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Video || NBC Sit Room Special on Bin Laden Killing

I thought you might want to see a little bit of this NBC special that aired last night.

I’m disgusted that the Situation Room was opened up to cameras without a compelling news reason. I’m sure many of you are too.

It also appears NBC repays the favor by buying into the White House line that President Obama is much more to thank for the killing of Bin Laden that George W. Bush.

The piece, you’ll note, states falsely that the first big break in the case came in 2010. Actually, it was years before, during the Bush presidency, when the existence and then the identity of Bin Laden’s courier was uncovered using interrogation techniques Obama has since outlawed. The courier led us to Bin Laden.

Also, I noticed, the number of people who advised Obama to go ahead with the mission seems to be growing retrospectively. In January, Biden – who by the way looks kind of ill in last night’s video – said that only Defense Secretary Panetta, then CIA director, gave a clear nod to send in the SEALs. In the NBC special, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now listed as being on the right side of history.

Anyway, this is an exercise in self-promotion, both for Obama and NBC. But it contains some interesting information, so I put Part 1 of it up here for you to see.

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If you want to watch the rest of it, you can find it here.

37 thoughts on “Video || NBC Sit Room Special on Bin Laden Killing”

  1. “NBC News” = Obama propaganda.

    I DO NOT ‘trust’ or ‘watch’ anything for NBC/MSNBC “news” when it comes to Obama “reporting”… Its all Obama propaganda.

      1. Exactly William ! If i had just landed on this planet & knew not who the
        panderer-in-chief was,by that picture, he would be the LAST dude you’d think is the one in charge… a light weight like him would pass for a WH janitor only

    1. Exactly! He was on the golf course so he would have cover if something went wrong with the operation. He looks like the kid at the adult’s table

    2. They explained that Obama played golf so nobody would suspect anything was going on. I don’t believe that for one minute. I bet they had to drag him off the golf course.

  2. Didn’t see it.

    1. Refuse to watch any “news” on NBC and can’t remember the last time I watched a non sporting event on that network. I doubt I’ll watch much Olympic coverage because they’ll keep working Obama into that, too.
    2. Was watching the O’s kick Yankee butt for the second night in a row when I wasn’t watching
    3. The Caps and Rangers and that heart-breaking 3rd OT loss for the Caps.

    1. I pretty much stay away from NBC as well. They make it easy. I think they are so busy with their Obama Love, their programming is the joke of the industry.
      That may change, tho, even tho they are bleeding money, they are paying huge bucks for some top producers and show creators.

  3. Thanks, anyway. I didn’t watch the show last night and I’m not going to watch any of it today. I’m glad binLaden is dead, but it would have been much better if it meant the end of terrorism, but it didn’t.

    Just as MrO’s trip to Afganistan and an agreement to have an agreement isn’t the end of our involvement there in terms of military presence and our
    money, the death of one terrorist hasn’t changed a thing in our lives.

  4. The program confirmed that NBC and Brian Williams have no interest in solid, old-fashioned, professional journalism. Brian Williams’ questions (and that term is a very charitable description of his comments) were not designed to elicit any information that is useful to us as citizens; rather, he merely fawned over the President and Secretary of State and served as a conduit for their self-congratulatory comments. Adm. McMullen seemed to be an unwilling participant; I wonder how they induced him to participate in the program. I wonder what he thinks of the end product.
    Another thing that I found interesting was that the White House obviously had videographers present as the President, Vice President and others spoke in the immediate aftermath of the operation and made calls informing others of the operation. With the videographers present, I wonder how the White House ever planned to preserve the secrecy of some aspects of the operation, such as which special operations team conducted the operation. I think the program made it obvious that the White House never intended to preserve any secrecy.
    But all that said, this is not the first time cameras have been permitted into the Situation Room. I remember a program, which I believe aired on the History Channel, in which cameras went into the Situation Room. I specifically recall someone demonstrating how glass could be fogged up in order to give people meeting in a side room some privacy.And people working at computer stations were shown. I think the program may have been filmed during the Bush Administrtion; in any event the person giving the tour of the Situatio Room was from the Bush Administration.

    1. The Bush Library in College Station, TX has a replica Camp David office and Situation Room. Makes me think that might be where you saw it. The real Situation Room has never been opened to a television crew before the narcissist in chief came along.

          1. I thought of that. And NBC owns part of the History Channel. Just shows you what kind of research NBC does. Or maybe it is willing to ignore facts to glorify itself.

  5. It makes sense that the Peacock would do this kind of reporting. Immelt is an adviser to Obama, and the CEO of GE. GE still own a chunk of NBC, and has its corp. office in 30 Rock, the same place NBC is located.

    If anyone in the nation still believes that NBC and its spin-offs are not the Pravda of Obama, then they are id-ten-ts and should have their voting rights terminated.

