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RNC: From Hope and Change to Hype and Blame

The Republican National Committee is about to roll out a multi-day campaign charging that President Obama is bereft of achievements and rich in broken promises, and so the only thing he has left to run on is “hype and blame.”

The effort looks like an extended full court press of the type the Obama campaign/White House has been making with respect to its own campaign themes, like the Buffett Rule and the killing of Bin Laden, which each went on for about a week.

From an RNC official:

Over the next few days we’ll be laying out the messaging with several tactics going out tomorrow including a messaging conference call with the RNC, OH and VA state parties tomorrow, selling bumper stickers with a Hype and Blame landing page, digital advertising and fundraising strategy, research pieces, full court press on TV and radio, op-eds, state party engagement, etc.

The campaign will even have its very own bumper sticker, which the RNC is using as a fundraising tool at $10 apiece.

Hope and change bumper sticker

The new messaging drive suggests the Republicans are going to try to go beyond reacting to various Obama salvos and attempt to drive the conversation while putting the White House on the defensive.

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  1. There is a saying in the art of boxing that you can’t just knock down the Champ, you have to knock him out. The same goes for unseating the the current President.

    MrO has made too many enemies on both sides of the aisle and will find that only his cronys and inner circle will be in his corner this election.

  2. This Pressintent(sic) will be surprised at the amount of Americans who are not in love with him this election year despite them saying he’s the 4th best Pressintent.. The masses will reject the Obama/Biden message at the polls.

    • I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I hope the polls continue to make it look like a tight race all the way to election day and then, BHO and the Dems get a complete SHOCK when Romney scores a big and decisive win. I want them absolutely shocked, dumfounded, and completely depressed. I think I might even have to lift my embargo on MSNBC and Chris Matthews just so I can see Chris crying that night!

    • It’s not that easy. He may well win again. Why? One word: unions.

      Both private and public unions are going to be 100% behind Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid, because that’s where they get all their goodies. Do you really think that Federal workers are going to vote for someone who’s likely to cut the size of government, or take away their rule-making powers?

      And the unions have mastered (for decades) the arts of gentle persuasion.

  3. I’ve never been much of a fan of bumper stickers, but I think I want this one. I’m just SO fed up!

    My husband and I were just talking about bumper stickers earlier this evening, and remembering how in 2008 we saw many BHO bumper stickers, signs, and posters. Six months out, we have yet to see ANY this year. We were wondering how it is in the rest of the country.

    So, my fellow commentators – are any of you seeing BHO bumper stickers where you live? Quite a bit, very few, or none so far?

      • cindy, I think that is practical. I would literally be afraid of a bumper sticker or sign in front of the house these days. The left is starting to go more bonkers than usual.

        • Sadly I agree but it only applies to one side. Never thought it would be so politically vitriolic you couldn’t even put a bumper sticker on without fear of what might happen. The left must be so proud.

          • I won’t put this on my car for two reasons. First, fear – unfortunately, yes, in Maryland I would fear having this on my car. Idaho or Wyoming, not so much…

            Second, I’m not supporting the RNC with any money. I don’t like some of the RINOs they support so I’ll donate to individual candidates instead.

          • I’m with you on the RNC Mari. Stopped sending them money in 2008 when the foisted McCain on us. Now I give directly to the candidates I want to see in office or to PACs I trust. No more RINO supporting for me…

    • Snark, I’m in NJ the democrat capital of the east (sort of like the wicked witch of the east) and I’ve seen a few but not nearly as many as in 08. Maybe as it gets closer, but I’m not feeling the electricity in the air like before.

      • Oh, no you didn’t just try to steal the title of “democrat capital of the east” from Maryland. We have you so beat that it’s not funny. We have O’MALLEY for God’s sake! At least you have a Republican governor in Christie. Us? We’re going to have a special legislative session, probably next week, to raise taxes on high-wage earners – 100K if single and 150K if married. That’s not high-wage earners in Maryland – that’s middle-class. They also want to raise the sales tax from 6 to 7% and the gas tax (because it’s not as high as some states and we have to aim for number 1, you know!) but they’re leery of raising those, too.

