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Michelle’s Military Outreach Reaps Big Political Benefit

A year ago, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched their “Joining Forces” initiative, an effort to give thanks to military service members and their families.

It’s a nice gesture, and I’m sure there is sincerity in it. But the political element of what is portrayed as a selfless effort to show appreciation is becoming clearer, and the benefits are numerous.

Michelle has been ramping up her campaigning for her husband’s reelection, traversing the country with increasing regularity to thank campaign workers and hold fundraisers.

The fundraising trips, which in the end will cost taxpayers millions of dollars, are almost always given an official cast by White House aides who throw in a “first lady” event related either to military families or Michelle’s “Let’s Move” kids health initiative. Sometimes, the events amount to no more than a meet-and-greet at the airport where Mrs. Obama lands.

Tuesday, for example, Michelle will arrive at the Albuquerque International Airport at 2 pm Mountain Time and be greeted by service members and their families from New Mexico’s Kirtland Air Force Base. The event is so brief that she will have time to make it to a fundraiser scheduled to start a half hour later.

What’s more, Michelle’s devotion to military families fits in with an Obama 2012 campaign determination to mine the military for votes.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the Obama campaign feels it has a genuine shot at making inroads among a population usually considered pro-Republican.

Obama’s effort to win a bigger share of the veterans’ vote than he did in 2008 could make a difference in swing states with large military populations, such as Virginia and North Carolina . . .

The reelection team in Chicago made clear Thursday that it plans to tout Obama’s policy accomplishments and his efforts to improve and promote services for veterans and their families.

“The president and the campaign believe that this is one of the most important issues out there as we bring more than 2 million men and women home from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and deal with the issues they face as returning veterans,” said Rob Diamond, who served in Iraq and is the Obama campaign’s vote director for veterans and military families. “We are out there talking about that, engaging veterans, educating them, making sure they understand how much has been done.”

Michelle’s devotion to the military has also helped refurbish the image of a woman who said during the 2008 campaign that with voters rallying to her husband, it was the first time she had really been proud of her country.

22 thoughts on “Michelle’s Military Outreach Reaps Big Political Benefit”

  1. Am I the only one who considers the Military a captive audience? Do they really have a choice about whether to show up?
    And aren’t these the same Dems that screwed the Military out of their absentee ballots in 2008?

    1. I was just getting ready to post something similar.
      I wonder if the troops are being ordered to appear in her audience.
      It wouldn’t be unprecedented.
      She was booed at the NASCAR event, but those were civilians.
      I doubt whether the troops are allowed to boo her.
      Instead, most of them simply sit there and grind their teeth.

  2. MrsO’s military outreach program is self-serving as a means of getting her out of the WhiteHouse and into the public eye. And, now of course, a means of charging the use of AF1 to “offical” events as she jets to one fundraiser after another.

    The campaign gurus don’t understand the military mindset and think they are just another group of losers waiting to be cared for like the majority of their base. The special forces don’t like that MrO takes credit for their actions as a political issue, they didn’t put their lives on the line to make him look good.
    The men and women are still being killed and wounded every day, their lives are not safe under the limited warfare that this Prez thinks is appropriate.
    He’s not one of them, just as he’s not one of us.

  3. Michelle Obama’s shroud of military families is my big hot spot. It enrages me. Some time ago when it was announced that either she or Jill Biden would be on Army Wives I stopped watching. At that time it was normal, Army guys, military discipline, human tragedy and joy, Afghanistan, yea America. The other day I clicked on it by accident — Afghanistan replaced by some place in Africa, NGO types appalled that the soldiers there to evacuate them would consider not taking the non Americans (children of course), lesbian wounded soldier with partner at home on base (not sure about that) suffering all kinds of liberal hurts and more that I clicked away from. I am not sure there is still an American flag flying on that base — perhaps it does so right next to the rainbow flag that was actually flown in Afghanistan. I have absolutely nothing against gays or lesbians or their rights or NGOs or Africa and this comment is not about that. It is about the absolute take over of a show once dedicated to the honor and hardship of military family life by liberal platitudes, one cliche after another. Please please please let these people leave the WH and go to Hollywood or LA or somewhere far far far away from a military institution. Of course there will be a flag pole at the new residence with an I got Osama banner flying high.

    1. “Of course there will be a flag pole at the new residence with an I got Osama banner flying high.”

      It will be flying right under one those Chinese manufactured flags where Obama’s face replaces the stars.

      I agree with you about the leftist influence on what were once entertaining TV shows. I loved NCIS until they started going political. First they started by taking swipes at Sarah Palin. After Obama was elected and the character Ziva turned away from her Israeli roots and they removed her trademark Star of David necklace, that was it for me…and I’m not even Jewish. I don’t even watch the alphabet channels nowadays.

  4. So Rob Diamond is out there talking to vets and families, ” …. educating them, making sure they understand how much has been done [by Obama for them]..”

    Educating them! LOL! How patronizing!

    Making sure the military and their families know that Obama is their Sugar Daddy! Again, how patronizing!

  5. Michelle Obama’s devotion is to herself and all the entitlements she can screw
    the American taxpayer for daily. The fact that she is using the military turns my stomach I am of the Vietnam era and they were used and abused by politicians just like the Obama’s are the most vile maneuver I can think of can
    people no see thru this charade?

  6. I guess SWMBO is hoping that the service members will forget that Her husband’s administration wanted to cut their retirement benefits, make them pay for their medical expenses and cut their ranks. Somehow I don’t think many will have collective amnesia.

  7. If she’s so devoted to the military and their plight, why doesn’t Mooch ask the algae king why our troops are still getting killed over in Afghanistan? Since the War on Terror is over, the troops should be back home with their families. She could ask him as they cross paths on their way to competing taxpayer funded junkets.

  8. She is devoted to military families insofar as this “devotion” will help her husband’s relection. If her husband loses the election, her “devotion” will disappear exactly like her phoney-baloney hospital community outreach job did.

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  10. The Obama’s are big phat phonies.. And since when does the FATAS have official duties. She’s only married to the big galoot, As we say in Texas, for all the gallivanting around on taxpayer money, she ought to be picking peas for Uncle Bud at the penitentiary to pay us back.

  11. “Michelle’s devotion to the military has also helped refurbish the image of a woman who said during the 2008 campaign that with voters rallying to her husband, it was the first time she had really been proud of her country.”

    No, it hasn’t. Not to anyone with a functioning brain.

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  13. You can’t get garbage lower than this, in the W.H.
    Dittos to that, to the democrat Senators.Refusing to vote on anything,
    especially the budget.AWOL ON THE JOB!!!

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  15. Michelle could care less for the military. She is a militant who does not believe in America and its free society. She believes that we should all bow down at her and her husband’s feet. Watch the video where she mouths the words to Obama “All this for a damn flag”! at a military ceremony. She is going for the fundraiser not the military period. She will use every excuse and opportunity to raise money for the election on our taxpayer money!

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