which is of a mischievous youth also capable of plenty of good deeds. But of course, the egregious incident, which Romney says he doesn’t remember, is the centerpiece of the tale.

I’m just wondering. Does anybody remember an article of similar detail on the life of Obama from 2008? I don’t.

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  1. Barack Hussein Obama:

    -Birth Certificate…?
    -‘childhood in Indonesia’…?
    -college records from Columbia Univ/Harvard Law…?
    -work as a ‘community organizer’ in Chicago…?
    -voting record as a Dem. Illinois politican…?

    Has ANYONE “vetted” Barack Hussein Obama…

    • I agree that Obama has not been vetted. And apparently nobody has read his book Dreams From My Father, because once again there is something in that book that can be used against Obama just like when he wrote that he ate dogs.

      #1 Obama bullied a young girl named Coretta, he shoved her and shouted at her when kids teased that he was her boyfriend.

      #2 Obama remarked about a black student who was dating a white girl. He told Reggie “Tim was not a conscious brother” and that he “should change his name from Tim to Tom.”


    • I know for a fact, that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim who organized and led the government’s destruction of the World Trade Center. Both buildings were blown up by space ships that had been held in Area 51 since the 1960′s, all remotely tracked by spy satellites. He was in charge of the 19 high-jackers, he had chips implanted in their brains, and while sitting on the Statue of Liberty, he remotely controlled them to fly into the buildings. He didn’t act alone though; Michelle was in an invisible aircraft over Washington so she could likewise remotely control a plane to fly into the Pentagon. I know this is all to be indisputable; I’m a regular listener of “Coast to Coast”

    • Your bias is obvious…stop trying to paint yourself as a concerned citizen. All the wishing in the world won’t change anything… wishful thinking is synonymous with denial.

  2. Barry’s association with Ayers, Dohr, Wright
    Sealed up records

    Barry the cipher gets a pass.

    Composite ‘girlfriend’

    Lies, lies, and more lies.

  3. Glad to see your reporting on this, Keith. I had read the Washington Post article earlier and had wondered, again, why nothing about our current president’s past was ever reported. It was as though he had no past.

    Never did we read any stories about former classmates and any of their antics. Nothing from college or law school. Did he have any friends? Girlfriends (real ones, that is)?

    Everyone has something in their past of which they are not proud. I can’t imagine what the media might dig up about me or my family and make headlines about it.

    It’s goes beyond the norm to hound in on Mr. Romney while at the same time ignoring Mr. Obama’s past.

    We all are who are now because of our life experiences. I still wonder: Who is Mr. Obama?

    • The candidate who in 2008 defeated the Senator from Arizona by nearly 10 million votes…more votes than any other American president in history.

  4. This was 1965. I can certainly remember a few longhaired boys in my own school who were harassed because of the hair. And to have blond bleached hair on top of that in those days. Somewhat provocative then. This is so silly . So Romney was a little boisterous when young. But he was still a normal young American male. Ask Obama instead what he was doing during his schoolyears.

  5. Shiny stuff, look over here, don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain. And, lookie, it’s working. The MSM isn’t going to let up on Romney until they find something, anything, that will cripple his campaign. They’re not talking about MrO’s achievements or even his plan for the future, but using the scare tactic that MrRomney would make things worse than they are now.

    There’s no doubt that the Preezy is setting the agenda and directing the conversation. It’s way past time for the Repubs to step up, all of them, and keep the Presidential campaign on issues that matter to the public.

    • Who but the brainwashed Obamabots would fall for this new
      shell game they are perpetrating now look here not that we have
      a President who is non functioning. Jobs the economy? Nope got to
      party with the 1%.

    • It’s not the “Preezy” my friend. You may recall, Romney was required to file a financial disclosure form, (a less detailed requirement than submitting past tax forms) when he filed for president. He argued that he should not have to release his taxes since the disclosure form revealed everything of any importantance. Well my friend, the problem is, there were 23 different investment funds shown on his taxes that did not appear on his disclosure form — and 11 of those were in overseas, confidential banking centers, conceivably a sign of what he’s embarrassed to disclose — if the government can prove it was deliberate and not just a careless slip-up. The biggest concern is his Swiss bank accounts, one of the items not on his financial disclosure from 2003 to 2010, when his accountant closed. He closed it in the middle of an amnesty that the IRS had declared for owners of previously unreported Swiss bank accounts — if they came clean, they would not face criminal prosecution for not reporting it in previous years (which was illegal – plus most weren’t paying taxes on that money). Was the sudden shutdown of Romney’s secret Swiss bank account part of this amnesty program? We can’t know unless and until he releases prior returns, and by the way, he continues to refuse to do provide… Until the former Governor provides 10 years of tax returns, he’s not been properly vetted.

  6. Now the press is going to do the job they failed to do four years ago. They will find a few things on Romney and nothing to get all hot and bothered with.

    Where was the press four years ago with Obama?

  7. Leave it to the sycophant press to dig up something a Republican supposedly did 47 years ago in high school. Too bad they have no interest in the records the self-admitted coke snorting _resident is hiding from us. How does a person living in Hawaii obtain a social security number from Connecticut? Nobody seems to be interested in answering that question. WAPOS has jumped the shark with this story.

  8. As I see it from my viewpoint, these classmates must have been involved in the bullying itself. Their memory would not be so specific if they had no involvement. Nothing personal against Mittens but he seems to me to be easily kicked in the ass at that early age.

  9. What does Mitt’s high school antics have to do with now. If he was still doing that kind of thing,well we’d have a problem. He has obviously”evolved”. The President has, so why wouldn’t he?
    Its just BS to deflect from a do nothing presidency.

  10. ‘Fully Vetted’ so that’s what we are calling muck raking MSM slime who are
    going to dig up every tawdry tidbit they can find on Romney back to the womb?
    Obama got and is still getting a get out of vetting free card and there are things
    in plain sight enough to disqualify him from office.
    I can’t write what the high school boys did in the sixties but it would make what
    they claim Romney did look like nothing. I think we’ve all done things back in
    the old days that make us cringe now. Barrack Obama will remain in the
    protective bubble the MSM and the left made for him. We will never know any
    thing about his past. Rmember they even went after Lauranand the car accident? Have we looked at Michelle? No, will they look at Ann you bet.

    • I hear that Romney kissed a girl on the playground in 3rd grade without asking her permission then cut in line on the slide in front of a minority!

  11. Doesn’t it say that the young man was PRESUMED homosexual? I’ve never heard anyone verify that he was.

    Which to me is similar to the whole “Julia” debacle; most critics latched on to the fact that Julia was dependent on the government but I was also offended by the contrast with Romney’s policies. “Under Romney, blah blah blah COULD happen…” With Romney, BLAH BLAH BLAH COULD be the result.”

    We’re getting into some really spongy supposition territory. Why even cite historical incidents, extrapolating ridiculous conclusions? Just make stuff up. It’s soooo much easier. None of it’s accurate anyway.