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Officials Suggest Timing of Trip Not Due to Raid Anniversary

Senior administration officials are trying to minimize the link between President Obama’s trip today to Afghanistan and the one-year anniversary of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, saying the timing was “driven” by other factors.

According to the pool report from Afghanistan:

Senior administration officials said the timing of the trip was driven by the negotiations over the Strategic Partnership Agreement and by the desire of both presidents to sign the agreement in Afghanistan prior to the NATO summit in Chicago later this month. However, the officials also acknowledged that the timing coincides with the first anniversary of the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Obama landed in Afghanistan on what is exactly – almost to the hour – the anniversary of Bin Laden’s death. The trip had to have been long in planning, but the White House has recently been confronted by intense criticism that he is politicizing the operation that killed Bin Laden by drawing so much attention to it and promoting his decision to order the raid.

25 thoughts on “Officials Suggest Timing of Trip Not Due to Raid Anniversary”

  1. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag….it looks like all those ‘daily briefings for the past year had nothing to do with the economy, jobs or healthcare! This so-called ‘presidency’ is all about the care and feeding of the community agitating thug from Chicago and getting him another 4 years of taxpayer largesse!

    Henceforth, he will be known as the man who killed Osama Bin Laden…a broken down old man wrapped in a flea-ridden blanket and knit cap watching himself on a 7″ black and white tv screen.

    1. In 20 years, (Good Lord willing we make it that long), if we don’t right the wrongs, the week-end blockbuster movie of the summer will be ” Barack Obama, THE MAN WHO SHOT USAMA BIN LADEN” in 3D IMAX theaters everywhere

  2. ‘I said that I’d go after bin Laden if we had a clear shot at him, and I did,’ Mr Obama said. ‘If there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they’d do something else, then I’d go ahead and let them explain it.’ Barack Obama 4/30/12
    Perhaps he should “explain” all his flip flops. He is desperately trying to goad everyone else into a defensive state. O needs to be kept constantly on the defense himself, simply because he has none.

    Let’s start — O said he would not sign any healthcare bill that one dime to the deficit.
    Response — In a new study, Chuck Blahous, who is a public trustee for Medicare and Social Security, concludes that the 2010 health law will add at least $340 billion to the federal deficit from 2012-2021. This is contrary to the official estimates by the Congressional Budget Office, which initially figured the Affordable Care Act would reduce the deficit by about $132 billion from 2012-2019.

    Just a little review for those who may have forgotten, but in the 2010 SOTU speech, Obama called out the supreme court during the speech for a decision that “reversed a century of law to open the floodgates – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections.”

    Now, the counter or courts argument for being right, from here: was that, “Court overturned a federal ban on independent political expenditures by corporations and unions, and in so doing, it rejected the proposition that the government can decide who gets to speak and can ban some from speaking at all.” courtesy Posted by skicougar (Diary) Wednesday, March 28th at 2:57PM EDT

    Senator Barack Obama on Tuesday rejected Senator John McCain’s challenges to his patriotism and competence and said it was time to end “personal attacks.” By Brian Knowlton Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 NY Times The flip flops on this are too numerous to list

    In 2007, Obama’s campaign criticized then-senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for “invoking] bin Laden to score political points.”

    President Barack Obama used an international press conference with Japan’s prime minister to showcase his controversial campaign-year claim that former Gov. Mitt Romney would have failed to kill Osama bin Laden had he been president.

    Feel free to add your own. Anyone that believes anything this administration says is simply not paying attention. Once again, he said he is bringing the toops home, but they will remain in Afghanistan at least another ten years. Just like the troops in Iraq, they are there, they just changed their operational names. It is all semantics with this admin. Bottom line, O has no “skin” in the game. He loses nothing, at all. Only Americans lose.

  3. I see on the news sites that Obama used his “folks” term again

    I think that term is insulting and it is used to marginalize everyone to just plain folk (ie easily fooled)

  4. @@. Lordy. Yes, the timing is completely coincidental. That’s why he’s giving a speach from there. And having that situation room interview later tonight.

    Just a huge coincidence.

  5. I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence. golly gosh: our president wouldn’t do something so craven just to get votes, would he?

    1. er…there was a “sarc” after my comment that didn’t get picked up…I just want to be clear that was sarcasm!

  6. Re DRUDGE photo of the o in shirtsleeves saluting ? Now this photo surely is a WHouse photo. The Military, as I understand it, do NOT run around in sleeves rolled up, especially in a formal saluting situation. Could it be that the o has NO ONE on his staff whoi has ever served? Does that not tell us something? Bunch of wusses, afraid to serve their country…WHAT IF THEY GOT HURT?..
    Doesn’t he look silly? Play-acting again.
    I would think this photo would be the equivalent of Bush II in the flight jacket, the one the libs love to make fun of.

  7. Forcing Air Force One and the crew to take him to Afghanistan was a very selfish thing to do. The Secret Service hires on to protect him; Air Force One crews don’t.

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  9. Yeah right, his trip to Afghanistan just happened to coincide with the anniversary of Osama’s death…on May Day no less. We’re all dumb as a box of rocks and we believe his campaign staff when they say he didn’t plan on spiking the ball with this trip.

    1. Obama also showed how cowardly he really is. The Occupiers trashing and so-called “demonstrations” has been widely touted for months, and Obama CHOSE to schedule this trip at this time, thus getting out of Dodge to avoid being associated with the low- life.The threats were real and sustantiated. But don’t forget he has always been on their side, along with Pelosi, Boxer, Biden et al. Air Force One personnel don’t just pick up their bags and fly to Afganistan, folks, unless it is a TRUE emergancy. This was as calculated as it gets….and just as swarmy. We can expect this pattern to continue and grow as Obama gets more and more disfunctional.

      1. Okay folks, hahahaha, let’s call them what they are, Occupoopers not Occupiers. The former is more appropriate than the latter.

  10. If anyone is a ‘flat earther’ it’s the Obama cabal of village idiots to think this anything other than his Heisman version of spiking the football. What’s next the world tour?
    Maybe he could have little signed versions on his re-election site and sell them. Now stop calling us folks we are American’s you are more of Forest Gump folk!
    Good job Seals!!!!

  11. I am so tired of the lies… tis has been in the works for three months and he had to twist Karzai’s arm to be able to do this. LIAR

  12. Another campaigh trip paid by taxpayers. Him and his wife love spending money that isn’t theirs. Vote this joke of a president out in November.

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