    1. Funny you mention the Rock. Rockefeller center or plaza, whatever it’s called was built with the Rockefeller STANDARD OIL fortune, I believe. And now these buffoons (NBC, MSNBC, WHITE HOUSE and other Libidiots are condemning the oil giants for their evil ways. ODD but believable from the Left.

  6. steve
    “Here’s something that I saw pointed out yesterday, that I had missed a year ago when this picture first appeared. Look at this picture of the situation room. The threw a jacket on him to hide it, but President Obama is wearing a golf shirt! He was actually playing golf when Panetta made the call.”

    One of the military commentators also pointed out that Obama is not even sitting in the Commander-in-Chief’s chair – one of the Generals is sitting there. It took so long to get him off the golf course – they stuck him in the back on the side. To me, he looks like an erramd boy who wandered into the wrong room! What a disgrace!

  7. I just saw the last 2 min-wouldn’t comment but the wall brian w was standing in front of looked real dirty-time for 409?

  8. Intelligence from Bin Laden released to public — Cannot get paperwork on F&F, Solyndra — wh Guests — MOs vacations – Os political speech trips — Os college transcripts or any other information. Wants to release American Missle defense to Russia, primed to reduce our nukes below Russia’s and China’s. Defends Wright, Sharpton, Holder, Fluke, Democrats, Occupiers, etc. but no support for Tea Party, Palin, Rush, Republicans, Independents,etc. Gives lip service to our military while decreasing their benefits, numbers and ignoring their deaths. Uses them for photo ops and MOs political use. Touts GM’s profits – doesn’t disclose they not only paid NO taxes, they sent jobs out of country.

    Says against war but uses drones like others use breath mints. Believes in freedom and liberty while creating more regulations and restrictions than any other administration.

    This is not a special, it is an American president selling out his country and using our military, our journalists, our elected officials, and foreign nations to see it is done. Our once objective, neutral media are now in the hip pocket of this administration their lips are bleeding from the kissing of the posterior.

  9. I tried to watch this just now, I got about 1 & 1/2 minutes into it when the USA cheering started. I remember those cheers back during the first two conflicts with Iraq. In no way was anyone cheering for Obama despite what they would have us believe. This is the most despicable self promoting farce I’ve ever seen. The first time any cameras have been in the situation room, and for good reason, Wolf Blitzer’s propaganda show notwithstanding! And now the trip to Afghanistan to sign what? More theater. Is it me or do I smell desperation?

  10. WAIT! Where are Beyonce’ and Jayz? Someone promised me they would be there in the Situation Room. Can anyone be absolutely sure that the B and the Jz weren’t in on that decision?
    I think you’re funnin’ with me. I think that decision to go after o/uwhatshisface was made months before with B and J-z.

  11. Question for the Prez but was never asked: Where were you sittting in the Situation room when you passively watched the Iranian authorities beat the Green Movement supporters into submission in June 2009?
    Followup question: Where your feet on the table?

  12. Where is O’Rambo when a blind Chinese dissident asks for asylum? Well…he gets his toady to tell the WH press corps to talk to the State Department. At the same time Hillary gives a speech in China and pretends shes never heard of the guy before. As Romney said this afternoon… “If these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom.” Evidently when the going gets tough, Mr. Gutsy Call has a Cinco De Mayo party…

  13. Thank you, Keith, for the opportunity to watch, but is there a transcript anywhere? I don’t think I have the strength to watch Obama worship.

    NBC is the group that has fired two (or is it three) people for editing the 911 call that Zimmerman made about Trayvon Martin. They took out the 911 operator’s question that prompted Zimmerman to make a guess as to Martin’s race. The edit made it look as if Zimmerman brought up Martin’s race on his own.

    The identity of the first person that NBC says it let go has never been revealed — why? Then they let go two more people whose names have been revealed. What is it about the first person that needs to be kept hidden?

    Can’t stomach watching this NBC production when I know about what they were willing to do to Zimmerman.

    1. NBC anagram actual meaning : “Nothing But Crap”
      And what is a peacock good for?
      Peacocks are ground-feeders that eat insects, plants, and small creatures.
      That’s us folks as per the Obama Abomination.

  14. And once more history is rewritten by the Democratic spinsters.
    There are only one bunch of folks who deserve credit, they are the Seal6 troops and the support elements. The political rectal anuli who spout how important their thoghts would not make a pimple on the butt of any of the doers.

  15. So many question on this made for TV campaign special but I will just comment on 3. In the first room they all gather in why didn’t they save a chair for the President? If the room the president moved to was better why were they all in the poorer room with all the covert equipment up and running? Since so much of the work was done on Gate’s watch why wasn’t he present or at least interviewed on TV? A general comment would involve Obama’s displeasure over torture but his willingness to assassinate suspected terrorist with reported civilian deaths on a continues basis sure leads one to believe this was a kill not a capture mission!

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