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The Party Continues at the White House

President Obama has held only one news conference this year, but he and First Lady Michelle Obama will get their second command performance of 2012, this one to hear the songs of Burt Bacharach and Hal David sung by a variety of stars.

Bacharach and David will be awarded the 2012 Library of Congress Gershwin Price for Popular Song. Singing their works in the East Room for the Obamas will be Sheryl Crow, Michael Feinstein, Diana Krall, Lyle Lovett, Mike Myers, Rumer, Arturo Sandoval, Sheléa and Stevie Wonder.

Actually it’s not clear what Mike Myers will be doing there.

In February, the Obama’s boogied to a “celebration of the blues” performed by various music greats, including Mick Jagger and B.B. King.

In November, a group of country music stars performed.

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      Obama, Obama partying on our dime,
      Obama, Obama, just Biden our time,
      Obama. Obama, your act is a crime,
      the 2012 legitimate voting population

  1. Glad to hear that The One amd the Wife aren’t missing their recreation time. A vaycay must be coming up. I can hardly wait to live vicariously by looking at the wife prancing around in costly clothes with that entourage of relatives anf Chicago buds that she needs with her.

    1. I’m with you on this. Just knowing that the Obamas are enjoying another delightful evening will make my day all the better.
      I can’t wait to see where their next vacation will take them.


    2. I am rom Illinois. The scandals blowing out of Chicago lately are beyond prepsterous. They are sickening. Obama’s breeding ground.
      Pales in comparison to any old scandals in the past.

  2. Overheard while getting dressed for the event …

    Obama singing in front of a mirror, “This Guy’s in love with you”.

  3. MO will spend more money on her new loot dress, shoes, jewelry then most
    retired and disabled people make in a year or more.

    1. Do you know who pays for MO’s clothes for official duties? Is she given a clothing allowance? Just wondering since their adjusted income for last year was $789,674. That doesn’t leave much in the cookie jar for vacations after MO’s clothing expense.

      1. I know there are rules but they don’t apply to MO she’s entitled you
        know. Not only are they all very expensive they are never appropriate
        or do they fit. She tries to dress like a trendy 30 year old and she fails
        and we pay.

        1. Lizzy, spot on about her clothes never being appropriate. I also can’t believe how much those little shrunken cardigans cost!

      2. Clothing is supposed to be a personal expense — First Ladies are not allowed to receive clothes as gifts. Remember the trouble when Nancy Reagan was found to have taken clothing from designers.

        I’m guessing that MoochMORE has found a way to write her clothes off as a business expense. Thus the need for getting on the plane wearing one outfit, arriving in another, attending the “official work do-hickey” in a third outfit, leaving in yet another.

        Perhaps she is driving the Obamas into debt now and counting on four more years of a lifetime of speaking engagements to pay the bills later. Read that she has a credit card in a fake name and buys clothes online — perhaps why they are always too tight.

        1. One of those deluded followers said ‘no plain pants suits for Michelle’
          Well she’d be better off dressing for her age and position but they think she’s a real trend setter. She is but not in a good way.
          Wonder how they would gush if they knew they were paying?

          1. Anonna, thanks for the reminder about Nancy Reagan. I had forgotten about that. I’m sure you’re right about MO writing off her clothing expense.

            When you compare the Obama’s income with their clothing, travel and party expenses, not even a professional penny pincher could buy everything they spend with the income they reported. They may be living on credit cards but something just doesn’t calculate right.

          2. Sidwell Friends for the girls has got to be close to 100k, plus dressing them at that age isn’t cheap. Also, grandma needs to be fed and clothed….and entertained :D

  4. Bumbling Barry and the Mooch do not care how their actions appear to the taxpayers. It’s all about me me me me.

    1. I bet he sings “What the world needs now is love.” It’s a Bacharach song, and was featured in “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.”

  5. I wish somebody would make an ad showing Americans in unemployment lines and other symbols of suffering and juxtapose it with the Obama’s partying big and hearty with their Hollyweird friends. It’s hard to believe they so blatantly ignore the optics of their parties while Americans struggle to find work and pay their bills.

    1. Yes ! These RNC ads just write themselves :) I think it was iOwnTheWorld that had Obama swinging his golf club ‘shopped over scenes of disasters and hardships. There was another series with him riding his bike on Martha’s Vineyard.

