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Did Obama Risk Letting Bin Laden Slip Away?

Obama’s “gutsy move” took a ten-month gut check, according to former Army Vice Chief of Staff Jack Keane. Have a look.

I realize they wanted to be as sure as possible, and gather as much intel as they could. But this seems a very long time to wait. Bin Laden could have left the compound at any time.

22 thoughts on “Did Obama Risk Letting Bin Laden Slip Away?”

  1. Keith, come on, the White House needed enough time to figure out how to draft the ‘go’ order with sufficient ‘contingencies’. The timeline is about right.

    1. …back when we had one of those somali pirates boats (holding our merchant ship Capt. as hostage) in tow by one of our Navy destroyers, I read where our Naval Commanders were waiting a ridiculously excessive time for directions from barry hussein…as it took 17 meetings for the WH to decide what to do…
      I got three words : NO HE CANT !

      1. Obama wanted to be convinced if the Somali rescue failed, someone else could be blamed.

        Just as the memo’s coming to light that if the OBL raid failed, the military would have been blamed.

        Obama’s such a ninny-man. Bet he was a playground bully too.

        1. Oh no, I think he got his a$$ whipped on a regular basis. It ‘splains his “sensitivity” to those who are considered opressed.

  2. The guy has no stones. He can only campaign, make empty promises and mouth meaningless phrases like “Yes we can” Now he has a record, actually a trail of wreckage, to run on. This is what suffices for leadership from Obama.

  3. You folks just don’t understand! The reason Osama wasn’t taken out earlier than May, 2011 when intelligence advised he was available for a quick demise in the summer of 2010 was this mission had to be scheduled around: Saturday basketball, Sunday golf, M-F campaigning and Hollywood fund raisers. A little slack, please. Obama also had to wait until he needed a jack in his poll numbers to seal the deal. Now, do you understand why all the hype?

  4. BO was scared some other muslims might get killed in the raid if it wasn’t Osama — then BO would be in big trouble with his friends the muslims. He was hoping that Osama would die of old age.

  5. Meanwhile there is this :

    Americans pitched a fit when we learned they were going to release them from Gitmo. So this admin does what it does best —- goes behind America’s back. Once again, O thinks he knows better than anyone else.
    But — HEY — it’s okay — they admitted they were doing wrong and “promised” not to do it again! Well, as long as you “promise”. Yeah, that’ll work.

    1. Either the hesitator in chief is a cowardly appeaser in the vein of Neville Chamberlain, or he’s conspiring with our enemy. I happen to think it is the latter.

  6. Amazing how fast the time passes when you are trying to figure out how something like this will impact your chances for re-election.

  7. We had to kill him, otherwise Barry would release him again as a good will gesture…Im waiting for him to give amnesty to KSM any day now as it is…

    Kieth you need to expand and get the google plus on here, I know you fear the change :) but theres always room for more..

  8. Give the guy a break! It takes time to get the Hollywood production crews lined up and get their security clearances! Rome was not built in a day!

    As I recall, lil’ Barry sent an ‘unnamed’ novel to producer Harvey Firestein a few months ago with a note saying …”This might make a good movie”! By the time he’s ready to leave his part-time ‘day job’, Obama will be a full-fledged movie producer!

  9. MT for re-redistribution

    I remember thinking at the time that it looked like Panetta went around Obama to give the order. Makes Obama’s stupid campaign stunt “Would Romney have done the same?” even more wrong.

  10. It is called lack of true “self confidence”. He may be narcissistic, but if he had confidence in his decisions (and thought he was really doing the right thing), there would not have been a 10 month delay. BO is incompetent. PERIOD!

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  12. And the left — namely Michael Moore — made it a tremendous, contemptuous issue that Bush took 7 minutes to before “reacting” to the news of the second tower being hit on 9/11. Wonder if Michael will devote any celluoid to dEAR Leader taking 10 months to decide on whether to react on news of bin Laden’s whereabouts?

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