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Carney: Opposition to Gay Marriage is Discrimination

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today suggested opposition to same-sex marriage is discriminatory.

“Governor Romney is for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would enshrine discrimination into our founding legal document,” Carney said. “The President thinks that’s wrong.”

Carney was speaking in answer to a question about an Obama campaign video attacking Romney for his opposition to gay marriage. Romney has supported a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Carney’s statement that banning same-sex marriage amounts to “discrimination” is shocking given that polls show half the country is against it and Obama himself was supposedly in opposition until recently. What’s more, Obama in his expression of support said he was “sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, the word ‘marriage’ was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs, and so forth.”

The Obama campaign has clearly decided to go for broke on the issue, using Obama’s newfound support for gay marriage as a campaign plank and a fundraising tool, despite the risks that Obama’s position could alienate many voters.

The campaign today not only posted the new video – which also says Romney is being discriminatory – but it sent out its second email solicitation in two days seeking to raise money off Obama’s announcement Wednesday that he now supports gay marriage.

Here’s a look at the video.

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34 Responses to Carney: Opposition to Gay Marriage is Discrimination

  1. This is so disgusting – I am speechless. This announcement was approximately 24 hours ago and this garbage is now out. Ironically – the bullying incident is brought to light as well by a news source. Some may think this will work – personally, I believe it will backfire big time. It’s the same ole thing – those who were going to vote for President Obama before his evolution are still going to (with minor exception) and those who weren’t still aren’t. He simply can’t run on his record – there is nothing else to do but now make Gov. Romney out to be the anti-Christ.

    • Keith – Not sure what is happening – this post was from me – Not Guillermo Grande – happened to me earlier. I;ll be watching more closely what is happening after it is sent. My information is coming up when I originate the comment.

      • Nice AP headline this afternoon…”Romney Counters Notion He Bullied Gay Classmates” – notice it says classmates…PLURAL! So now it’s more than one??

        Like Wendy said, this is disgusting.

        • Now the AP headline says…”Romney denies targeting classmates for being gay” – so, what was previously an isolated school prank involving one person has now mushroomed into TARGETING classmates (plural!) for being gay?!

          Guess they got their marching orders because the sycophant press is picking up the ball and running like crazy with this one.

          But, of course, none of this was planned out by the administration.

  2. Wonder how many more non issues Obama can come up with to avoid the
    elephant in the room jobs and the economy? He’s got a lot of dead air to fill
    between now and November wonder what the next shinny thing will be? All
    he does is slight of hand and beg for money.

    • And the elephant in the room is:

      Real gross domestic product in the second quarter stalled at 2.2 percent. There were a paltry 115,000 new jobs in April. The labor force shrank by 342,000 for the month, and the 63.6 percent labor-force participation rate is now the lowest since 1981. There are roughly 23 million people classified as either unemployed, underemployed or no longer looking. And median household income has dropped by $4,300. Let’s not forget that the number of women in the labor force fell by 339,000.

  3. Of course it’s discrimination against homosexual marriage in favor of heterosexual marriage. Most of our laws discriminate on one side or another for good reasons. Men are not allowed to enter the “ladies” bathrooms, football teams discriminate against women players and the list of the discriminations is endless in America.

    Marriage as defined today is to promote the family unit, to provide for the offspring of that unit and to stabilize society. Marriage as defined by the homosexuals is the acceptance of their means of gratification.
    Love is not sexual and sex is not love.

    I personally don’t care who marries who or how many. I just don’t want to hear about it, look at it, or discuss it. Please, let this faux issue die.

  4. Would someone please explain the LGBT terms. This isn’t just about male/male, female/female “marrriage”. The term includes those who admit and practice bi-sexuality, which includes a 3-person relationship. The transsexual element has legal ramifications as to birth gender and even to the definition of “spouse”. To hear from the supporters of this destroying of the meaning of marriage, opens the door to a variety of questions that are not being discussed. Why must the “equality” arguement be used to destory the culture of centruies? Why don’t the LGBT communities develop their own cultural meaning? Are they so bereft of originality that they must take from those who originated the practice of matrimony?

    • There was an interesting caller to Rush this afternoon. He is gay and has a partner but he doesn’t believe in the marriage thing. He contends that the vocal gay community wants this issue to become an anti-discrimination issue so that they can use this against the church. Just like the War on Women issue, not all gays are monolithic in their views. I hope it backfires.

      • I’ve stated before that I am gay with a partner of 19 years. Neither of us believe in the gay marriage issue. We took care of all the legalities that matter wtih a quick visit with an attorney.
        I cannot stand special interest groups always wanting to change traditions for their benefit. This is especially true of liberals, I think.
        And just for the record,the gay and LGBT weirdos you see on news clips in parades do not represent the community. Neither do the foul mouthed people involved with the Obama administration pushing their gay agendas.

        • thank you Mike! Let’s quit pandering to the fringe extremists and press sensationalists and tell the government to do its job! Balance the budget, protect our borders, including financial borders, quit harassing sheriff joe…

        • Thank you for your thoughtful, measured comments. May you have many more years of happiness and good health with your partner.

          • There is so much more tolerance among conservatives than the MSM and libs would have you believe. I think Ben Franklin’s mantra “mind your business” was a fantastic expression of conservative values. I think that foisting one’s point of view on others is the ultimate liberal dogma.

  5. Let’s see where this loser has taken us so far this year…
    War on the Wealthy – fail
    War on the Church – fail
    War on Women – fail
    Race War – fail
    War on Traditional Marriage – fail
    War on America – lookin’ iffy for you and the warrior princess Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

    Running out of slings and arrows yet agitator in chief?

  6. Notice to homosexuals. MARRIAGE is between a male and female. It’s the heterosexual’s word and meaning. Get your own word, say PAIRRAGE*

    • Opposition to bi-sexuals marrying is discrimination.
      Opposition to siblings marrying is discrimination.
      Opposition to polygamy is discrimination.
      Opposition to Sharia law is discrimination.
      Opposition to Christian beliefs is discrimination.
      Opposition to what I think is discrimination.

  7. So do you think they wrote the narrative 43 hours before Biden’s “slip-up”?
    Can’t wait for the next sideshow. Who’s left?
    These guys and their attacks remind me of a salad bar.

  8. Reps should be laughing at the pResident for being so ridiculously transparent. Here’s another opportunity to make fun of him. Let’s have at it.

  9. “Hope and Change” -BHO

    “Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man” -Friedrich Nietzsche

    And that’s my point, the man is and continues to demonstrate that he isn’t cool, he’s cruel. This latest gay marriage pander where he ONLY SAYS “I think (fill in the blank)” -w/ not only no intension of signing any executive order (the paperwork is waiting) but alluding to States Rights means he’s said something and nothing. Tell me what changed after THE DECISION other than he was able to get Norman Lear to write a check?

  10. All I can say us our four year nightmare is approaching its end

    The criminal syndicate known as Obama’s democrat party is headed for a major defeat. The nation may have a chance to survive.

  11. So, OWEbama admits that before he changed his position for political purposes in his attempt at re-election, he has always been for discrimination.

    Thanks for clarifying that.