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Live Stream || Obama Addresses the Nation from Afghanistan

21 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Addresses the Nation from Afghanistan”

  1. Apologies, I won’t be able to watch for the following valid reasons:

    1) Wearing a bike helmet gives me bed-head (prevents head banging seige).
    2) I just purchased a new computer (can’t afford to shoot the new screen).
    3) I am elderly, my secondary insurance jumped 23%, can’t afford a private-duty nurse in case of a heart attack or seizure.

  2. Good one Sadie.

    Is it me or did he just surrender? And is that a green screen behind him? Where are the happy cheering troops? Is he in LA at a studio?

    1. I had to visit WeaselZippers for the screen shot. Take a good the LEFT (where else) of him there’s a lettered sign, it reads:

      THE RED ONE with the number one in “red” below the lettering.

  3. If a college student had to give a presentation, and all they did was take a wikipedia page, put it into a PowerPoint form, then read off each slide, they would (hopefully) get a poor grade.
    So why is it okay for Obama to do the same thing? He showed no emotion, all he did was read a speech he could have just as easily given from Washington.

    And didn’t Bush say something similar to “When the Iraqui people stand up, we’ll stand down?” Because it seems like Obama stole that line. I also liked the part where he suggested the war only started getting better within the last 3 years.

  4. I couldn’t bare to listen. What was the gist of the thing? (It saddens me that I have no interst in listening to the leader of my country. I remember in the past if the President made a speech during primetime,it was a big deal.Now I turn the TV off)

  5. Hmmm. Read transcripts,, Did I miss the mention on how he and his good buddy Afgan President Hamit Karzdashian will stem the flow of that nasty old opium derived from their cash crop poppies. Hmmm, big money in that opium and who reaps the profits, Mr. Pressintent(sic).

    1. Not to worry Stephen. The sleazy “preezy of the united steezy” will surely get his cut for keeping our borders wide open for drug runners…

    2. First a trip to Columbia for a new stash of cocaine, then a trip to Afghanistan for a new stash of hashish and heroin. No drug dogs or customs inspections of AF One. Barry has enough stash for the next couple of years now.

  6. It seems that his high buttness will do anything to get out of doing the job he is paid to do…can’t spend our $ fast enough. I have to say that if I had to come home to his wife, I would hop on any plane out of town as fast and often as I could. besides that, splitting up they can spend it even faster. I do not understand that academia does not SEE this.

  7. Looking across the screen at Michelle Antoinette’s schedule for May 1st, is the Democratic Party paying for her trip to Las Vegas? It as nothing scheduled except a fundraiser and a rah-rah session with campaign workers? Will the party pay for her trip in the afternoon to Albuquerque? Being greeted by service members IS NOT an official event — especially when she will be chatting up a fundraiser a bare half-hour laters.

    When will the press and citizens demand an end to this abuse of a gray area in the rules governing use of the President’s aircraft pool?

  8. This video looks as if it were filmed and edited in a warehouse somewhere in Maryland or Virginia. There are no soldiers in the room. Obama stares straight ahead at the huge telescreen situated behind the camera.

    Obama flies around the world burning untold tons of aviation fuel just so they can play the video they brought along with them on the ride. And they do this with the pretense that they are complimenting the troops even though no soldiers were allowed in the room where the video was shot.

    Please tell me that America is finally waking up to this imposter.

  9. YES it IS a green screen!-it is SO obvious

    he looks worse than a local newscaster doing the weather in front of a green screen

    and the military backdrop behind him is so fake
    it has to be a photoshop

    if this isn’t 1984 I don’t know what is

    the only light is that people are seeing he is full of crap

    if he was in front of a real military audience he would have been BOOED and they all know that

    so shabby so cheap-like a bad cartoon

    embarrassing-even I am ashamed for our country

    1. We should all be spooked and scared-wow even I am spooked at the weirdness and dictatorness of this and I thought I saw how low O could go by now

      this is freaking scary sh*t

  10. Let me get this straight – He flew half way around the world – stayed for seven hours….. then flew home Why? At what cost? Another campaign stop that we paid for.

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