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Spend More on Education, Because It’s Worked So Well

President Obama is fearlessly fighting for students to get a three percent break on their student loans for college.


According to Xavier University’s Center for the American Dream, one in three native Americans would fail the U.S. citizenship test, based on answering just 6 out of 10 questions correctly. Had the pass rate been 7 out of 10, 50 percent would fail.

How many zillions of dollars have we spent on education to get this result? Clearly, we need to spend more.

25 Responses to Spend More on Education, Because It’s Worked So Well

  1. Maybe we should propose a constitutional amendment. All citizens must be able to pass the basic U.S. citizenship test in order to register to vote at the age of 18. They have to pass a DPS test for the privilege of driving a car, why shouldn’t they have to pass a test for the privilege of voting.

  2. I can speak to the uninformed dolts in my own family; they don’t know who’s who and don’t care.
    They know the names of the WWE warriors, the latest winner on DWTS, and have strong opinions of LindsayLohan lifestyle.
    A laid-off 50yr old schoolteacher claims that she won’t take any job that isn’t in the education no job prospects.
    They say FOX news “lies” but don’t have any specific lie to back up the accusation.
    MrObama used to be “cool”, but now he’s just a loser like all the rest so they’re not going to vote anymore.
    They have very little knowlege about 9-11 and don’t know why we were fighting in Iraq when BinLaden was in Pakistan..
    It’s all very discouraging but at least they claim they won’t be voting this year.

  3. Isn’t this par for the course (pun intended) for the Dims? If its broke, throw more money at it and hope it helps.
    Hope I dont get “censored” again ( although I have seen soooo many things on this blog that pass scrutiny and am still wondering why me….)

  4. Keith – you’re being mean, just plain mean, to suggest that the government shouldn’t subsidize something. I mean, that’s just rude to tell people to get a job. Like, you’re mean, or something. I know stuff and you shouldn’t tell me I can’t have, like free money – all the Supreme Court has to do is, like, print more, or something.

    Screw this, let’s go get a latte – I’m getting a headache hearing all this anger.

  5. As if anyone needs reminding, this snip about a freshman’s English paper.

    From start to finish, this student’s essay on William Blake’s “The Tyger” is riddled with errors:
    •Uncapitalized proper nouns such as jesus and greek
    •Missing punctuation, including periods
    •Casual language (“…it is actually about more than just a tiger and stuff.”)
    •Slang (“Allusion is all over the freekin place.”)
    •Misplaced apostrophes and more slang (“Tyger’s have four feet. Cool, huh?“)
    •Use of second person (“If you look at Blake’s history…”)
    •Run-on sentences and sentence fragments
    •Absence of transitions
    •Lack of organization
    •Use of numerals instead of words (“…5 years ago…”)
    •Use of Wikipedia as a “credible” source

  6. If there’s any counter to this video, watch the Teen Jeopardy Championship this week. Amazingly bright kids. Happy that not everyone is perceived as a dolt in this country.

  7. Funnily enough, you’d find a lot more people capable of answering the questions correctly in “Fly Over Country.”

  8. I doubt that more money for schools will help because the problem begins in homes where education is not valued.

    Illiterate parents, many of them at any rate, used to see literacy and education as a powerful tool to help their children reach beyond daily life into the world of ideas.

    Nowadays this is not the case in many homes.

  9. I wouldn’t bash teachers in general. I work as a substitute and know the teachers work hard, sometimes despite the lack of support of many parents. Any problems in the class are the fault of the teacher, not the student. Check out the news about the Honors class where a student was caught plagiarizing, then expelled. His dad came back and expected his son to be reinstated when this young man had signed an agreement to follow the rules, such as plagiarizing. Ohhh, the Administration is always pushing the idea of going to college to all students, no matter if these are kids who wasted their time in h.s.

  10. Irs not PC to teach civics in class. It might offend someone. Instead they spend 2 years studying countries in Africa that may or may not exist in a couple years,they keep changing their names. I wish they would spend more time on US history as they spend on the Chinese Dynastys.

  11. The biggest problem is, with college costs going up every semester, it won’t be long before students can’t afford to pay for their own education. My dad was able to pay for his college education only working during the summer. I worked at a summer camp and waited tables all the way through college, and I still (even living at home!) had to get the payment plan every semester. Not to mention that working takes a serious chunk out of studying time, and even though I’m not the partying type the lack of a social life was hell on my mental health.

    I agree that we need some serious help in the area of education–for one thing, students should have to pass a citizenship test at some point during their years in public education, and another in order to graduate high school. Remedial classes are helping to drive up college costs, and if we could turn out high school graduates worth a damn, colleges could save some money that way.

  12. In Ohio, our Governor (John Kasich) has promoted that all students in the third grade should be able to read on a third grade level, or they should be held back until they can.
    Guess what, it is being contested by the teacher’s unions.
    It is up to the principal to make the determination whether or not to hold the child back. Why not the teacher ?
    I have no idea what a ‘third grade reading level’ requires, however, I would surmise that those that cannot achieve that level and are pushed on through the system could potentially have difficulties later on.

    • Does that “all students” include the “special needs” ones who can’t even speak and just drool? Those kids are now “included” in all classes. What about the illegals that show up and don’t even know English?

      Of course the teacher’s unions are fighting it. Since our classrooms have become Welfare States, we don’t want to be accountable for non-verbal students and non-English speaking students!

  13. “President Obama is fearlessly fighting for students to get a three percent break on their student loans for college.”
    Out of curiosity, did you avoid math throughout your education? A 3% break on the current student loan rate would mean going from 3% to 2.73%. 0bama is trying to keep the interest rate from doubling from 3% to 6% or put another way, trying to stop it from increasing by 3 percentage points.

  14. Yeesh… I had student loans at 3% and 6%. I paid them off over a 12-year period while working and attending grad school. Loans at those rates are the best deal going – why students are yelling about it is beyond me. Get a job, grow up, and stop bitching!

  15. With regards to Susan B. Anthony:

    I would love to go around the streets of NYC and find these women and get them to sign a petition to finally put an end to women’s suffrage.

    .. I’d bet money that most of them would sign it. Suffrage sounds so horrible.. Who would want women to experience suffrage? Monsters!

  16. Let’s see…I took out a student loan in 1977 to attend my freshman year of college. I joined NROTC because I felt the NEED to serve my country. I worked hard to get a scholarship. I paid back that scholarship with 8 years of service to my country. I paid my student loan off with cash my wife and I saved.

    I paid back my student loan my first year out of college. So my question is, why should I pay (subsidize) for someone else’s child to attend a college they know they can not afford? I do not care what school anyone chooses, part of the equation must include the payback of borrowed funds and the expected salary. If you can not afford it or the future cost of paying back what you borrowed, take a different tact.

    I’d use purchasing a home as an example, but the government already took care of subsidizing that and ruined my example (and the housing market). Here’s an idea, skip the instant gratification; buy what you can afford and pay for what you receive.

    Off the soap box…