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Obama Officially Launches his Campaign Saturday

I say officially because of course he’s been campaigning for months.

Here’s the schedule. Mrs. Obama will be with him.

10:35 am || Departs the White House
Noon || Arrives Columbus, Ohio
1:20 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Value City Arena-Schottenstein Center, Columbus, Ohio
2:55 pm || Departs Columbus
4:00 pm || Arrives Richmond, Virginia
4:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Verizon Wireless Arena-Stuart C. Siegel Center, Richmond
5:55 pm || Departs Richmond
6:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

59 thoughts on “Obama Officially Launches his Campaign Saturday”

  1. He can still fill arenas ? Remember, since he’s been Preezy, the only way they can get lefties to show up at any events is to pay them. :D

    1. Heard he’s got some college basketball coach as the MC of their Virginia shindig. That should attract the college kids…

        1. Boy that video makes me miss a real president. One who loves his country and cares about his fellow Americans. The Marines know better than most of us that respect is not given, it must be earned. No loyal American respects the pretender in office right now.

          1. Susan, you’re right…and we didn’t respect Clinton either. My retirement letter was signed by Clinton and I will never display it.

          1. Boy do I miss a real man, a real American loving President. Those signs ‘Miss Me Yet’ boy do I and so do our brave men and
            women in uniform I’m sure!

        2. I watched it twice hoping to get that warm feeling again because that’s the way a Commander-in-Chief should be greeted. Bush had the respect of those men and women and now we have a CIC who doesn’t deserve to have it and doesn’t get the adoration he expects.

        3. We can’t get enough of this video. Did I see 5 MILLION hits?
          Thanks so much for posting it.
          In one fell swoop, why we need our Internet, why it’s essential to follow Keith and his commenters.

  2. He’s been campaigning since 21 January 2009, the day after he was inaugurated. How appropriate that he launches his “official” campaign on the birthday of Karl Marx. That’s probably just a coincidence, right?

    1. So true, Susan. I am sick and tired of his endless campaigning. Each and every week since January 2009, BHO has headed up a traveling circus act where he hits the road to push the issue of the week. I can’t wait unitl this freak show is over and all the freaks clear out of the White House.

    1. Mari. I don’t think they do. From what I’ve read, the campaign only has to reimburse the government for the cost of a first class airfare ticket.

  3. Saturday guess we will have to pay them both overtime pay. And I bet Granny
    charges extra for working weekends screwed again and this is just the tip of
    the iceberg. Bet hey both have new wardrobes for mingling amongst the huddled masses. A Target original so as not to scare the little people:)

  4. So we started our campaign.
    Ohio, really, it seems like this guy is flying up there every other week. What is the speech going to be about? The great jobs report?
    Give me a break!
    I will get up in the morning at 2:30 to go to work, put in 10 to 12 hrs ({I feel lucky to have a good paying manufatoring job at this point) .
    There has to be some kind of Official remarkes or shaking a VETS hand at the airport for less then 5 min,
    How else can then WTF campain bill this to the TAX PAYER?

  5. The poor man, you can’t blame him. bless his heart, The only thing he’s ever done is campaign, campaign and some more champaigning for whatever our causes are at the time.

    Bill Ayers

  6. Wait a sec, has anyone ever Questioned why it is that Air Force One only can fly as far as Ohio, Virginia, or Iowa, etal.? Well California when money is low.

    1. Actually, he’s going to California next week, May 10th for fundraisers including the George Clooney one, AND then again on June 6th for an LGBT fundraiser:

      WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama will be in California on May 10 for a series of fund-raisers–including at George Clooney’s house–which may bring in a record amount of campaign cash–and returns on June 6 for a high-end event aimed at the gay community.

      1. June 6th why does that ring a bell? Oh he’s so stupid he’s missing a
        date to remember as we all know how he loves pandering to the military. I would be safe in saying the decision Eisenhower made far
        out weighed the photo op of Bin laden he was just there to finish up
        what many other brave souls had already done the heavy lifting on.

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  8. One thing we know and that is Obama will not have time for golf Saturday. Perhaps Sunday instead… I think I saw that next week he’s going to fly around the country to campaign Mon,Tue,Thur and Friday. Maybe he’ll be scouting for new vacay places to take MO this summer.

      1. Thanks, Snark. They’re expecting ol’ George’s party to pull in big money. Will be interesting to see if it does.

        I made an error in my previous post. Obama won’t be traveling Monday.

      2. LGBT – please! I can be very tolerant and accepting, but I refuse to promote.

        OT – I feel so much empathy for the parents with school age children these days. If you don’t have the money and resources to home school, you are stuck with today’s forced promote/include alternative live-style doctrine. No one but ME (the parents) should be explaining sex to my grade-school age child.

  9. With his campaign slogan of “Forward,” all that is need is a catchy theme song playing in the background. How about AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell?”

  10. When was the last time we had an incumbent POTUS who made such a spectacle of himself??? The exhibitionist-in-chief is now trying to fill 20,000 seat sports arenas….and his fugly wife is going along for the ride! It’s obscene!

    Obama-mania, aka the Cult of Personality, is brainwashing the masses! He has been in our face every single day for 3.5 years – reinforcing his brand. We have all become Pavlovian dogs! With only six months to go, I fear the worst! We could become a monarchy over-night!

      1. I hadn’t thought of that — it’s true — he’s prez when she’s conceived and I suppose her ashes are spread in MoochMORE’s veg garden while still-prez BO looks on. LOL!

  11. Obama filed for re-election one year ago. He’s had 130 fundraisers since that time. But only now he’s starting his campaign? It’s going to be a long 6 months until November.

  12. And where are the kids now that Mommy and Daddy are touring the United States. Who is watching them, It cant be Grandma because she still lives in the cold water flat in Chi town. Isnt that what Michelle said, and you know she would not lie.

      1. Well based on my college age sons,given a choice between a Cinco De Mayo party and listening to Obama’s campaigning,the party wins out everytime.

  13. I hear the stadiums are half empty. Ha, ha – for a totally empty suit. Possibly are the kool-aide colored glasses coming off? ABO 2012

  14. Just returned from my son’s graduation at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio — Paul Ryan’s alma mater, BTW). In his remarks, Miami’s president recapped some national events since the undergrads started four years ago. There was some applause (mostly from graduates) for the election of the first African-American president — but noticeably more applause (again, mostly from graduates) because there are now three women on the Supreme Court. Interesting.

  15. OMG! I don’t even know how to describe it, but MOOCH is trying to imitate Ann Romney.

    There was a clip on the news tonight from the Ohio rally wherein the ever graceful (NOT) Moo Cow rushed on stage to hug Obama after he concluded his remarks. She is trying (unsuccessfully, I might add) to telegraph Ann Romney’s enthusiam and sparkling personaliity!! She didn’t just run onto the state – she skipped onto the stage. She threw her arms around Obama so hard, she nearly knocked him over. He lost his balance. Instead of letting go of her bear hug, she kept holding him and kissing him and smiling at the same time!

    She has NEVER acted like this before – she usually has the signature frown on her face. This was a sight to behold!!! She was actually jumping up and down like a schoolgirl as she grabbed Obama in the bear hug! I watched it 3x – it was so hilarious! She must REALLY be worried about Mrs. Romney taking her crown away!

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