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Obama Heads Out Golfing Again

He’s at the Andrews Air Force Base course, as usual. Along with him are U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, and White House staffer Michael Brush.

Obama has now already been golfing four times this year and 96 times since being sworn in – twice – as your president.

23 thoughts on “Obama Heads Out Golfing Again”

  1. How funny that he’s playing with WH Trip Director. Michelle must be planning her summer!! There’s GOT to be a Quote of the Day out of this scenario!

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  3. Another day, another day of Obama golfing…. Now for serious business – can anyone suggest a good, clean joke for my toastmasters meeting?

  4. Incredibly, Obama appears to be completely non-plussed about his increasing image as loafer! Instead of showing constraint – he is rubbing it in our face! And he’s doing it with his ‘trip director’! Sacre bleu!

    This can only mean one thing…the fix is in! He knows that there are enough dead people registered to vote and enough rigged voting machines. He so sure of himself, he told Medvednev to wait until after the election for more ‘flexibility’!

    At the risk of sounding like a nutcase – I would say this election has already been stolen! Something is rotten in Denmark!

  5. And, it is just starting to be nice in Washington. Anyone want to run a pool on the time, date and place he has his 100th or 125th round? This guy loves sucking up tax dollars for his personal enjoyment. (Flight over to Andrews, Secret Service, Limos, ambulance, etc. etc.

    What’s that Mr. President? Oh, I understand, it was no inconvenience to you at all.

  6. Do remember that one of Keith’s FAITHFUL READERS told us that the o HAS to play at Military Bases because no private DC Club will allow him on the premises in any capacity.
    And do remember that since he plays mostly with staff, he appears to have no friends. Duh.

  7. Sandra Fluck, the algae king’s poster child for the War on Women waged by us evil conservatives, was at that butt kissing party last night. Now that the Church has to pay for her birth control she must have a little more walkin’ around money to attend high-falutin’ parties. Anybody remember the last time his lochness invited a woman to a game of golf? Maybe he’s saving it for the grand 100th golf outing, or maybe there aren’t any other women in his boy’s club since Melody Barnes left to “spend more time with the family”. Appears to me he’s the one who is waging the War on Women…

    1. She’s engaged now let the future Mr Fluke pay to play! I bet she’s the
      same type personality as MO I deserve it I’m entitled to it so gimme.

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