As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10:55 am || Arrives at the White House from Afghanistan
3:45 pm || Participates in ambassador credentialing ceremony
4:30 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Washington
5:30 pm || Attends a second fundraiser; Washington

All times Eastern

22 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 2, 2012

  1. Thank you DOTUS for your “official” Campaign trip to address the nation. I will still probably not sleep worrying about what your next move is, CHECK…
    Welcome Back Carter 2.0

  2. Lots of time to sleep and relax on return trip on AF One to rest up for the two fundraisers. I am beyond disgusted with this latest shenanigan.

  3. The lack of outrage over this do nothing boy playing President while the country slides down that slippery slope to failure is unbelievable. I guess the
    Obama lemmings think they will be untouched when the economy goes completely as the Brits would say ‘tits over arse’ but they will be in for a rude
    awakening. America must be a laughing stock to the world. Nero fiddles on
    as does his wife.

  4. i just traveled 1,600 miles to work for a month in Mississippi and all the blacks our on food stamps and welfare while i a white man does the right thing to work to feed my family obozo has done this all

  5. Speaking of sacrificing Mrs O’s WHCD outfit. Dress between $5-$7 grand.
    She was wearing a pair of $5000 earrings and a $7000 Lapis ring. So who
    paid? FOIA you cannot trust these people!

  6. hell i would give a million to see obozos Medical ,college and other records but do they exsist is the real question

  7. Re: Question about campaign funds..

    Suppose Obama loses in November and he has surplus campaign funds left over. Does he get to keep the money?

    • Supposely, that money belongs to the DNC. But as corrupt as the DNC is I woudln’t be surprised to see some of it ending up in his pockets.

  8. According to the 1989 Ethics Reform bill, an incumbent cannot use campaign funds for personal expenses. He can, however, spend UNLIMITED amounts on charities and political campaigns!

    You can bet your life that the grifters have already set up personal charities that will funnel tens of millions into their Swiss bank accounts!

    Not only is Obama campaigning on the taxpayer dime – he is most likely skimming plenty off the top for himself and Queenie!

  9. over a year later and this Clown is nowtrying to make this a political case for re-election what a ass he is move on you useless piece of garbage obozo

    • can we please just throw this bum out of office at least Mitt will create jobs,call terrorist what they are take no shit from iran and will grow the economy,all this talk about oboozo and his goodjob ya show me the results none hesabum and a loser he will be voted out in November time for some good oldamerican come back