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Michelle: A Few Thousand Votes Could Decide It

First Lady Michelle Obama revealed the extent of the nervousness in President Obama’s camp over the upcoming contest with Mitt Romney, telling a group of Obama supporters in Naples, Florida that the election could be decided by a few thousand votes.

“This all could come down to those last few thousand people we register to vote,” she said, according to “It might mean just one more person … That one person could be the one.”

The first lady was campaigning and raising money in Naples following a trip with her husband to speak to the troops at Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Georgia.

Florida is viewed as perhaps the first or second most important battleground state. Its electoral votes could determine the election, as they did in 2000 when only a few hundred votes separated George W. Bush and Al Gore.

Florida is particularly important to President Obama, as polling suggests traditionally Republican states he picked up in 2008 against John McCain, like Virginia, Indiana and North Carolina, may revert to form and support the GOP nominee.

42 thoughts on “Michelle: A Few Thousand Votes Could Decide It”

  1. So now Moochelle is doing the dirty work for her husband. Pitiful.. And we all know she is untouchable. I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole or even with Barack’s “big stick”.

  2. If there was any sanity on the left this guy would be done ,but they can’t see beyond the fog of their hatred of conservatives, to be logical.

    1. You’re right. It’s sad. So much bitterness, on both sides of the aisle. We know we have an economic crisis, but I think we also have a cultural crisis.

  3. She’s wrong. The election will be decided by a few million votes. She’ll get her wish….walk out of the front door of the our White House and keep walking back to Chicago! Can’t wait!

    1. No no no, when Michelle leaves the White House she will take Air Force One with her because they’ve earned it, You simpletons should be glad the OBLAMEBUSH’s saved us from the worst recession since the “Great Depression”. Or was it?

        1. Or quietly if you think the vitriolic racist stuff coming from this cabal
          will end should God willing they leave think again. They will not go
          quietly into that goodnight. They will continue to stir up divisiveness
          after they’ve gone we will never truly be rid of them.

    2. I think they have milked Chicago for all it is worth. Now that Mooch has tasted the ultra good life, I think they wil land in NY or CA. To keep up the jet set life.
      I doubt the rumors of her running for Senate, although she may. Even though it smacks of a real job, if she does it like her husband, it really isn’t work.

  4. ah, Florida…

    disaffected Jewish voters + excited Cuban voters = Romney/Rubio in 2012.

    btw Keith, if you’re looking for another “not a real quote” how about this one:

    “This all could come down to those last few thousand dead people and illegal aliens we register to vote. That one dead guy could be the one.”

    1. That’s what the skank really meant to say, she just tidied it up a bit for the media. Kinda surprised actually that Biden hasn’t already used that line. Perhaps he has been more occupied with King O’s big stick.

  5. Fear. All they do is based on fear. Not as in afraid of the people. It is more to ensure the unwashed masses are constantly in fear and only IF they are elected can their voters be unafraid. It is a constant theme and a predictable form of manipulation. Only half the people get half the story. FUD = fear, uncertainty, and doubt. If not for those, one could think and decide for themselves. If you can not think and speak for yourself, you will surely be victimized by those who would do it for you.

  6. I guess that explains why they demand no voter id, and want amnestyby fiat for illegals. They are afraid The One will become The Once.

    1. Amnesty isn’t going to help him. No one wants to come here anymore. They can’t get a job, stuff is too expensive, etc.

      Let’s make The One, The ONCE.

      I like it.

  7. I truly hope that people realize that this President is not what this country needs nor wants. His policies are killing this nation. We need a strong person that knows what this country stands for and to get in back onto the correct path of posperity.

  8. What a thoughtful FLOTUS yesterday while using the military as a phot op she
    and her husband were so special. She wore a $795 mini me L’Wern Scott sweater that would feed a struggling military family for a couple months. Then
    to add to the spectical he pretended to care about their education. Treating
    them like they haven’t got the brains to get an education. All this after he cut
    their benefits. Aren’t they special?

    1. If I was in the military, and he wanted to do a photo-op with me and my military family, I would end up with a less-than-honorable discharge.

