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Michelle: We are “Blessed” to Have Barack

First Lady Michelle Obama invoked religious imagery again in offering praise for her husband, asserting Tuesday that the nation was “blessed” to have him.

Speaking at a fundraiser in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Michelle described the financial and professional difficulties of President Obama’s mother and grandmother. And then she added:

So believe me, Barack knows what it means when a family struggles.  He knows what it means when someone doesn’t have a chance to fulfill their potential.  Those are the experiences that have made him the man, and, more importantly, the President he is today.  And we are blessed to have him.

Ironically, Michelle is giving literal meaning to the name Barack, which is derived from African and Arabic words meaning “blessing.”

Michelle’s remark comes just two weeks after she alleged that “this President has brought us out of the dark and into the light.”

The Chosen One will hold two fundraisers in Washington today.

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  1. Obama has NO clue what it means to struggle. He has never had to struggle to make ends meet for a family or for a business.

    He’s never had to struggle.


      • Fantastic link.

        In 2005, the shelled out $1.65 million for their “humble” home.

        From Zillow (the real estate site)
        In 2004, Barack’s wife, Michelle, was on the board of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks and in this capacity, learned of a designated historical home in Kenwood that was for sale — the home and the adjacent land at 5046 South Greenwood.
        …a Historical Georgian revival home built in 1910 with four fireplaces, glass-door bookcases fashioned from Honduran mahogany, and a 1,000-bottle wine cellar.

        • Do they still own the Chicago home ? They never go back for visits and maybe I missed the mortgage deductions on the 2011 tax form?

          I think they were asked about it and replied it disrupted the neighborhood too much. YET, they have no qualms disrupting everyone else’s neighborhoods on their paycayshuns :D

      • >>But in 2005, Obama’s book sales soared and the royalties poured in. Michelle explained, “It was like Jack and his magic beans.”<<

        That explains their spending.. They really do think they have a magic bean tree! No wonder she wanted a WH garden!!!

        Thanks for that link Denise!

    • That’s not exactly true, he struggles when it comes to writing and speaking, despite being the world-renowned genius that they keep telling us he is. Oh, he also seems to struggle a great deal in understanding the Constitution,the Presidency, economics, and rule of law.

        • And he struggles to restrain from bowing to muslim kings, apologizing for the country he reaps his undeserved benefits from, and making nice with islamic leaders of nations who murder their own people.
          But then again, this all seems so “natural ” to him….

    • Right you are. She should keep that
      arrogant mouth of hers shut.
      They are both affirmative action
      mistakes and neither has ever held
      a real job. These two are the biggest
      frauds ever created.

      • Obama’s the main attraction at the freak show. “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat. ” – George Carlin.

  2. Of course, YOU are blessed Michelle, to have him. Look at all the freebies you are getting because he is the president.

    You are both shameless in how you spend the taxpayers’ money.

    You disgust me.

  3. Think I’ll go with the Hebrew translation of Barak – “lightning” as in …

    “I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven.”

  4. See “New Lies for Old”, by Anatoliy Golytzen to understand all the liberal pap. The whole liberal philosophy is built on lies. We are not blessed to have Baraka. We are cursed. Pray for him: “Let his days be few, and let another take his office”. Psalms 109:8

  5. I feel so blessed, thanks to Oamacare the cost of me and my kids insurance has almost doubled!

    Obama’s soingle mom made like 6 figures with her housing allowance and his grandma was VP of a bank.

    When did Obama do without anything?!?!?

  6. Maybe we could ‘bless’ China or North Korea and give Obama to one of them. I am sure he and Michelle would feel more comfortable there.

  7. Blessed? The worst economy in history, an evasive, monolithic, corrupt out of control government. Guess being “Blessed” is no longer a good thing..

      • Let’s see…$5 trillion added to the deficit in 3 years? No budget in 3 years? Half a billion taxpayer dollars lost to Solyndra and billions more given to his fellow travelers and campaign donors? Yep, I’d have to say that’s a roger, Rudy. He brought us to where we are today, and he’s trying to drag us right off the cliff to economic failure.

  8. Barack actually is the name of mohammed’s winged horse that he rode on to destroy Jerusalem. He is named after the vehicle the muslims used to take down civilized society…ironic isn’t it?

