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Does Obama Now Support Gay Marriage?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today repeatedly refused to say that President Obama opposes gay marriage, pointing instead to previous statements Obama has made indicating his views are “evolving” on the matter.

Asked specifically if it was still accurate to say Obama opposes gay marriage, Carney did not directly reply.

“I would simply say his views are evolving,” Carney said.

Carney’s refusal to state Obama’s position on gay marriage could have only two causes: either he does not want to anger gay voters by creating a sound bite in which a White House official says Obama opposes gay marriage, or Obama’s evolving position has brought him to the point where he now supports it, but he’s not ready to make an announcement.

Meanwhile, Obama’s opposition to same-sex marriage has not prevented him from also opposing a North Carolina constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, according to Carney.

Carney had trouble explaining to flummoxed reporters at the White House briefing how this could be the case.

“He opposes efforts to repeal rights that have been granted,” Carney said. “The referendum would restrict and deny rights to LGBT Americans. That’s my understanding. He opposes efforts to deny rights to LGBT Americans.”

But North Carolina has not granted gays the right to marry. Same-sex marriage is prohibited there by law. North Carolina would be adding emphasis to the law by enshrining it in the state Constitution. Some opponents, though, say the amendment could have “unintended consequences” harmful to gay couples.

North Carolina is to vote on the amendment Tuesday.

Carney spent a large amount of time during the briefing trying to explain Vice President Biden’s display of support for gay marriage Sunday and parrying suggestions that Obama is hiding his true support for gay marriage.

21 thoughts on “Does Obama Now Support Gay Marriage?”

  1. I don’t think Obama has a belief either way. Whatever maximizes votes. I think he feels the same about religion. If Islam was the best move for his political career he would have gone that route back in the 90s. His true core belief is socialism.

    1. Yes! This is absolutely correct! He doesn’t have any core beliefs that’s why he can’t talk without notes. What he “believes” changes with every poll and audience. I’m surpirsed he hasn’t come out against ObamaCare now that it’s unpopular.

  2. What are the “unintended consequences?”

    LGBT is now LGBTQ with the Q standing for “questioning.”

    I don’t understand why Obama is hesitating on this matter. It’s almost as if he resents being pressured and therefore refuses to respond. Or is he afraid to anger his muslim backers?

  3. It’s the old “who’s on first, what’s on second” strategy. Designed to obfuscate the issue. Oh, the arrogance of The O Team.

  4. it does more than harm gay couples. it has consequences for any couple, other than a legally married one in north carolina. it’s going to f*** up family court, divorce, all kinds of other relationships are impacted as well.

  5. He’s doing what he did as senator – voting “present”.

    President Abstention masters the art of obfuscation. A self-committed narcissist is committed only to his reelection, by any means necessary.

    “I was not the one to invent lies: they were created in a society divided by class and each of us inherited lies when we were born. It is not by refusing to lie that we will abolish lies: it is by eradicating class by any means necessary.”
    —Jean Paul Sartre

    1. Great video and he would be an excellent VP choice. The establishment talking heads don’t even mention him as a prospective running mate, and Romney isn’t exactly a fan of the Tea Party. Allen West is Tea Party.

  6. Off Topic…but interestiing:

    CNN just reported that the new Socialist President of France, Hollande, met with Obama’s campaign strategists on how to campaign on the internet and door-to-door. Same thing happened last year with Cameron’s re-election campaign. Hollande barely squeaked through – it must have been all those dead people and illegal Muslims!

  7. It’s beginning to sound like we need to have an FBI investigation re the Soros connection! Sounds like the fix is in!

  8. I doubt that ANY other president (not even Clinton) could get away with this. It is laughable for the President to think that “evolving” is a suitable response to this, or any question. And to be accepted by the “main stream” press? Watch George Bush try that. He would have been crucified! Obviously this is not one of the top issues in America for most. Nevertheless, he should not be allowed to get away with this non position. As was stated previously, “whatever maximizes votes.”

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