        Why do we need new taxes and a special session? Well, the tax increases didn’t get past in the regular session earlier this year because the Senate President was delaying votes to get a new gambling bill passed and we need new taxes to avoid the DOOMSDAY budget (democrats’ words, not mine) that contains cuts of – OH MY GOD – 500 thousand dollars!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you this is a cut of 500 thousand from the proprosed increase of 1.5 billion over last year’s budget, so our DOOMSDAY budget is 1 billion over last year’s, but it’s DOOMSDAY alright!

        Now give us our title back!

        • Please, take it! I don’t want to ever hold the title again, but…

          Senators Menedez and Laughtenberg
          Ex Governor Corzine
          Passaic County (enough coruption in that one county for everyone)
          Newark, Trenton and Camden always on the top 10 of worst cities in the country
          Already have a 7% sales tax (we did get them to repeal it on toilet paper)
          Abbott school districts (redistribution of our property taxes)
          Highest auto insurance rates in the country (yes, we like being #1, too!)

          Christie is beginning to roll some of that back, but I fear if he decides to run for higher office we’ll end up with another democrat as governor. That may win us our title back, but maybe by then we can move somewhere else.

          • Senators Mikulski and Cardin AND we have STENNY HOYER – win for us
            Current governor O’Malley – win for us
            Prince George’s County – the former county executive and his wife, elected to the council, both convicted of corruption – tie
            Baltimore – slight win for you because you have more
            Taxes – probably tied
            Thornton – some damn school funding thing that pays money to certain districts (Baltimore, PG County, etc.) AND our school districts are not ALLOWED to spend less than the previous year even if savings are found – at least a tie
            Auto insurance – you are only #18 according to a 3/23 survey by Insurance Networking News while we are #10 but has you higher – tie
            Proximity to DC – WIN for MARYLAND!

    • In ’08 I had a “NObama ’08” magnet in the rear window of my car. Parked it at work, and came out to find the car egged. Thank God I’m a cheap SOB, and the car was ten years old, and the paint already sucked. The area of town I live in is a solid Democrat stranglehold so no bumper stickers or yard signs. Don’t need the car egged or the house shot up with paint balls like the last election.

    • I live about 20 miles from Philadelphia -haven’t seen any signs or bumper stickers (yet). The only think I keep on my car is the one from Media Research Center “Don’t believe the Liberal Media”. I’ve gotten a few thumbs up from it.

  4. I’m not sure about ‘Hype and Blame – 2012’. It doesn’t define the Romney campaign. How about ‘Stop the Blame Game – Romney 2012′. Actually, I’m not quite sure what Romney stands for yet….this election is a repeat of ’08 – Anyone but Bush! Too bad the bumper stickers can’t read “Anyone But Obama’! That’s really what it’s all about.

  5. Stealing his “O”, which I always thought he stole from Pepsi, is priceless. Bet that ticks the algae king and his drones off more than some lame GO Romney bumper sticker. My husband is a lifetime member of the NRA and he got a big orange “DEFEAT OBAMA” bumper sticker from their PAC in the mail yesterday. It’s going on his SUV today. We live in the country and our community is sparsely populated, so unless we venture into Austin none of his drones will vandalize the car. So far there are no pro Obama signs or stickers in sight, although in 2008 quite a few of my fellow Texans were besotted by the dictator wannabe.

    • I am in the mountains of northern NM and saw a bumpersticker that covered the entire back bumper of a Ford F-150 ( sucker was huge!!)
      OneBigAssMistakeAmerica. I think the O is in seriously deep sh#t.


    Look at the picture and then read the comments. Notice the young woman
    standing next to MO she’s a warrior look at her Patriotic prosthetic limb it’s
    red,white and blue. As they all gush over MO not one mention of the brave young woman who gave a limb for her country and is proud enough of her country to show it these women can’t see any further than MO so it just shows
    what type of person the Obama’s attract. Shameful.

  7. I think it is too negative. While we know the current administration doesn’t have a record to run on, the Republications should focus on what they can do, not what hasn’t been done.