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Obama Breaks Biden’s Arm

President Obama broke Vice President Biden’s arm this morning for inadvertently forcing Obama to announce his position on gay marriage earlier than intended.

During an appearance Sunday on Meet the Press, Biden got out ahead of Obama by saying that he backed gay marriage, resulting in a hastily arranged interview Wednesday in which Obama acknowledged that he does too.

A photo released by the White House shows a jocular president inflicting the punishment on Biden.

In the photo, which appears below, Biden’s arm can clearly be seen becoming separated from his shoulder as Obama forces the arm downward. Biden is obviously trying to pretend he is not in excruciating pain.

Biden has a long history of going on TV and saying stupid things. An Obama aide, speaking on grounds that he not be identified, said White House officials had considered performing a full frontal lobotomy on the vice president but decided against it after concluding it could hurt Biden’s performance in the debate with Mitt Romney’s eventual vice presidential choice.

Dr. Emmitt P. Fracksher, chairman of orthopedics at Long Island Cedars Memorial Hospital in Cedars, Long Island, said that the aging Biden, who turns 94 next month, will not heal soon.

“It’s no picnic at that age,” said Dr. Fraksher.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Biden’s mistake caused Obama severe loss of face and left the president no choice but to exact retribution.

“He had to do it,” Carney said. “It’s the Chicago way.”

Biden was said by aides to be resting comfortably at George Washington University hospital and frequently phoning former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole for tips on getting dressed with one hand.

30 Responses to Obama Breaks Biden’s Arm

  1. I wonder if he’ll ask old Bob for some free samples of Viagra. After all Biden is the administration’s limp . . . (you get the point). It’s there, but not worth a hole lot.

  2. Too funny Keith. You sure are on a roll this week. Some may believe this was just another Biden gaffe, but they aren’t fooling me. This is a plan they’ve been cooking up for weeks if not months with the Clooney circle jerk crookfest as the crescendo. Nothing more than the panderer in chief doing what he does best…lying and pandering to the ignorant masses who still believe anything he says.

    • I agree, Susan. Everything that happens in this White House is part of a script unless it isn´t Obama himself who stutters and blunders when he is off the Teleprompter.

    • Me, too. No way was this spur of the moment. Planned and executed step by step leading up to a special interview.
      And on cue, reports that MrRomney played pranks on gays when he was a teenager.

      As Susan pointed out on another post, this issue isn’t anywhere near the top of the concerns of the public. It’s a distraction from the crummy economy and the actual problems that our country is facing.

    • Biden floated the balloon for sure! But I don’t really think this one issue is going to do much either way. It’s the economy stupid!

  3. Keith,

    Just noticing the pictures on the wall in your shot, just how many pictures are there hung in the White House of the anointed one?

  4. …Oops, sorry about that – computer glitch.

    Not long ago I read that Obama replaced ALL photos with pictures of himself! I’m sure he’s staking out Mt. Rushmore!

    Re the Biden ‘gaffe’ – that was no accident! Everything is carefully orchestrated and choreographed by the Obama script writers. Bad actors – all!

  5. I know it’s satire but Bob Dole’s injuries were sustained in WW2 and he nearly
    died. As a Kansas girl I guess I’m a bit sensitive to this. He had so many bills
    the town of Russell KS made sure they took care of them.

  6. And the second act of this gay “evolution” script will unfold at this evenings mega-fundraising in George Clooney’s house when John Travolta will deliver a “historic” report on how ObamaCare will be able to have Biden immediately back on the campaign trail as a result of massage therapy. Joe’s scripted twisted/broken arm will be fully functional and once again capable of extracting his foot from his mouth all according to Michelle and Obama’s daughters.

  7. “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Biden’s mistake caused Obama severe loss of face and ….”

    Loss of face …will he require surgery, too? LOL

  8. Keith!?! Dr. Fracksher?!? Now you are going to go and get the Enviro nuts all upset over fracking…just after Barry went and got the Gays all calmed down.

    I agree with EVERYONE up thread…this was scripted and contrived. My best guess to take attention off of the Underwear Bomber 2.0 story. Somebody on Team Obot did a no no…and even Feinstein is upset over the breach of national security for electioneering “props.”

    I’m just surprised he gave his “exclusive” to Robin Roberts…not StepOnAllOfUs or even Oprah.

  9. I have already read one post on my FB page from a friend who says that this announcement has made him excited about the 2012 election for the first time because it could make a difference in history — how this difference will happen, I’m not sure, but it’s worth noting that some Obama supporters are now coming out of their easy chairs and planning to vote because of this Obama announcement.

  10. The gods must be crazy. Unless I missed something, what does Obama’s personal opinion on gay marriage have to do with the price of beans? He’s taking a victory lap today in my city today – for what? Nothing has changed except for the fact that we now know that Sasha and Malia reminded dear ole’ Dad that they have gay friends at school! So far, all this guy has is – he killed OBL – and he ‘personally’ thinks gay marriage is a good thiing! Meanwhile, the donations are rolling in ($1M in 90 minutes) based on his “Come to Jesus’ moment! The gods must be crazy!

  11. Well, apparently Biden has now officially apologized for getting ahead of the King on this issue. One more time and it’s off to the tower, or the dungeon or off with your head worthless Pope follower!

  12. It was planned! Biden was sent out with his memorized points to endorse gay marriage by obama’s political advisors.

    Teleprompter obama just reads what Soros speech writers write for obama.
    How can anyone think the cokehead president-In-Name-only really does any political stategizing? barry is a puppet. barry obama can barely read the teleprompter. I’ve noticed obama getting high before the event starts — looks at his dazed eyes and smug grim!!!!!!!!!!