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Obama Schedules Interview Amid Gay Marriage Uproar

The White House has scheduled a one-on-one interview for today with Obama-friendly ABC Good Morning American anchor Robin Roberts, according to the New York Times.

The sudden move to set up an interview and the lack – so far – of a scheduled briefing by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today suggests Obama is likely to use the session to clarify his views on gay marriage.

The interview, billed by ABC as “wide-ranging,” will be conducted at 1:30 pm and portions will be released this afternoon while other parts will be aired on GMA Thursday morning.

In the wake of a de facto admission of support for gay marriage by Vice President Biden Sunday, Carney was pummeled by reporters Monday expressing open skepticism about Obama’s credibility-challenged claim that his views on gay marriage are “evolving.”

Yesterday I predicted that Obama will have to end the obfuscation and defuse the politically radioactive situation by revealing his support for gay marriage before Election Day.

28 thoughts on “Obama Schedules Interview Amid Gay Marriage Uproar”

  1. We all know he’s for gay marriage. Why else would he be disappointed with the North Carolina ban on gay marriage? When he “officially” endorses it, I wonder how it will affect the Afican-American voting block?

    1. I doubt many would care, even if they personally knew he supports it.
      They will vote for him because he is Obama, even though he is a white Negro. I’d love to see that reported in the media, like a white Hispanic. The hypocrisy of the left just kills me.

        1. maybe he’ll take the strategy bill clinton used when admitting his
          pot smoking in college…
          barry could say he “dabbled in it ” but didn’t swallow…

  2. No matter what the polls report, Americans consistantly deny gays the right to marry. Vote after vote, state after state, the majority of the voters do not want homosexual marriage in their communities.

    MrO will have to tread very lightly on this issue. The anti-gay marriage coalition covers every voting group, every religion, and every racial identity.

  3. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he put the rumors of his own sexual preferences to rest once and for all? Is he…or isn’t he? He never misses an opportunity to refer to himself as ‘Christian’….now is the time for him to admit that he is the first black gay Christian President! C’mon, Barry, let’s play Truth or Dare!

    1. Obama is:
      -“black” (African-American)…?
      -went to college @ Columbia/Harvard Law…?

      Why can NO ONE really ‘answer’ these questions about him…

  4. Obama will “clarify his views”. I guess that was Carneys expression and not yours, Keith. I donĀ“t think you would use that expression when reporting on what Obama is about to say.

    1. What she should ask him is when will he, BHO and Holder be joining that inmate in WVa for crimes against America?

      Roberts (to BHO): Are stripes a good look for you?

  5. Will Reggie Love be watching from the wings???

    Maybe he can regale us with stories from his Chicago bath house days!!!

  6. “wide-ranging” = pro-Obama ‘Main-Stream Media’ PROPAGANDA!!!

    Give me an F***ing Break… If I want to see “EVOLUTION on an issue” I’ll go to the Galapagos Islands…

  7. Barry knows that if he comes “out” and tells the truth the election will be severly harmed. He will find a way with Roberts help to muddle through the question/answer. I read where there is already a movement to move the DNC convention out of Charlotte. Now, that would be funy!

    Where’s Mooch?

  8. Good Morning America and Robin Roberts says it all. He can get softball
    questions and those watching would really believe whatever new phrase he
    uses to say nothing probably still ‘evolving’.

  9. What the hell is “Gay Rights”? Are Gays somehow oppressed in this country? This is pure propaganda B.S. More diversion tatics away from the smoking ruin the economy and our country is becoming besides how can a gay president be against so-called gay rights?

  10. Will someone please explain to me what difference it could possibly make if Obama is for or against gay marriage? Last I checked, the states had the right to make that decision, not the federal government. If Obama is for it, does he plan to amend the constitution? This interview is pure Me Media, he wants the attention all on him. What else is new?

    1. The libs are all a-titter over the NC vote yesterday – my facebook page is spammed with that stuff. He’s riding a wave.

      He can’t run on anything he’s done. He’ll use whatever it takes to get re-elected.

  11. Robin Roberts is a self-avowed and acknowledged close friend of the Obamas. Any interview conducted by Ms Roberts with anyone in this administration is clearly biased.
    Until the Obamas are interviewed by an objective newsperson, we cannot accept or believe one word spoken.
    They just said there was a surplus — yes, that’s why the debt is still over 15 Trillion. the only ones who have gotten a surplus are the supporters of this admin. Everyone else is struggling day to day, facing more regulation, more investigations, more castigating, more problems.

    1. And even more interesting, Robin is gay herself but not out of the closet. She keeps her opinions to herself yet the nation wants our President to speak his? Obama can have his own opinion, fine, but why is all this historic and monumental?

      1. Oh yes, obummer knew who to choose for this interview. A fan !
        She’s got no courage to step out though. Afraid to rustle the feathers of
        the home folks down in mississippi.

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  13. Of course he wants to keep this discussion going – anything to distract us from the dismal unemployment rate, terrible gas prices, and horrible economic growth rate. Look, shiny!

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