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Charlie Cook: Obama a “Metrosexual” President

Political analyst Charlie Cook says Obama is a “metrosexual.”

From Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary:

met·ro·sex·u·al   noun
\ˌme-trə-ˈsek-sh(ə-)wəl, -ˈsek-shəl\
a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes.

Here’s the quote:

In case you’re wondering, this is what Cook is talking about:

Great song, BTW.

Here’s another famous metrosexual:

Fair and balanced:

H/T to The Daily Caller.

37 thoughts on “Charlie Cook: Obama a “Metrosexual” President”

  1. MO is frumpy, at best. Once — once, mind you, she wore an off the shoulder black dress that becoming. That is the ONLY time she exhibited class and grace. BO is painful to behold. His personal sense of style is nonexistent, bordering on effeminate. How masculine to have someone carry his own umbrella — not. His suits hang on him and his casual clothes are baggy beyond belief. He dresses as if he were 90 trying to be 20.

  2. Cook is right, Obama is a “metro-sexual” and that is why he is such a study in contrast with the past nine presidents, starting at Kennedy. While Kennedy and Clinton may have shared some of the same peccadilloes (ie a wandering eye for anything in a skirt) they gave off a “manly” aura. Both the Bushes where active sportsmen; Reagan was “Rawhide”; Nixon, while at times a paranoid nut job, gave off the image of strength; Ford and Carter, even though not the strongest of leaders at least let one believe that they had some form of masculinity.

    Obama does not and never has given me the impression of any type of masculine strength. The picture of him with his bike helmet, riding on Martha’s Vineyard several years ago made me cringe, especially when it was juxtaposed with Putin doing some hunting or other “manly” activity.

    America was founded and expanded by men and women who had the internal drive, mental and moral fortitude to stand tall for what the believed and held fast to those beliefs. Obama is like all too many of the “modern day men” who are “in touch with their feelings” that he is unable to stand against the winds of adversity.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a man sharing his feelings with loved ones, but when you are in a leadership role, be it as a business man, CEO, or POTUS you cannot let your emotions or feelings get in the way of making decisions. Obama comes across as one who can only use anger, disdain, and animus to drive home what he is attempting to say. He is not and never will be a consensus builder, nor is he an example of masculinity that one would want as an example to one’s sons.

    That is why the crazies of the world do not look at him as a viable concern. The Iron Lady of Great Britain had more cojones than Obama will ever have.

    1. Well said, Shofar.
      Obama can be defined negatively, I mean, he is NOT an ordinary all American manly heterosexual man. But he often pretends to be one. I have nothing against metro-or homosexuals but I utterly dislike people who are fake, pretenders. And I believe that Obama has hidden many things in his closet. A real leader shouldn´t hide. And a real leader doesn´t need a lot of sycophants who try to polish his image ( the “gutsy call” propaganda ).

  3. Boy that’s the truth. Boy can you imagine what the Iron Lady would do
    with this little man? Would be worth the price of admission for sure!
    To use British term Obama is ‘a big girls blouse’.

  4. Disagree with the Merriam-Webster’s determination that all metrosexuals are heterosexual. Case in point is the algae king. The left is overrun with metrosexual men. In my opinion, they are a byproduct of the feminist movement. They are the men who surrendered their masculinity to a feminist, whether it was to their mother (aka mama’s boy) or their spouse. Watched all of those videos and George W. Bush is the only one who exudes masculinity. Didn’t see him looking for a mirror and he seemed uncomfortable with being primped for the camera.

    Also disagree with Charlie Cook. I don’t believe most people dislike Obama because he is a fancy boy – it’s more about the radical Marxist policies he’s forcing on our country.

  5. The difference is Bush looks totally annoyed with having to be groomed. John “Pretty Boy” Edwards relishes in it.
    As for Obama,he looks ok in a suit,anything other than that,isn’t a pretty sight.

  6. MrO gives off a lot of impressions but not one of them could be called metrosexual. Sean(P Diddy) Colmes is, George Clooney is, but MrO is not.

    No one prints it, says it or publically admits it, but MrO is a girly-man.

  7. ….”big girls blouse”….So funny, Lizzy! Never heard that expression before but it describes him perfectly!.

    I think of him as ‘asexual’ bordering on homosexual. He has absolutely no masculine traits – borders on misogyny. In fact, his narcissistic personality precludes him from relating to any members of the human race! He has no core values or principles – he stands for nothing unless there’s something in it for him. He is weak and cowardly. And very dangerous!!!

    1. It’s a British term and I’m a lifetime Anglophile and as for finding quotes and humorous terms you can’t beat the Brits:). I have others but unfit to

    1. The most condescending narcissist I’ve seen especially since he’s not
      very bright and is lacking the manly gene guess when he said in his speech about improving the gene pool he meant if you’ve got no
      cojones be sure your wife does.

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          1. They like to rub it in our face they don’t care if people go hungry
            or have a roof over their heads as long as they can live like 1%
            wannabe’s on our dollar.

    1. That looks like an awful lot of celebs? What happened to news people?
      Oh, never mind. I get it; the categories not necessarily separate.

  9. I just want a President . . . that is all I want. We have only had a Community Organizer in the White House since January 2009. I do kind of feel sorry for his kids. They have no idea what real life is.

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