    1. Is that the reason for Rove’s electoral map? The guy really ticks me off. He undermined every conservative running in the primaries and then once his guy knocks off our last hope, he comes up with a map that pretty much says there is no way his guy is going to win. These establishment Republicans are hard to figure out.

  9. I wish I could be as optimistic about the outcome of the election in November. I am a faithful Republican and would love nothing more than Obama out but I find myself grimacing at how poorly the Republicans are handling themselves so far. When at church, I alternately pray to win the lottery and let Romney win. Of course, if Romney does win, it’s the same as winning the lottery, for all of America!

    1. Here in Michigan, unless you’re in Detroit (or Flint, Pontiac, Saginaw) you’re hard pressed to find someone who is going to vote for Obama. There are very few signs, bumperstickers, etc. NO enthusiasm. People are struggling too hard to be excited for him, and people come into my husbands shop every day complaining about him.

      Be optimistic. Heads up. I believe the polls are all lying.

    2. All Americans must get involved to see that O is fired. Leaving elections in the hands of the “experts” is what has given us this administration.
      There are blogs everywhere that are finally vetting this man and his staff. Speak to your neighbors, to strangers, to family and friends. We have allowed Congress to give so much power to the president that they are becoming obsolete. We must insist those powers be rescinded and this country return to what made us great in the first place.
      We were the “barbarians”, the “ugly” Americans because we said what we thought, meant what we said, and did the right thing, not the political thing. We are NOT cultured Europe, or Ancient cultures such as Greece or Rome, or China. Nor should we ever wish to be.
      What we have allowed our politicians, ethnic spokes people, and celebrities to do to us is make us ashamed of our roots, our way of life, our personal national pride. If you doubt this, think on it for a minute — why is there a need to classify oneself as African, Asian, Latin, Native, Arabic, Jewish, catholic, Baptist, Muslim, ad nauseum American? The only “race” NOT allowed to stand tall is White American. How many people in America really have a “pure” lineage?
      We are, should be, and must be Americans first, ethnic & religious or non religious mix last. Only by doing this will we be able to restore America to Americans.

      1. Well said. The left has been working for the past 50 years to balkanize America and they are almost there. If we can be divided, we can be conquered. Americans of all race, color, and creed must stand together on election day to end this national nightmare and start this country back on the road to that shining city on a hill.

  10. She is called FLOTUS. We all know what the alphabet soup has always meant. As First Lady, she is supposed to set the tone and example. Unfortunately, either she never learned to be a lady or refuses to conduct herself as one. So perhaps in this case it means Failed Lady of the United States.

  11. I am not a Democrat, but I do feel sorry for them with the absolute degrading of their once admirable First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson into this fiasco of faux “visiting the troops and delivering the ‘commencement address’ at OSU,(where her brother is the athletic coach.) From Camelot to Dance-a-lot is a pretty sad journey. Well, we can be grateful that instead of staying at the high-end hotel with spa, she can room in the borther’s guest room. That shouldn’t cost $500,000.

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  13. Obama is going down in a landslide.

    And about those polls: someone gets a phone call asking who they would vote for if the election were held today; they think a little and then blurt out “Obama”. You see, with all the government overreach and punishment dished out for not being a Marxist it seems prudent and self-protective to just say “Obama” knowing that in the privacy of the voting booth it’s really anyone but Obama.

    Michelle is a dreamer like her somnambulist hubby.

  14. And this explains the demand by Obama and Holder for NO voter ID. They need the illegal vote, and the vote of the dead to “win”. Dems plan to vote early, vote often, and steal our election.

  15. From what I can see coming and soon , All I can say is every American needs to be praying, Read what all is in his obamacare ! That is all you need to do.

  16. Well it all boils down to how badly Mittens wants it….he ignored the entire Hampton Roads area of Va and all the rural areas (basically anywhere that would be considered conservative or a toss up) in favor of the fundraisers in the DC area and Richmond…..I’ve been telling people how evil Obama is for 3 yrs now, the rest is up to him

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