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Obama Ad Zaps Romney for Swiss Bank Account

Here’s the latest Obama campaign ad, which attacks Mitt Romney for having had a Swiss bank account.

Who can blame Romney? With the Obama deficits threatening to launch a financial meltdown, it’s probably not a bad idea to have some money sitting in Zurich.

But, if you ever in your life thought you might be running for president, and your Achilles Heel was your wealth, it might occur to you NOT to have a Swiss bank account.

33 Responses to Obama Ad Zaps Romney for Swiss Bank Account

  1. Yes, perhaps this wasn’t the wisest move in terms of image — but is it something that would prevent my voting for him?


  2. I’m sick of class ware fare. Screw that.

    Romney has his own money, and won’t be using the office as an excuse to have 17 luxury vacations on the taxpayer dime.

    He won’t be sending his wife to Spain at a cost of $500,000 to the taxpayers. I’m sure she’s been there already, if she wished to go, and won’t few Air force 1 as her ticket to see the world.

  3. WHere does Nancy Pelosi keep her money? Or John Kerry? Or (before all this) John Edwards.

    Swiss bank accounts sounds soo … evil. But those folks all had plenty of money, which they used to further enrich themselves on the backs of the taxpayers.

    • It didn’t bother the libtards about JFK and Jackie O, and her crazy spending on clothes. Not to mention the wealth was mostly from bootlegging and other shady operations.
      And let me just say this: I think John Kerry, who married his money, should be ashamed his wife’s family made their money from condiments! Don’t they know how they are bad for you, what with all that salt and sugar? The diet police in NY will probably out law them before long. heh heh.

  4. I received an e-mail yesterday containing the following quote

    “Apparently, I’m supposed to be more outraged by what Mitt Romney does with his money than by what Barack Obama does with mine.”

    This would make a GREAT bumper sticker!!

  5. They sound desperate. They try in every manner to focus on other issues than the disaster that Obama has brought upon the US. It was the dog story, the bigamism in the Romney family 100 years ago, the Osama Bin Laden killing and so on. And I think that Romney every time has turned the tables elegantly. It has backfired . A.J´s comment was great : am I supposed to be more outraged by what Romney does with his own money than by what Obama does with mine ?

  6. If Obama were a poker player the cards in his hand would be desperation, fear, smear, lies and conceit. They played the dog card and it backfired just as this will too. Every politician that has run for President has been wealthy. Look at John Kerry. Look at the Kennedys. We have people in Congress that became millionaires while working on our dimes. I’m sick of the class warfare. What about the economy? What about the jobs situation? Costco just jacked their prices up, so did the grocery store, and the prices were already sky high. These are the things that concern me – not where Mitt Romney chooses to bank.

  7. Let’s just gloss right over the Obama portion of the add and discuss Romney? What about Obama’s clean energy initiatives? How many of those companies are still in business? What about the money we invested in Brazil’s oil industry? Does that count as shipping jobs overseas?

    I made this point elsewhere, but how in the world does someone WITHOUT money even run for the presidency?

  8. I have heard many stories about how our stimulus money was used to send a company’s production facilities to China. How about how he’s spending buckets of money to develop Kenya’s economy? That’s OUR money. And obama wants to point fingers at Romney for banking overseas with his own money?? How about how he rips Bush for, oh, everything, but takes credit for UBL’s killing? What a snake!

  9. Just because Obama and his team come up with ad campaigns that are supposed to make us think having money is bad, it doesn’t mean all voters are going to fall for it. That said, it would behoove Romney to have declared this early on, get it over with.

    • This is old news, it was first reported when Romney released his tax returns. He correctly checked the box that asked about foreign bank accounts. And correctly paid all the taxes on the interest/dividends that he received.

      This is just like whispering Halliburton in a roomful of democrats.

  10. The Romney campaign could learn a lot from the comments on this blog! When are they going to start hitting back??? Obama is the most beatable incumbent in history – you could almost knock him over with a feather! Sheesh!

  11. This is utter nonsense.
    This short ad is filled with L-I-E-S.
    For starters, Romney was not a “corporate CEO” but a venture capitalist. The firms he invested in grew globally so there was no “shipping” of jobs overseas.

  12. Romney should make the release of his bank accounts contingent on the release of Obama’s records.
    Romney had better to learn to play dirty, or he will be desecrated by this administration.
    You had better take the gloves off Mitt.

  13. Is having a Swiss bank account against the law? Obama had better start saving his money so he will be able to buy Moochelle more of those designer dresses and shoes after November 6th.

  14. Is little Barry suffering a little Swiss Bank envy? He may have a big stick but you can’t put that in the bank. What a winning child boo hoo.

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  16. He’s there….Afghanistan. Meeting with Karzai at Palace. Will give a speech around 7:30 tonight. I plan to miss it!

  17. best comment i’ve ever heard “Why am I suppose to be more upset with what Romney does with his OWN money than what Obama does with mine!”

  18. I thought that Swiss bank accounts were protected as far as privacy goes. If that is still true, then how did the O Team get the information? While Romney may have checked the box on his tax form regarding his overseas investments, how much of his (Romney’s) banking information was gained via the WH using government resources (something that I would wager is illegal)?