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New Political Ad Skewers Obama’s Bin Laden Boast

This is a very effective ad by a group called Veterans for a Strong America that scrambles the music behind President Obama’s Bin Laden Death Victory Dance.

I’m not exactly sure what this group is or who is funding them, but if they continue to produce ads like this, they’re going to be a serious problem for the Obama campaign. The ad is both timely and extremely well done.

John Hudson at The Atlantic is already charging that this is the beginning of the “Swift Boating” of Barack Obama. This implies not only that there’s a lot of money behind it, but that there’s something unfair about it. If that’s so, I’d like to know what it is.

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51 thoughts on “New Political Ad Skewers Obama’s Bin Laden Boast”

  1. There is nothing unfair about exposing the lies and hypocrisy of Obama, Obiden, Mooch, and all the other scum that make up this administration. They are anti-American.

  2. The ad is correct, true heroes do not seek fame or glory. The men and women of our armed forces, law enforcement community, and first responders do heroic things everyday, and do quietly slip back into the shadows of their jobs.

    I have known many in all three fields that have paid a price with their body’s, their minds, and their souls to protect our nation and communities. Their rewards have been shattered bodies, nightmares that will not leave their minds, and a loss within themselves, always questioning decisions they have made. But, I have never met one that has regretted putting on a uniform, be it camo, turnout gear, or one with a badge.

    That is the problem of having leaders (politicians) that have never had to face an enemy eye to eye. To many in Washington have never had to make the decision of pulling a trigger or not; to run into a burning building; to know that all around you there are those that hate you simply because you are doing your job.

    DEVGRU is the best of the best, and deserve our thanks. Their sacrifices and courage should never be used as photo-ops for Beltway gangsters and DC thugs (sorry, politicians).

  3. Barack Hussein Obama = has anyone ever seen his “college records” from Columbia Univ. ~OR~ Harvard Law…?
    Just curious, because Everyone in the “media” made a big deal about Kerry (“swift-boat”) and Bush (“National Guard”) so-called Records.
    Yet? NO ONE has a clue about Obama’s “background”????

  4. It has a very powerful message, and demolishes his effort to take credit for the Osama mission. Bet it really puts a damper on his O’Rambo movie that is supposedly debuting in October.

    The group doesn’t appear to be aligned with any political party, which leads me to believe they are an offshoot of the Tea Party.

  5. Thanks for posting, Keith! Brilliant ad.
    Thanks to all who serve. We’ve taught our Kids and Grands: always step up and say “Thanks for serving”: the Military, the Cops, the Firemen.

  6. Kerry took three purple hearts in Vietnam, never spending ONE SINGLE DAY in sick bay, asked for and recieved a transfer, based on those three awards, to Washington D.C., as a “naval attache”.

    Some of his fellow serving Naval officers, from the same squadron, took offense at his calling them rapists, baby killers, and murders, in front of the nation on television when he got home.

    He deserved an ass kicking along with his political failure.

    Obama can’t be “swiftboated”.

    That would involve golf caddies, car valets, hawaiian shave ice merchants, and Kobe beef distributors.

    Way to complicated.

  7. Excellent ad!!! Very effective, using “the president’s” and Ole Bill’s words against them. Particularly like the use of Barry’s mantra of “I, I, I” . . .

  8. Kudos!!! It’s all about his megalomania!

    I would love to see an ad from his victory lap/speech in Grant Park. It was eerier than all get out. It wasn’t just the styrofoam Greek columns, it was the fact that The One ended up SOLO on the stage while he gave his teleptormper acceptance speech. His wife and daughters marched on and off the stage like props in a movie – never uttering a word. When everyone who counted had finished their ‘walk-on and off” – the music reached a crescendo and The One appeared from out of the heavens! It looked like a Spielberg production!

    Obama is the only POTUS in modern history who delivereda teleprompter acceptance speech without being surrounded by friends and family. It was All about Him! Everyone else was a prop!

    This guy, Obama, is a fake and a fraud! He shares the stage with no one! Everything is a Hollywood production. There must be an ‘artisitic director’ on the payroll!. Spike Lee? Harpo Productions? Someone is orchestrating all this crap for him!

      1. Thanks for this and the twitter info, Susan! The twitter hash tag is fun and that article by Cashill is quite interesting!

  9. He walked right into being Swiftboated and hopefully he will get the same
    thing Kerry got got for their despicable acts of hubris and taking credit for others bravery. Swift away Barney Fife has used his only bullet on this
    act of stupidity and Sheriff Andy can’t save him now.

  10. It’s a good ad and achieves it’s intended goal. And it is NOT unfair!
    But it also is not going to win an election. Romney has to show the American people why he is a better choice than Obama for what really matters to them. I’m afraid that for all of the suckers who bought Obama’s line 3 & 1/2 years ago, ads like this don’t mean much. It may also risk alienating some others who might buy into the liberal press as they crucify this ad and those who produced it. Were this a democrat ad, it probably would win an award.

  11. Glad to see this up. We are blessed to have these guys and they deserve the credit and our support and respect.

    That said, lots of fun going around about Obama’s “composite girlfriend”. Not such a great image for the One Who Spikes — tough guy with a composite girlfriend. Kinda like eating mongrel.

    1. One more thing…Over at Instapundit there is reader comment

      “Similarly, the dog he ate was a composite too. It wasn’t one dog, it was an amalgam of many breeds, like casserole.”

      Sometimes it’s just good to take a laugh break. I’m done.

      1. It is great to laugh every once in a while gracepmc. Twitter hashtag #ObamaCompositeGirlFriendNames is trending right now…

        1. I saw your post after I did mine. You are right the composite girlfriend twitter hashtag is funny. It will have a good run, just like those poor pups! :) And speaking of pups — I like Poochelle. Just sayin’. :)

    2. Maybe he had to make up the girlfriends because there weren’t any. Where are they all? Why aren’t they trying to cash in on knowing the President? Who is this guy anyway?

    3. I really like “The One Who Spikes”–VERY nicely done. (of course, he’s so vain, he’d probably take that as a compliment.)

  12. The question now is whether the o is also just a composite? I always thought he was muttish, even before the dog -eating.
    But/and how does this “composite” differ from Taqiyya?

  13. old and in the way

    Well Done ! That gave me more hope there will be change come November.
    This is exactly the right time to do this. Love, Love ,Love it!!!

  14. I cannot imagine anyone over the age of 12 nor west of the Mississippi River (including Arkansas and Texas) being impressed by this infantile crap.
    It would sway no one, certainly not a democrat.
    It may sway a Republican to disassociate themselves from a party that has nothing more constructive to say than this.
    How sad.
    Who did it? The eighth grade film class at Andrew Breitbart High School?

    1. Truth hurts Rudy? Your hero is a narcissistic megalomaniac and he will break your heart. You can try to convince yourself we are all immature and dumb as a box of rocks, but that doesn’t change the fact that Obama is a colossal failure as president.

    2. that’s funny. I was just saying to myself “Our brave servicemen and their valor is something we can all agree on. who could POSSIBLY not like this very powerful ad?”

      now we know. morons like you!

    3. It’s hard hitting, and straight to the point. Barry attempted to seize credit for the hard work of others, and dis-credited himself and the office of President.

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