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Prediction: Obama Will Say He Supports Gay Marriage

I don’t know when, but probably soon, and definitely before Election Day.

President Obama continues to play cute with his position on gay marriage, remaining opposed, we think, while his press secretary can say only that the president’s position is “evolving.”

Vice President Biden’s position is also evolving.

I’ve never heard of a politician saying their view on any matter is “evolving,” but in this White House, on this issue, we’ve got two of them.

Evolving is a “have your cake and eat it too” strategy that suggests to gays Obama might support same-sex marriage while telling voters who oppose it that he doesn’t. Credibility apparently doesn’t come into play here.

A poll released today by Gallup shows what’s going on.

Gallup finds that 50 percent of American say gay marriage should be legal, while 48 percent don’t think so. Support is actually down a notch from last year, when 53 percent backed it.

So here’s the cute part. Whatever Obama does, half the nation will disagree with him. So he pursues a middle course that hopefully upsets no one.

But White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday was pummeled with questions from incredulous reporters who were openly questioning the president’s honesty on the issue. Now there’s more to be lost politically by saying nothing. The president has begun to look shady. And the “evolving position” stance threatens to become a national joke.

Obama had hoped to put this issue to the side until after Election Day. But it’s become apparent he’ll have to make his move sooner. His aides will hope that his slow “evolution” will cast him as having taken a suitably cerebral approach and immunize him against charges he is a flip flopper on the issue.

But the damage is done. Unbeknownst to the White House, the America people are not idiots. They can see he’s tried to fool everyone. They know if he was being on the level, he’d be the last liberal standing who opposes gay marriage. And besides, he supported it when he wasn’t running for president.

The only benefit stating his position will have is that it will make the issue go away. And it this point, that will be enough for the White House.

23 Responses to Prediction: Obama Will Say He Supports Gay Marriage

  1. The excitement builds among the ruling elite. Will he or won’t he? The grand finale will be at the Clooney clusterfudge where the royal proclamation with be announced.

    Rather than pummeling him with questions about whether or not he supports gay marriage how about the intrepid WH reporters ask him why he’s releasing high value terrorists to rejoin the Taliban in killing more of our troops? Sorry Keith, I can’t pretend gay marriage is at the top of my list of concerns right now. This country is going to hell in a handbasket while the campaigner in chief piles up the frequent flyer miles on the taxpayer dime and pontificates over which one of his special interest groups he’s gonna throw a bone to today…

  2. This is just a distraction from the plethora of real issues confronting this country. This is an issue that is decided at the state level….where it belongs. Who cares what obama thinks about it?

  3. Keith, don’t you think Obama’s calculations on whether or when to express his support for gay equality will be focused on the degree to which it will help him keep an active and generous demographic in his base — gays — and capture a chunk of independents who might otherwise vote their pocketbooks? Usually Democrats taunt gays that they have nowhere else to go but since 2009, GOProud and I have been educating them that they do: fiscal conservative candidates.

    Discrimination by our own families, religions and the government forces gays into entrepreneurial professions in large numbers. In addition, it forces the gay community to embody the fiscal conservative values of fiscal self-reliance and serving the needs of our community with the charities and non-profits that we can create and fund as long as taxes are low enough to leave us the discretionary income to do so. That is why over 30 percent of gay voters voted for Republican fiscal conservative candidates in 2010. This is giving gays some leverage with the Democrats in 2012.

    Plus, where are the conservative Democrat voting blocs that Obama is propitiating with his shilly-shallying going to go? When forced to decide between their love of the welfare state and their anti-gay ideology, are they really going to vote against their government dependency? I think Obama will decide they are the ones he can befog and keep. I think he will have to support gay equality to differentiate himself from Romney to keep the gays and independents who would otherwise vote for Romney and their fiscal liberty, since that would at least give them the foundation for winning the fight for their social liberty in the future. I would love to read your thoughts on this.

    • Cynthia’s correct in saying Barry will do this purely to differentiate himself from Gov. Romney. At that point he’ll say Romney and the Republicans hate gays and aren’t for equal rights, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

      It’s just a matter of timing…he’ll “come out” at the most politically expedient moment, just to distract everyone…probably when Romney is pulling away in the polls.

    • Cynthia,great comment.I wish he would just grow a set and take a stand on something!!

      Off topic,but I was able to see Air Force One coming in over my house for landing. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the occupant,it was pretty cool! Although there was no expletive mowed in the lawn,hubby did do a hand gesture up to the sky!
      I heard about 5 mins of his speech and had to turn it off. New York is on the move,so he says.(seriously,its on the move of people wanting to move out. The only reason Albany area has these tech places is because we paid them to come!!). Then he went into the usual Big Bad Republican speech,and how they are to balme for everything because they won’t pass anything he proposes.I had enough and shut him off.

  4. Let me get this straight?
    The WH “press corps” was ASKING that dope ‘Propaganda Sec.’ Jay Carney REAL & DIFFICULT “questions”…???!!

  5. If Obama says he’s pro gay marriage, what will his words mean in actuality? It’s the states who determine rights, not the federal government. Correct?

  6. Hominids evolved faster from the primordial soup than Obama’s and Biden’s position on gay marriage. This is really a no brainer. Either your belief system tells you yes or no. If there is a disconnect, and you can’t decide what you believe, then I have to wonder if you believe in anything.

    • The irony, Shofar, is that this difficult decision will not be “above his pay grade” like the issue of when life begins. I agree with Keith that the delay in announcing his support is to make his outcome look like a massive brain effort. But will he take the view that the right to decide belongs to the states? Or will he say, no, it’s a discrimination issue, I’m a son of civil rights and so we can’t let those evil conservative states prohibit anybody from doing anything on account of their nature?

      So every individual woman gets to decide when life begins, but the federal government will not allow states to define marriage. In truth the states cannot define marriage because marriage and family supercede governments in the natural order. They can only describe marriage. Only someone cut off from their family would think that a government could define a marriage.