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Quote of the Day || May 2, 2012

“Yesterday I was in Afghanistan. Today it’s fundraisers in Washington. Two days in a row of campaigning is a lot.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

11 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 2, 2012

  1. Back home from the theatrical performance abroad.
    On the bright side: 1 It happened early this year and the images will disappear long before the election 2. Some grumbling about this even in the Democratic camp, for example Arianna Huffingtons reaction.
    It was so obvious and shameless, even the more gullible among the voters may start to think.
    I hope Romney ignores it, pats Obama on the shoulder a little fatherly and says ” Now my boy, let´s start discussing the serious issues of today. The unemployment….etc.”

  2. ….Sorry about that…computer glitch!

    Last night, CNN’s Kabul correspondent, Nick Paton Walsh on the Piers Morgan show, contradicted everything Obama said about the Taliban coming to the table. He said tensions have escalated greatly in the past 4 months – there were never any formal talks to begin with! There are no plans for unification with the Taliban – they are just waiting for the U.S. to leave.

    Obama is a liar and a fraud! One by one, the high-ranking military ops are starting to criticize Obama for presenting a false picture of what is really happening on the ground in Afghan – and it’s not a pretty picture! This will backfire – big time!

  3. A presidential first: Obama gives a shout out to himself during his speech to the troops at Bagram yersterday. He does his usual so and so is in the house shtick then includes himself:

    THE PRESIDENT: We’ve got Task Force Paladin in the house. (Hooah!) And we’ve got Task Force Defender in the house. (Hooah!) And we’ve got me in the house.
    Me: (Hooey)