  6. Not surprised to hear the grifters are throwing another taxpayer funded shindig under the guise of presenting some made up award from the Bush era. Enjoy the circle jerking with your fellow travelers while you can. We’re coming for you in November.

  7. “I’m guessing that MoochMORE has found a way to write her clothes off as a business expense.”

    Annona, I’m guessing the MOOCH is paying for all of her personal expenses, including chewing gum and putty knives for her make-up, out of campaign funds. All of the money is laundered through the Chicago boys.

    1. I’m not so sure she pays for all her personal expenses Girly1. Don’t forget the Judicial Watch documents from her Spain vacation revealed the American taxpayers ponied up about $468K for her trip which included items such as chewing gum, magazines, and several bottles of maple syrup…

  8. Keith — I just read that Michelle Obama gets $4000 a month in taxpayer money for her clothes — a clothing allowance that goes with the “office” of First Lady.

    I don’t believe this — am I wrong?

    Does the Grandmother get a salary for taking care of the Princesses Obama?


        $200,000 taxpayer dollars in four years for an expense account. What a joke, that’s $4166.6666…. a month if my sixth grade education is correct. No wonder we’re broken, another example of a needless allowance that is easily pocketed by the Holder. Would love to see the documentation on what was purchased, which should be able to see since he works for us, or is that privy to the Preezy?

      1. I remember all the uproar over the WH china. I wish we had a First Lady who dressed as well as Nancy. What grace and class she had. She never would have jumped in a sack race in the WH or rolled her sweaty self all over the carpet in the East Room for a tv show.

        1. Funny thing about Nancy Reagan was some of the designers
          were old friends from the Hollywood days. They just couldn’t
          do it out of friendship but she got nailed. Yes she had class and
          style and still does look better at her age than MO.

  9. She spends $4000 an hour on those horrible duds! I read that she spent over $3 Million on clothes in 2009 alone! The IRS should put a lien on the WH closets and jewelry cases so that everything can be raffled off to pay down the national debt! Unless she can produce receipts, she should be allowed to keep anything! She is a thief! Did Barry pay for her $50K spree at the trashy lingeree shop in NYC? Leave the thongs, MOOCH!

    1. Budgets are a non starter in this administration they just don’t bother.
      After all it’s not their money so who cares.

    1. Michelle and her “magic beans” story gets me every time. She really does believe money grows on trees or beanstalks.

  10. Keith — Is Michelle Obama’s mother receiving any kind of salary for any reason? I doubt there’s a “Grandmotherly Love” job position, but wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve inserted her onto the payroll under some job title.

    I think it’s great that the Princesses Obama have their Grandma to keep them company when The One and The Wife are flying about saving the world.

    But I would object if Grandma were being paid.

  11. Can you provide a comparability of this to past presidents? For all I know this is normal, expected, and joining it to the lack of press conferences without showing he’s spending excessive time doing parties, falls short.

    I know the answer already but I’m taking a jab at the comments and the blog in the interest in fairness.

    1. Well unless you’re Rip Van Winkle and just woke up from years of slumber, you would know this party animal behavior during a time of deep recession is not comparable to past presidents. Any other president would have been tarred and feathered by now if he/she pulled the kind of stunts these two grifters have gotten away with in our White House.

      It would take way too long to post all the details of their extravaganzas, but one really sticks in my craw. The “Alice in Wonderland” Halloween party staged by Tim Burton and hosted by Johnny Depp for the Obama girls. How selfish they must be to entertain lavishly on the taxpayers dime, while the rest of America suffers financially and spiritually under the boot of an out of control federal government.

  12. Yes, I’m adding them to my boycott list also! It’s hard to find a movie anymore that doesn’t turn me off, as the star takes on a political face. i.e., Oprah??

  13. AT age 70, all my built up equity for retirement, unfortunately in real estate, is gone!! I can hardly go to a restaurant….and we have royalty in the white house!!!

  14. I am tired of footing government parties on tax payer money. Our elected officials act as if this is one of their priveleges! This is nothing but a blatant misappropriation of funds! Impeachment should be an easy process for all these people! They do not do their job and then have the audacity to party on our dime! It’s time for them to go! In our peon lives it is called

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