  9. Is the info I saw incorrect? It said that Hussein’s tuition was paid for as if it were a sort of foreign student assistance, could be wrong just like everything else about this phony usurper. Anyway, God is the one who decides who is blessed & who is damned, my gut says that bozO fits into the second category.

  10. She’s in Albuquerque on a fund raiser? Who’s paying for her trip, Barry’s “pot” money or the taxpayers?

    I hope the people finally realize he is an illegal alien in office, not simply the first black president of our nation.

    It would be great if you could actually identify him to know who you was voting for.

  11. Make me vomit I cant wait for this antichrist, muslim, non-american, life killing, job killing, bastard to be ridiculed for the total failure, impostor he is. Now I feel better. Have a great day!!!

  12. Oh, I get it……so she’s saying that HE…..has brought us into the light???

    Oh, really? I hate to rain on her parade but when you turn on the lights all the cockroaches scurry away.

  13. Blessed to have a Communist/Socialist President? Really, How did he get through 2 or 3 of the most expensive Universities in the country with out working a day in his life when his father was a Kenyan Government Official and he was supported by EXELON, David Axlerod and the Saudi Government. Give me a break .And you Michelle what is your background? I don`t think you had it very rough either.

  14. I did not vote for Obama and will not again, but I would expect a wife to support her husband. I’m tired of the vitriol from BOTH sides. The ” spew” is repugnant on here. I long for a return to the America where we could disagree respectfully. The division is strangling us. God help us.

    • Of course a woman is going to support her husband. But to say we are “blessed” to have him is to display an arrogance that is simply off the charts.

      And it leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth given their behavior on the taxpayer’s dime in view of the economy.

      She may be “blessed” to have him, but the rest of us aren’t faring so well.

    • The problem is that if he stays in office, the America you remember will never survive. The vitriol you see on these posts are people expressing their digust with the losses of freedom we are experiencing and the death of our country at the Obama’s hands. So don’t criticize your fellow countrymen for their outrage.

  15. About the only blessing we have in him as President is to see what we don’t need as a President and to see what happens when we elect someone with his liberal views and lack of experience for the job.

  16. The First (Fellow) Traveler is merely referring to her ability to whistle up her own vacation transport rather than wait for hubby to finish work –

  17. “Speaking at a fundraiser in Albuquerque, New Mexico”

    Well MOOCHIE how much did this fundraising trip cost us the taxpayers this time??

  18. Remember when Obama made the statement after he was elected “the oceans will rise and the planet will heal”, well the only things that rose were the debt, foreclosures, devaluation of the dollar, unemployment, and more people dependent on the government. Now Michelle says “he’s brought this nation out of darkness into the light”. Yes, we now see the light. Obama is a socialist and pushing a socialist agenda. Instead of the “hope and change” he promised, many of our fellow countrymen are experiencing despair and hoping for a change in the Oval Office. The sooner we rid ourselves of this administration, the sooner our nation will start to prosper once again.

  19. If you look for that silver lining in the dark cloud, this country was due for a wake up call about the liberal socialist agenda. This one has been like a slap in the face, a beat down. Even quite a few young people know now what a mistake Obama has been, that is a blessing.

  20. Michelle is certainly blessed to have him. How else could she take these extravavgant vacations, on other peoples money, if not for him? She free loads because of his position. She really makes Hillary look good ( and that aint easy)

  21. An opinion (before that freedom is removed):

    For the first time in my adult life, I am completely ashamed of my commander in chief and a very large majority of my complicit congressional representatives.

    Never, have I seen a complete publically petty conniving bowing apologetic denigrating anti-American president.

    This inept inexperienced intentional Alinsky Aligned / Manifesto Reckoned sock-puppet is as transparent as the first presidential campaign.

  22. Amen, Michelle. God is with the Democrats. Jesus is a liberal. If Jesus were to return today the ‘conservative christians’ in the US would crucify him again. In 2012 Obama will be re-elected, the Democrats will retain control of the Senate, and the Democrats will pick up seats in the House. The American people gave the Republicans an undeserved second chance in 2010 and the Republicans went right back to singing the same old song- guns, gods, gays, and abortion. I have no sympathy for the right wingers because you can’t stay focused on what is really important to the American people.

  23. *gag*

    She talks about struggling as if it is somehow a mark of distinction. The reality is that we all struggle on a daily basis. Now, largely because of Mr. Obama’s policies, we are struggling more than ever.

  24. “And we are blessed to have him.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt feels the same way. Stand by your man, Michelle!