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Obama’s Palm Outstretched Tonight to the One Percent

Class warfare is suspended for the evening.

A total of about 50 people gave $40,000 each to President Obama tonight at two fundraisers in Washington. Presumably all were checked beforehand to see if they had been speculating in the oil market.

Obama’s $2 million evening was spent at the swank W Hotel in Washington. Like Obama, the place is cool.

Remember, as you watch all the pleadings for three dollar donations: These folks from the good side of the tracks are the people the Obama 2012 campaign needs the most. And to the extent campaign is holding so many dinner raffles and Meet George Clooney contests, it’s because it is not getting enough rich people to pony up.

But not this week. Combined with fundraisers Obama held with Bill Clinton Sunday, the nice folks have already donated more than $4 million to Obama. That’s a lot of raffle tickets.

Gosh, I hope they aren’t donating money they had left over from paying taxes at a rate lower than their secretaries.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Palm Outstretched Tonight to the One Percent”

  1. Classic. Do as I say not as I do. The $3 fundraising is only to drive up participation and thus hide the money transfers from the millions laundered in green energy etc etc. Have they ever turned on the website tracking to ensure donations are legit? I don’t think so.
    Go ahead sign up for the indoctrination newsletters and the chance to dine with royalty: George Clooney! Seriously? George? Like George is a substitute for substance? (no offense George…but money doesn’t mean you are smart and neither does acting.) With regrets, a liberal and their money are soon parted. And that my friends is why they come for yours!

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  3. Simply stated, OSHYSTER gave taxpayer money, for whatever the reason to these Libidiots, some of which was relegated to be returned as donations to the 2012 election campaign.
    You know I got a 6Th grade education and figured that out..

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