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Obama and Biden: Please Stop Lying About Gay Marriage

Is there anybody on planet earth – or any other planets where they get CNN on satellite – who possibly believes that President Obama and Vice President Biden are being sincere when they say they do not support gay marriage?

Come on you two, make a gutsy move and level with us.

This is the White House greatest farce since the Clinton White House allowed photographers to “catch” Bill and Hillary smooching on a beach just before the whole Monica thing came out.

Remember this?

I know. Sorry.

Well, I was aware that President Obama’s position on gay marriage is evolving – that because of “religious reasons” he is still thinking on the matter. It’s an ongoing source of merriment at the White House, where the press asks Obama if his position has evolved yet and he smirks and says, “No announcement today, guys.”

What I was not aware of is that Vice President Biden’s position is also evolving.

Now, we’re all aware that neither of their positions are scheduled to fully evolve until after Election Day, because earlier evolution risks angering the PFDOBC’s that Obama is trying to make nice with so he can win Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and other battleground states.

Oh, I’m sorry, PFDOBC’s – that’s People Formerly Described by Obama as Bible Clingers. The Obama campaign is desperately trying to get as many of these voters as possible to evolve into Obama supporters or, at least, keep them from turning out en masse for Romney.

Obama himself clings to his Bible when he needs it to protect him from saying he supports gay marriage.

So silly Biden. He got on Meet the Press Sunday and let the cat totally out of the bag.

Yeah, whoooooo do you luuhhhhv . . .

People are busy parsing the words here, trying to figure out whether Biden technically expressed support for gay marriage. Excuse me, do we all have to be attorneys on this? Is it not perfectly clear from the totality of this statement that Biden thinks men should marry men and women marry women?

I gather someone from the West Wing immediately got on the phone with the VP’s office and cautioned, “Hey, you’re out of position! You’re over-evolved. Roll back your evolution. Tell Biden to grow an oversized forehead, dammit!”

Here’s the nonsense that Biden’s people then put out to Politico:

Biden’s spokesperson then put the vice president right back in Obama’s rhetorical balancing act, saying “the vice president was expressing that he, too, is evolving on the issue after meeting so many committed couples and families in this country.

So they are evolving together. Do they check in with each other?

“Joe, how’s your evolution going on gay marriage.”

“Barack, I’m not fully evolved yet, but I’m getting there. You?”

“Same. Just not there yet.”

Please gentleman. Come out of the closet on this one.

33 thoughts on “Obama and Biden: Please Stop Lying About Gay Marriage”

  1. ow, we’re all aware that neither of their positions are scheduled to fully evolve until after Election Day, because earlier evolution risks angering the PFDOBC’s that Obama is trying to make nice with so he can win Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and other battleground states.

    Let’s not overlook the fact that one of the most homophobic demographics can be found among the African-American community. Would they abandon him? No, but there would *problesm”. They really don’t want to bring this issue to the forefront.

    1. Let’s not forget the muslims whose leaders often call for the death of homosexuals. Another demographic whose vote counts.

  2. They are so stupid (Biden) and filled with hubris (Obama) that they might
    actually believe we take a word they say as serious or the truth!

    1. Unfortunately, there ARE those who actually are buying into this one, because they WANT to so badly. (Funny, someone like Giuliani, whose stance ACTUALLY made sense, was labeled ‘flip-flopping’. Now, it’s called ‘evolving’. Boy, those spin docs are really, really working OT…SMH.

  3. It’s all demographics; which voting block is larger PFDOBC or gays? Must be PFDOBC so they’ll wait until after the election to come out of the closet.

  4. My take is the opposite – of course the white house is driving this. Obama is leading from behind, while leaning forward? He’ll make his own transformation BEFORE election day. He’s not getting the Bible-Clingers vote anyway.

  5. The NYT headline of the hour: “Education Secretary Arne Duncan Embraces Same Sex Marriage.”

    First of all, funny headline, whoever wrote it. and Secondly, I think Obama is asking his everyone in his cabinet to make a statement pro gay marriage so it will look like Obama is for it when he doesn’t actually have to say so. I smell a chicken in the room!

  6. I would say that a majority of us, especially those over 50 have evolving views – doesn’t mean we are going to base a vote against someone if they believe in Gay marriage or not. For heavens sake – when I read what Biden said and then the White House response – I believe it was something like they don’t comment publicly – what does that mean? Are we fools – they don’t comment because they are not opposed – their evolution has completed. It is only about votes!

  7. Obama lost the PFDOBC vote long ago. This is just another shiny object they are trying to distract us with. They can’t discuss their destructive, failed policies so let’s bring up the gay marriage debate again. Neither one of them will come out of the closet before the election. Some very important Democrat constituencies are anti-gay and they can’t afford to alienate them until after they get their vote.

