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Video || Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner remarks

I thought he was pretty good. Maybe I had had too much to drink at that point. But I thought he was funny.

Interesting to me that he is so aware of the criticisms leveled at him. But clearly, he dismisses it or doesn’t care.

I also recoiled at all the pious stuff at the end about the important role of the press. At this point, some of the scotch began to make its way up toward my mouth.

I really can’t abide Obama’s public embrace of freedom of the press while his staff behind the scenes routinely tries to bully reporters out of doing legitimate stories that the White House thinks are bad for the president. In a way previous White Houses have not, this press office works to suppress the news. And Obama is aware of it. So Mr. President, save the compliments for the Fourth Estate, please.

So what did you think??

33 thoughts on “Video || Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner remarks”

  1. The clip left out the off stage comments about smoking, and the flushing toilet. Class act.

    I did love the look in Mrs. Obama’s face when he started talking about eating dog. She looked like she wanted to smack the crap out of him. I would love to have been in the residence after the dinner just to watch him get a beat down from her.

      1. The toilet flush:I keep thinking I’ve never come across public vulgarity like this. Wrong again. These two are so common and classless that I run out of adjectives..

    1. Shofar, thanks for the link. I missed most of this last night and I just can’t get past the toilet flush. The President of the United States of America flushed a toilet as a joke. Unbelievable!

  2. “Interesting to me that he is so aware of the criticisms leveled at him.”

    He must be getting that information in the morning briefings – he’s certainly not reading it in the NYT, WaPo or Jon Stewart (Rolling Stone interview).

  3. So Keith, can you tell me when this dinner morphed into a Hollywood A-List event? I thought this was only supposed to be for the press corps. How did it turn into an Oscar red carpet photo-op? And who invites the Hollywood types?

    I like Jimmy Kimmel very much but I can’t get past the jokes that are so demeaning. There’s humor and then there’s just plain not funny at all. I’d say the night was 80% the latter.

  4. Given the state of the country I was disgusted by the entire event. Apologies Keith. But the Administration, the so called press (media) and the low rent celebrities tush kissing all around was one big toilet flush. Now on Monday they can all figure out what the heck they are going to do with the blind dissident that they all held up as the American commitment to human rights. And it is not beyond this Administration to pack him a dog lunch, take him to the Embassy gates and send him on his way. I dunno’ maybe it’s a wrong side of the bed, bad day type thing but I am just disgusted with this national charade.

    1. I guess I would have to agree. And Lindsay Lohan?? Really. Her attendance lowered it FROM disgusting. How much did we borrow from China to pay for this?

    2. Im wondering how/when the Clinton State Dept. will “quietly” turn Chen Guangcheng back to the COMMUNIST CHINESE…

      (that dope State Dept. Spokeswoman (Nolan ?): “He was never in the US Embassy in Beijing…He knocked on the gate and we quckly called the Chinese Police as is normal… So it was never an issue.”

      1. Seriously this guy has been their lead dog to trot out — no disrespect to Chen. But Hillary is going to have to do some pretty fancy stepping. Not that a complete about face or out right lie is not an option. I would like to be wrong on this — really. Sad that he and his supporters probably thought — US Embassy safety.

  5. Adding the B-list celebrities to a news organization’s dinner to generate interest is akin to tying a pork chop around the kid’s neck so the dog will play with him.
    The jokes had varying degrees of humor and good taste but seemed to be typical for this kind of gathering.

    Watching the un-edited video of the guests arriving and of them milling around the dining room was interesting. The only guests who generated a moment of “red carpet” interest or interviews were the B-list celebrities. The milling in the dining room seemed frantic as if talking to anyone was preferable than sitting at one’s assigned seat.

  6. I think i have lost my sence of humor when it comes to the Obama’s hubris
    and crass elitist behavior. Her dress would fill countless food pantries at the
    cost of $6-$7 grand. So yes it’s a tradition but times are vey different now.
    Many of us on this very blog suffer to make ends meet so pardon my lack
    of good humor.

  7. It makes me sad that the press are all laughing at the same jokes. Where’s the objectivity in that? They all laugh at the jokes aimed at the republicans. During Kimmel’s roast, the ones that didn’t get laughs were the jokes aimed at the democrats, the ones he blamed on Jake Tapper. There should be some laughing from someone in the audience at all of them.

    The beginning was just awful, low brow and tacky. I can see making fun of the open mic, but a toilet? Really? And my thoughts as he came out and shook hands was, “I hope he washed them.”

  8. The affordability of college is based almost purely on tuition rates. Now tuition is not held in check by the colleges, because the government subsisizes and guarantees the loans. So, if you graduate with a $60000.00 debt and land a job that pays 20000/year, the taxpayer gets stuck with the balance. Instead, allow the interest rates to rise, making it hard for colleges to attract students, and they will HAVE to come into the real world. College costs have risen exponentially more than the cost of living for the last 30 years. Remember the definition of insanity… do that same thing over and over and expect a different result.

    1. College tuition and loans: another subject, another time. BUT it is immoral to permit and encourage our most recent adults to take on this kind of debt. It’s all wrong. Think of what we are teaching about money management letting that go on, WHILE the doofus in DC flushes the toilet.

    2. Often doing the same thing over and over is because it feels good. Colleges and universities have an incentive to remain the same – lots of good ego feelings as salaries rise for tenure-track celebrities and fancy consortiums that produce unreadable, useless, publications on social topics. I worked for one and the problem was that the participants in the “roundtables” became very demanding about what fancy restaurants would be lined up for their free meals.

  9. when I was a young, starry-eyed Political Science major I was always in awe of the WH Correspondents’ Dinner (“I want to attend that DC party”)
    …But now Im just bitter & disgusted with all of these IDIOTS, CRIMINALS & RETARDS that make up our so-called “politcal class” (pathetic Dem/Rep) that dress up for the night, get to mix with “stars” and attend this self-immportant/hypocritical DInner…

        1. Good luck. You might have better luck if you were a left wing activist with a covert plan to get the Jesuits to change their religion or something — oops that’s the Jesuits we’re talking about — you might have some luck. :) :) :) Sorry to offend anybody — I’m Catholic and Jesuits are often fair game.

  10. Boy, Keith, I had a totally different reaction. Not only wasn’t he very funny, he was creepy. The way he tells a joke, waits, and then smiles if it gets a laugh is weird. The dog jokes are in bad taste, no pun intended, the secret service joke was stupid to make fun of the guys and gals who are there to protect you and your family, and I’m not laughing at the GSA and government waste.

    And it’s not because I don’t like Obama. Clinton was great at these dinners, Bush was pretty good too. But Obama came off as a jerk and creepy last night.

    The best part of Kimmel’s stuff was watching the reaction of the media to show how biased they were. I think it caught him off guard when he ad libbed the “jokes about Christie are funny but this isn’t” when he made the joke about no one reading newspapers anymore.

  11. The guy has no class at all. I understand the dinner and all, but he’s the president…he still needs to act in a respectful way. God help us if he does win a second term.

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