  8. We’re all grown-ups here, right?
    Let’s be honest about the issue; it’s not about “marriage” or “love” or anything other than public approval of having same- sex intercourse. Or sodomy, or whatever it takes to reach orgasm. It’s not about being right-consevative or left-liberal, Dem or Repub.
    Every religious theology and mainstream society on earth disapproves of a sexual life that only ends in gratification, and not reproduction.

    This isn’t a campaign issue or one that Americans are concerned about, this is a distraction promoted and forced by the liberal community. No matter how hard they try or how much effort is put forth, the gay community can’t force people to accept what they find abhorrant or in conflict with their religious beliefs.

    1. You are so correct in your comments! What saddens me is that the majority of Americans, conservatives, Christians will not take a strong PUBLIC STAND AGAINST the all-out “assault by the liberal minority” on the Judeo-Christian foundational values and principles which have made America a great nation – a prosperous, law-abiding, FREE people! Unless we, the majority, STOP the CRACKS in the foundation, America will continue to crumble piece by piece AWAY from the once clearly defined “marriage and family”!

      The minority, through the ACLU and now with the morally bankrupt BHO WH Adm Advisers in position throughout the government, are determined “to establish Secularism” as the national religion! The SCOTUS identified “atheism, secularism, humanism” as religions! The Constitution is being shredded!

      Who said, “You must STAND strongly for traditional values and principles, or you will FALL for relativism, lies, and immorality!”

      It might have been Rich Santorum in his 2008 book titled IT TAKES A FAMILY which was an answer to HRC’s (“elders know best”) book titled IT TAKES A VILLAGE – not a parent….!

    2. So I suppose my healthy, loving, childfree-by-choice 21 year heterosexual marriage would be considered abhorrant by the same religions?

      Yeah, I thought so.

      Luckily, I’m an atheist and don’t give a rip what you think of our sexual activities for pleasure and not reproduction.

      1. I’ll bet srdem could give a rip what you do in your bedroom. I know I sure don’t. Good thing you are an atheist and not a Muslim. The great Arab spring your hero endorsed, spawned some really great conditions for Egyptian women. It is now a law that men can have sex with their dead wives for up to 6 hours after their death. No worries about conceiving a child in that situation…

  9. Much ado about nothing! Tweedledum and Tweedledee are up to their usual kindergarten antics! Pay no attention to them! The Romper Room Show will be cancelled on November 6, 2012.

  10. Biden says Will & Grace educated us on gay marriage. What? I watched that show, it was about a gay guy and his fag hag being best friends.
    I remember Murphy Brown educated us on single motherhood, according to the libs.
    Well, thank you networks for the free education, please continue. (as you watch your viewership hit the skids.)

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I think it was the mal-adjusted loner kid with ‘issues’ that always cried back in gradeschool that educated me about single motherhood.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        Apologies, but having a mother and a father is usually better, assuming they’re not liberals :-)

    1. Be sure you don’t look at her au naturale picture on Drudge. Yikes! He did have the picture as his headliner but it was replaced with the story about Massachusetts banning bake sales because our kids are too fat. Truly hate food nazis…almost as much as I hate the environazis.

        1. MT for re-redistribution

          HAHA! I don’t think Susan’r or my comment indicate any dislike for women in general. Maybe THAT one. But I kind of threw up in my mouth at the combined effect of the whole picture.

          I’m kind of partial to the female gender myself.

          But I must admit that the Obama _residency has raised my opinion of Hillary.

          1. Hillary is even more of an Alinskyite than Obama is…she just hides it better. Leftists have no sense of humor when it comes to being critical about one of their own. They will laugh till the cows come home at anything that makes fun of Sarah Palin though. If it wasn’t for double standards, leftists like Amy wouldn’t have any standards at all…

  11. In addition to supporting gay marriage openly, if he wins in Nov, Obama should also come clean with the American people and say what he stands for. That he is basically a Marxist Socialist bent on destroying the United States and reshaping it to his own distorted utopian vision. I would bet most dems will still support him and of course the entitlement crowd would too.

  12. The only thing that makes that picture of Billy and Hilly even remotely tolerable is the mere contemplation of what that same shot would look like if taken today.

  13. You don’t get special rights for a behavioral choice! It goes something like this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Equality of opportunity…not outcome. The choices you make matter. In this case, ask why someone is being treated differently and you may conclude it is because of a choice and a rather personal choice at that. Not at all meaning to say any one should be treated and differently under the law. So much for workers rights or gay rights. You can be treated differently by the choices you make. Sometimes this is called winners and losers.

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